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At Forrester Creations, Ridge goes over a business matter with Justin and Carter, who muses to his boss and friend, “We all know how you like to take things slow.” Justin grins. He heard about the big news that Ridge and Taylor are getting hitched. Carter says she makes him happy but deep down they both know he still loves Brooke.

At the Forrester mansion, Eric tells Donna that Ridge still loves Brooke, but he wants to marry Taylor. Donna gets that his family wants to celebrate that, but she can’t, not when her sister is in so much pain. Eric understands. Donna will come home after seeing Brooke tonight but warns she won’t be attending the wedding tomorrow, much as she’d like to see her honeybear in his tux. She kisses him and heads out… just as Taylor, Finn and Steffy arrive. Eric tells them Donna won’t be joining them to celebrate and she won’t be at the wedding tomorrow either. Steffy wants her parents focused on each other. “Nothing is going to interfere with his wedding.”

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Thomas finds Douglas in his bedroom and ask why he’s not dressed for the party. Douglas isn’t going. He hates lying to everybody about the real reason that his grandad and grandma Brooke aren’t together. “Don’t they need to know?”

In the living room, Eric, Taylor, Steffy and Finn notice they’re missing a few Forresters. They mention Zende being out of town and wonder why Thomas and Douglas haven’t put in an appearance yet.
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Upstairs, Thomas pulls up a chair and tells Douglas the best thing he can do is put it out of his mind. Douglas argues that he made it look like Grandma Brooke was trying to call those people but it was him using the voice-changing app. Thomas explains it’s a complicated adult situation. Douglas worries that granddad thinks Brooke wanted those people to take him away from them. Thomas argues that she did. She’s been trying to keep their family apart for years. Thomas says his granddad and Grandma Taylor are in love and nothing should stop this wedding from happening.
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At Forrester, Carter asks Ridge what changed with Brooke. He flashes to the CPS call and then snaps, “What are you doing? I’m getting married tomorrow.” Justin warns if he still has feelings for another woman, it’s worth thinking about. Carter has to ask, “Are you sure about this? Are you really going through with this wedding?” Brooke appears in the doorway. “I was just about to ask the same thing,” she says. Justin and Carter clear out and she asks Ridge, “Is this really happening? You’re going to marry Taylor tomorrow?”
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In the design office, Carter worries that Brooke hadn’t heard about the wedding before. Katie assures him that he doesn’t owe her an apology, Ridge does! They agree that Ridge still loves her sister. Katie can’t understand why he’s pledging himself to Taylor tomorrow. “Why?!?”

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At the Forrester mansion, Thomas coaches Douglas to put a smile on his face as they join the others in the living room. Taylor looks forward to Ridge getting there so they can start the party.

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In the office, Brooke asks Ridge not to run from her. He’s not running from her, but his dad is having a little party. She sniffs, “A rehearsal dinner?” He mumbles, “Something like that.” Brooke needs him to be honest with her, but he counters that goes both ways. She doesn’t even understand what that means. She reminds him that he loves her, and she loves him. Ridge has to go. Brooke asks, “You’re really marrying Taylor?” Ridge wants her to know he will always love her. With that, he walks out. Brooke is left stunned with tears on her cheeks.
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Katie and Donna join Brooke in the main office and notice she’s upset. Brooke says Ridge told her how much he loves her and then walked out to be with Taylor and his other family. “It’s really happening.” Her pleas didn’t matter. “He’s marrying Taylor tomorrow.”

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At the Forrester mansion, Douglas looks downcast as Eric tells Taylor that Stephanie would have wanted to be a part of this. “She loved you.” Taylor couldn’t have asked for anything more special. Steffy wonders why her dad isn’t there yet and suggests Thomas give him a call. Just then, Ridge walks in and hugs everyone. Eric asks if he got caught up at work. Ridge looks down and says, “Yeah.” Eric makes a toast, followed by Thomas, who makes a speech about how happy he is for his parents. “There’s no stronger love than between the two of you.” It endures and doesn’t come and go with passing emotions. He’s never met anyone as loyal and honest as their mother, who will never let his father down. They all clink glasses. Eric wants to hear from the groom. He can see how much they love each other, but he doesn’t know exactly how all this happened. Douglas shoots a morose look at Thomas.
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At Forrester, Donna and Katie tell Brooke she can lean on them. Brooke just can’t believe this is happening. Donna says nobody can — even Eric is stunned. Brooke fumes that she can’t fix it if she doesn’t know what’s wrong. “The night before his wedding, he won’t tell me why he ended our marriage.” She worries she shouldn’t have signed the annulment papers but Katie tells her she did the only thing she could do. Brooke sighs. This time she thought they were going to be together forever. She flashes through their romance.

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At the Forrester mansion, Eric’s just curious what set all of this in motion. Ridge protests and then tells Thomas that he needs to hear the whole story. There was a moment that he woke up but it was after years of his kids telling him over and over that a real relationship needs to have loyalty and honesty. He asks if Eric remembers when CPS came to the house. Eric replies, “Of course, I do.” Steffy wonders what that has to do with his wedding. Taylor’s curious as to who made that call. Ridge bellows, “Well, I’m not curious at all because I know who made the call; Thomas knows who made the call. We’ve known for weeks!” As Eric looks stunned, Steffy asks, “Who was it?!? Who had the audacity to do something like this?” Ridge fumes, “Brooke! Brooke called child services on my son. That was the moment!” He apologizes to Douglas, who is watching his dad’s face and suggests he go upstairs. The boy says, “No,” as the others exclaim and wonder why Brooke wanted to take Douglas from his father. Taylor finds it shocking. Eric doesn’t get it — Brooke has issues with Thomas but she’d never call child services on him. “Are you sure?” Ridge hollers, “Of course I’m sure! I heard her voice; Thomas heard her voice! There’s no doubt!” Douglas stares daggers at his father, who is clearly flipping out inside.
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