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At Forrester Creations, a pumped Thomas wants to get right into the next collection. Ridge crows that he, Hope, and Zende did an incredible job. Thomas senses something is weighing on his father and asks what’s going on. Ridge stammers that he saw Brooke and just wondered how she could call child services on him. She’s still pretending she doesn’t know what drove them apart. Thomas feels he should put it out of his mind and move on. Ridge reveals that he did something today — something that’s going to hurt Brooke very much. Steffy walks in and Ridge explains he’s having Carter deliver annulment papers to Brooke today. They go over the situation and Steffy is sure Carter will handle it with compassion. Ridge notes it will be a little delicate around there given he and Brooke both work there. He needs them to understand it will just be… strange. He asks if they’re happy and Steffy says they are, but she doesn’t want Brooke to be hurt. Thomas understands his father is concerned about Brooke’s feelings, but this isn’t coming out of the blue. “She had to expect this.”
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At Brooke’s place, Carter explains that Ridge asked him to come as he opens his briefcase. Brooke replies, “Oh, I see. You have something for me.” Carter confirms, “I do,” as he holds the annulment papers.

Brooke takes the papers and reads them, musing, “You really did it.” It’s shocking to see it in black and white. Their marriage shouldn’t be ending at all. Brooke asks Carter if Ridge said anything or asked him to tell her anything. He shakes his head. Brooke saw him after the show — he wasn’t callous but there was a barrier. “I was just hoping…” she trails off.
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In Forrester’s design office, Katie concludes a work call as Carter comes in. He closes the door and she realizes he’s not wearing a very happy face. Carter just came from Brooke’s place and suggests she give her a call. “She might want to hear from you.” Katie guesses Ridge had him deliver divorce papers, but he clarifies it’s an annulment. Katie is agog that he wants to wipe out the marriage like it never happened. “This will devastate her!”

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In the main office, Steffy feels bad for Brooke, but her father is committed to Taylor. Ridge feels he should have been there when the annulment papers were delivered. They recap that he always chooses her but this time he didn’t. He’s trying to look out for everyone, but at some point he has to look out for himself. Ridge doesn’t like the sound of putting his own feelings before Brooke’s. Their marriage wasn’t perfect, but he didn’t expect this. “I can’t get past it.” Thomas says, “I’m sorry, dad.”
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At home, Brooke tearfully sits in front of the annulment papers and flashes to happier times with Ridge.
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In the office at Forrester, Ridge asks Thomas what he’s sorry about. Steffy wants to know too. Thomas is sorry about what his dad is going through. Ridge reassures him. Thomas asks if he’s having second thoughts. Ridge says he’s not, but he’s conflicted. She’s in pain and it’s because of him. “Just trying to process things, that’s all.” Thomas again advocates for moving on — he has nothing to feel guilty about. He has to move beyond what happened with Brooke and focus on his future. “Focus on mom.”
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In the design office, Katie tells Carter that Brooke will reach out to her if she needs to. “I just hope she’s okay.” She imagines her holding those papers and remembering the life she and Ridge planned for and fought for. Ridge said that Taylor wasn’t a threat and now he just wants to wipe everything away like it never happened. “This is going to crush her, Carter.” She protests, “Why is this happening? Why is this happening?!?” Carter pulls her into his arms. “It’s okay.”

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Ridge arrives at Brooke’s place and asks if Carter dropped off the papers. She wonders why he couldn’t have asked Carter and assures him she’s not drinking if that’s what he’s worried about. Ridge says, “That’s not what I’m worried about.” Brooke snaps, “What do you care?” Ridge will always care about he, “But we have to move on.” She retorts that if she signs the papers there will be no “we”. “Is that really what you want? Is this really it? Is this really the end for us?!? Is it?”
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At Forrester, Thomas and Steffy discuss the annulment papers. She can’t believe it finally happened after all these years. Thomas marvels that Ridge is so much happier with their mom. Brooke was always so controlling. “Now he’s free, moving onto a life with our mother and away from Brooke Logan trying to control him and our family.”

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At Brooke’s place, she tells Ridge this annulment isn’t really what he wants. Deep down he knows it’s a mistake. Ridge declares they want different things for themselves, and for their kids. Brooke fumes, “So this is it. This is the end of our marriage.” Frustrated, she asks what this wall is between them. She loves him and knows he loves her too, so none of this makes sense. She doesn’t even understand why it’s happening. He said he wanted to be with Taylor and his children, but his kids are adults and can take care of themselves. “I just need to know why… why are you doing this?!?” Ridge shakes his head.
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Alone at Forrester, Thomas flashes to the CPS call and to holding the knife to cut apples. He smiles as sinister music plays. “Goodbye, Brooke.”

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