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Behind the scenes before the fashion show, Zende works with the models, and Ridge checks in with Eric, who says he’s doing good. A model tells Thomas he and Hope have done well. Thomas asks Zende if he can do anything and he says it’s all under control. Ridge and Eric join them and discuss the showstopper. Thomas says he designed it specifically for Hope and he can’t wait to see her walk in it.

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Out by the runway, Steffy thanks Carter and Katie for all the hard work they’ve put in. Carter crows that Katie was the right woman for the job. Katie smiles. It didn’t feel like work. Steffy reminds them there’s a lot at stake today — this needs to be a win for Hope.
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In the office, Brooke asks Hope how many times she’s going to go over that speech. Hope reminds her it’s the biggest preview Hope For the Future has ever had. Brooke vows it will be a huge success and is so proud of all her hard work. Liam appears and says he is too. They embrace.

By the runway, Justin tells Steffy that some of these press guys can be savage. She grimly replies, “You’re telling me.” He still knows some of them and offers to put in a word. He alludes to having dirt on some of them. Steffy grins. It’s tempting but she declines. Justin walks off and Katie asks Steffy to go over the seating chart with her. She trusts her to do it. Katie turns to Carter and smiles, “Guess I’m good!” Carter agrees that she sure is. Steffy joins some press, who thought Hope For the Future was fading into the sunset. Another reporter says she spoke to Thomas, who seems very committed to Hope and the line. Steffy couldn’t agree more.
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Behind the scenes, Zende, Eric, Thomas and Ridge go over the last details with the models. Thomas feels he’s missing something and asks, “Wait, where’s Hope?”

In the office, Hope is happy to see Liam. He’s excited for her, he just… “Nevermind.” Brooke knows he’s thinking about Thomas and tells her daughter they are extremely uncomfortable with the amount of time she’s spending with Thomas. Hope knows that. Liam feels hypocritical celebrating the guy. Hope informs him he can still be there to support her and asks, “You will be there, right?”

By the runway, Katie finishes up an interview with two esteemed fashion reporters and tells them Hope For the Future will be retaking its place in the fashion world today. She warns them to expect the unexpected.
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After, she steps aside with Carter, who marvels that she managed to get some of the most influential people in the fashion business there today. He anticipates the celebrating to come. In the meantime… Carter plants a kiss on Katie. Steffy reappears and recaps that a lot of work has gone into the fashion preview. Now it’s up to Thomas and Hope to pull it off.
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Behind the scenes, Thomas gives his pep talk to the models and crew. Eric doesn’t think the line can miss. Thomas thanks Zende and says watching his talent grow is a sight to behold. As the group breaks up, Thomas realizes he still hasn’t seen Hope. Charlie tells him he just saw Liam go into the office of the “Grand Fromage”, aka, the Big Cheese. Thomas can’t believe he decided to grace them with his presence.

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In the main office, Brooke leaves Liam and Hope to talk. She asks again if he’s going to be at the show. Liam tells her she’s a visionary and he believes her line is about to become more successful than it has been. He had mixed feelings about coming here and he wants to support her, but not Thomas. Hope asks what he’s saying. Liam recaps that he doesn’t trust him and the idea of applauding them as a team… Hope doesn’t want to argue. It’s a big day for her and she asks him, “Please tell me that you’ll be there for me.” Liam asks her to walk him through what will happen and remarks on the part where Hope calls Thomas out on the runway and they’ll hold hands. He’ll probably ask her to stay after and say things like this is their day. How is he supposed to watch Thomas gazing into her eyes and living out his fantasy knowing what he’s done to them? Hope tears up. Why can’t he just be there to support her. He can go back to hating Thomas tomorrow but she needs him today. Liam wipes tears as Douglas comes in. The boy runs to her and hugs her waist. “I’m so excited for you and dad!” Hope glares across the room at Liam.
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By the runway, Brooke, Katie, Carter and Steffy gather in anticipation. Steffy says Thomas and Zende really brought it, but there’s no telling how the fashion press will receive it considering it’s different than in the past. Brooke tells Katie there’s a lot at stake for Hope today.
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Behind the scenes, Hope tells Ridge and Eric that Liam was there but he isn’t staying. Thomas blurts, “Because of me.” The group breaks up awkwardly as Thomas tells Hope, “You seem nervous.” She replies, “And you don’t.” Thomas knows that they’re about to experience one of the most triumphant moments of their lives. Hope grins. “You seem pretty sure about that.” Thomas replies, “I am. You’ll see.”

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Hope gathers everyone backstage to thank them for being part of Hope For the Future and for believing in the line. Thomas admires her as she tells everyone to go out there and absolutely crush it!

Hope takes the runway and welcomes the audience for coming. Brooke and Katie beam as she makes her speech about the guiding principles that will always define her line. They boldly believe that there is Hope For the Future. “Enjoy the show.” With that, the models begin appearing on the runway, beginning with a metallic mini-dress.
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Backstage, Thomas tells Hope she should be getting dressed in the showstopper. Liam appears behind a curtain and ducks back when he sees Hope with Thomas. Hope tells Thomas she wanted to say something to him. He’s all ears. Hope believes in the line and its message, she believes in the team of people who brought it to life. “I’m really grateful for you because I couldn’t have done it without you.” Thomas says, “It’s not me, it’s us.” In the curtains, Liam frowns as he watches Thomas and a beaming Hope embrace.
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After, Hope looks out at the audience and seems sad.

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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: The Hope For the Future preview is a huge success with Hope in Thomas’ showstopper, and Wyatt and Bill try to convince Liam to do the right thing.

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