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At Forrester Creations, Ridge and Taylor discuss the fact that Brooke signed the annulment papers. Taylor goes into shrink mode, asking how Ridge is feeling, especially since he did this without telling her so she could support him. (To be fair, Taylor, he also hasn’t told Brooke why he did this, which seems like a bigger issue!) Ridge says he won’t ever hide his feelings from Taylor, admitting that what he’s feeling right now is sadness. “It’s been a lot of years.” Ridge says he thought he’d learned how to be married, how to love and respect someone. (Sidenote: People who respect one another don’t end a marriage without bothering to explain why, dude!) Taylor asks if he’s feeling guilty, but Ridge says he can’t feel guilty about choosing happiness over someone who lied to him. He suggests they change the subject, and they’re soon bragging about the “good citizens” they brought into the world, meaning Steffy and Thomas.

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“There was always magic in our marriage, wasn’t there?” he asks. Ridge then leaves, telling Taylor he has to do something but she should stay by her phone.

At the Forrester mansion, Douglas insists that his voice-changing app is fun to play with, but Thomas asks his son to stop fiddling around with it. “Everyone laughs about it,” insists Douglas. “Nobody gets upset!” While Thomas does have his own motive, he actually makes a good parenting point when he says that by continuing to play with the app after being told not to, Douglas is being disrespectful. Pouting as only an adorable child can, Douglas agrees to stop. Thomas orders the boy to go upstairs and delete the app (although it would probably be smarter for Thomas to do it himself in order to make sure his tracks are covered). We flashback (again) to Thomas calling CPS and pretending to be Brooke.

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At Brooke’s place, Donna is shocked to hear her sister caved and signed the papers, especially since Ridge clearly still loves his wife… or at least the woman who was his wife until the annulment erased their marriage. Brooke tells Donna that Ridge kinda sorta hinted that Thomas had something to do with his decision to end the marriage. “He acts as if I’ve done something, and I don’t even know what it is,” laments Brooke. Donna then tells her sister about what happened between Douglas and Thomas earlier with regard to the voice-changing app. The moment Donna says that Thomas got “really upset with Douglas,” Brooke’s eyes widen, as if Donna had brought up knifegate.

Donna makes it clear Douglas was in no danger, Thomas was just a little intense. Before Donna can tell her sis about the app, there’s a knock at the door and Thomas lets himself in… which frankly, seems weird given that he and Brooke ain’t exactly buds. Should he really just be waltzing into her home? Anyway, he’s surprised to see Donna is there. He asks to talk to Brooke alone, so Donna heads to the office.

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Brooke asks if Thomas is there to gloat. “I don’t want to gloat or rub your face in it,” he says… before doing exactly that by saying how nice it is to see “the good guys win.” Brooke says she’s not the villain of his mother’s story, but Thomas disagrees. He then says that Ridge has moved happily on and suggests Brooke stop begging Ridge to come back to her. “It’s over, and it should have been done years ago,” he adds (but nah, he’s not there to gloat). Brooke questions his wording. “Should have been done? What does that mean, should have been done?” she asks.

Thomas, not being dumb, covers his tracks by saying he simply meant that his dad should have moved on years ago. Brooke tries getting him to confess that her marriage ended because of something he did. Of course, he says, she would blame him, given that she’s hated him from day one. “You were never kind or supported me at all,” he says, prompting her to point out she was the one who raised him during his mother’s absence. “It’s been hard to support you these last couple of years because of some of the things you’ve done!” Thomas says he doesn’t need her trust or support, he just needs it from his parents and his son and Hope. She warns him to never put Douglas in danger again.

In his room, Douglas is about to delete the app when he instead discovers the ability to restore deleted files. “Let’s see what we’ve got,” he says, excitedly pushing buttons. And sure enough, he finds the two files which prove that his dad was the one who called CPS. “Dad called CPS on himself?”

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Ridge texts Taylor, summoning her to the showroom. When she arrives, he tells her that it seems to him they have “an opportunity to pick up right where they left off. With the push of a button, a spotlight comes on, shining on a gorgeous wedding dress.

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When Taylor turns around, she finds Ridge down on one knee, holding out a ring. He doesn’t even need to ask the question, she simply says “yes” and leaps into his arms.

taylor accepts ridge's proposal bb

In the final moments, tears run down Brooke’s face as, miles away, Ridge and Taylor revel in their happiness. And at the Forrester Estate, Thomas goes up to his son’s room. Douglas tells his father he restored the files. Thomas said he heard the recordings of Grandma Brooke calling CPS. Thomas tries covering, saying the situation was sad and the recordings must have wound up on his phone by accident. “I think it was on purpose,” counters the child. “I think it got erased on purpose, too.” Douglas says he’s not a dummy.

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“I heard it. I heard you. You made that call in her voice. You did it so granddad would get mad and be with Grandma Taylor instead. Admit it!” Thomas tries to laugh it off, but then admits his sin, saying he did it because if he hadn’t, Brooke was going to. “She doesn’t want us together,” he rationalizes. “She doesn’t want us living in the same home, and I’m not okay with that. I’m not going to allow that. And you don’t know how much happier your grandfather is with Grandma Taylor.”

“No,” counters Douglas, “but I know when something’s wrong… what you did was wrong, dad! It reminds me of when we found out Baby Beth was alive, and we kept it from everyone… ” Thomas insists it’s not the same, adding, “and it’s not going to end the same, either!”

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