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Deacon arrives at the apartment to find it covered in Halloween decorations. Sheila emerges dressed as a nurse and advises it’s time for his physical. Deacon grins as she approaches with her stethoscope. She places it on his chest and tells him his heartrate is elevating. Deacon wonders what she’s doing. She’s celebrating her favorite holiday. Deacon isn’t surprised at this. Sheila muses that she can’t wait to celebrate with her family… though that will have to wait until next year. Deacon reminds her she’ll go to prison if she even thinks about resurfacing. Sheila counters that he shouldn’t underestimate her; she’s like a cat with nine lives. Deacon deadpans, “Don’t you mean nine toes?” Sheila concedes that her back is against the wall right now but history proves she always finds a way out. “You just watch me.”
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At Forrester Creations, Eric concludes an order with Lauren Fenmore, who wishes all her meetings went so smoothly. She has no doubt the line will sell out at Fenmore’s and she’ll soon be back for more. They decide to have a drink. Lauren suggests they drink to Halloween being a lot less spooky now that that witch Sheila Carter is dead.

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At Deacon’s place, he answers the door to Paul the bartender and two kids, who show off their karate moves. Sheila, who had been in the other room, re-emerges when they’re gone. She and Deacon resume their romantic Halloween dinner. Sheila muses that her life was perfect until Lauren Fenmore decided to target her. She flashes to Lauren warning her to stay away from her husband or she’ll answer to her. Next, she recalls having her mother and Lauren tied up in the farmhouse and the fire starting. Sheila fumes to Deacon that it was all Lauren’s fault and she had to leave Genoa City and start over new.
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Sheila flashes to Eric hiring her as a nanny and then to the two of them kissing. Sheila recalls spinning around smiling, “He wants me, he really wants me! Watch out, Brooke.” Deacon interjects that everyone lived happily ever after… not! Sheila says she started a whole new glorious chapter and will do so again. “You just watch me.”

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At Forrester, Eric tells Lauren he regrets hiring Sheila as they reflect on the havoc she caused. Lauren muses, “Oh my God, the battles we had,” as she flashes to them brawling while Sheila was in a wedding dress and Sheila brandishing a knife.
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At Deacon’s place, Sheila plunges a knife into a pumpkin and offers him one of the chocolate toes she had made for Halloween. He’ll pass. Talk turns back to Sheila leaving Genoa City. Deacon says she “fled” but Sheila claims she left to start over. Of course, Stephanie treated her terribly and ruined it. She flashes back to butting heads with Eric’s late wife, who warns she’ll never be his wife. Sheila tells Deacon she may not be Mrs. Eric Forrester anymore but she won. She is still there. She thanks her precious Deacon for letting her stay there, but it won’t be for much longer. “Soon, I’m going to be as free as a bird. You’ll see.”

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At Forrester, Lauren and Eric continue talking about Sheila. Lauren and Stephanie were both on the receiving end of her wrath.
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At Deacon’s place, Sheila tells him she was the victim. She never meant to harm anyone, but she was on her own so much she did some things she wasn’t very proud of. She flashes to threatening Stephanie and their physical altercation that ended up in a pool. Sheila remembers warning Stephanie she’d end her grandson Thomas’ life and reminding her she makes good on her threats. Sheila tells Deacon, “I just wanted to be loved.” He thinks that desire got her into a lot of trouble. Deacon muses that taking her in as his roommate will go down as one of the dumbest decisions he’s ever made, but then again, he didn’t have much of a choice. Sheila reiterates that it’s not forever. Deacon tells her to admit it, she’s screwed. Sheila fumes that Lauren and Stephanie both told her that, but she didn’t let those bitches take her down. “The best years of my life are yet to come.” Sheila shows off her Jack O’ Lantern and says “Pretty scary, huh?” Deacon nods, “Yeah, you sure are.”
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At Forrester, Lauren and Eric are gratified that there will be no more nasty tricks from Sheila. Eric remarks on her “grisly” end. Lauren and Eric embrace as he wishes her a safe trip.

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At Deacon’s place, Sheila tells him she’ll get forgiveness. He reminds her she faked her own death. Sheila fumes that she didn’t set out to do any of this — if only Steffy hadn’t fought her at ever turn. She flashes to her face-offs with Finn’s wife. Deacon reminds her she can’t survive this; she’s guilty of a double shooting. If the Forresters find out she’s alive, she’ll go to prison for the rest of her life. Sheila informs him he hasn’t been listening. She’s a survivor who believes people get what they deserve — and she deserves a second chance. “You have not seen the last of Sheila Carter, not by a long shot.” She wishes him a Happy Halloween as she blows out the candle.

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