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At Forrester, Steffy concludes a call with Eye on Fashion as Brooke arrives. Steffy tells her that her father is not there and is likely with her mother. Brooke complains about her rubbing it in. Steffy reminds her that her father is filing for an annulment and says she doesn’t want another lecture about destiny. She tells Brooke she’s the reason for her failed marriage, but instead, she wants to point the finger at them. “You had it coming.” Brooke learns Hope’s in a meeting with Thomas and turns the topic to Thomas’ past break with reality. She worries it could happen all over again. They bicker as Steffy insists Thomas isn’t obsessed with Hope anymore. Brooke complains he’s getting too close to her and she won’t let that happen. Steffy threatens to tell Ridge that Brooke is harassing his son. Brooke argues that Ridge knows the history. If Thomas is using Douglas to drive a wedge between Liam and Hope, she won’t let that happen.
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In the design office, Thomas tells Hope he’s flattered that she finds him hot and says she obviously knows how he feels about her. Hope wants to move past this and asks to see the chiffon dress. Thomas tries to stop her as she heads behind the changing screen, but she gasps in startled surprise at what she sees back there — the Hope mannequin!
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Hope demands to know what the thing is doing there. Thomas sighs that someone brought it up from downstairs. He can’t understand why it wasn’t burned and tells her it reminds him of a painful dark past. He is focused on a bright future with his son and asks Hope to say she believes him.

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At the Forrester mansion, Eric laughs as Douglas puts Liam in checkmate on the chess board. Donna grins as Douglas confesses she has been giving him pointers in secret. Eric is stunned to hear she not only plays the game but was in the high school chess club. Douglas says Donna is a lot of fun and he’s having an awesome time there. Liam tells the kid that he, Hope, and Beth really miss him. “Do you think maybe it’s time for you to come home?” Douglas doesn’t look thrilled by the idea. He gets Eric to confirm it’s okay for him to stay. Donna and Eric leave them to talk alone. Liam tells the boy that home isn’t the same without him. Douglas says Hope and Beth visit him there and the Forrester mansion is where he wants to be. He wants to be with his parents — his mom and his real dad.
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Outside the design office, Brooke listens as Hope tells Thomas how far he’s come and how amazing his designs are. “For that, I’m grateful to you.” He jokes, “It’s not because you think I’m hot?” Brooke cringes and enters the office. She asks to speak to Hope alone and hisses, “What are you doing? What’s going on with you and Thomas?”

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At the Forrester mansion, Liam assures Douglas he’d never try to be his dad but reminds him of all the fun they had together. “I kinda feel like we’re buds.” Douglas says, “We were.” Liam really misses that and was hoping he did too. Douglas does, but he likes hanging out with his real family.
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In Steffy’s office, Thomas tells her about Brooke barging into the design office and asking to speak to Hope alone. Steffy says she and Brooke exchanged words… she’s still upset about losing dad and now is starting on Thomas to get back at them. Thomas is unconcerned. Hope is solidly in his corner.
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In the design office, Hope informs her mother that when Thomas isn’t there working hard on her line, he’s with Douglas and their bond has really grown. She’s seen how he is with the boy at Eric’s and how much he’s helped her with her line. Brooke realizes she has total faith in Thomas and tells her daughter she’s too trusting. Hope knows her mother is going to warn her to keep her guard up, but she needs to believe he’s capable of change for their son’s sake. Brooke asks if it’s true she thinks Thomas is hot. Hope protests, “It’s not what you think.” She explains that she agreed with Paris so they could get back to work. Hope is very concerned — Thomas was obsessed with her, he even had a mannequin that looked like her. Hope glances at the screen. Brooke continues on that she’s spending a lot of time with Thomas at Eric’s place. Hope explains that’s because of Douglas. Brooke isn’t sure Thomas knows the difference. She informs Hope that Liam, Beth, and Douglas are her family, not Thomas and Douglas. Hope knows this. Brooke’s unconvinced that Thomas has accepted her marriage to Liam. Hope has to get back to work — with Thomas — and tells her mother they must put a pin in this. She walks out.
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In the main office, Thomas doesn’t want Brooke interfering in his relationship with Hope. Steffy asks, “Relationship?” and advises him not to let her catch him half-naked again. Hope comes in and Steffy says they were just talking about her. She jibes, “Keep your pants on stud,” as she exits.
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Hope tells Thomas their mother overheard them talking. Thomas is sure she warned her about him. Hope reiterates she’s seen the work he’s put in with Douglas. She’s also grateful for the work he’s put in on her line. Thomas explains it’s not hard to exemplify beauty when he’s thinking about her. Hope steps behind the changing screen as Thomas takes a call. He disconnects and Hope emerges in a black gown she deems “breathtaking.” He says she’s breathtaking. They walk over to the mirror, and he stands behind her. Suddenly, he flashes back to his fantasy of kissing her when he was obsessed. Hope notices his sudden discomfort, but he assures her he’s fine. “What am I doing?” he thinks to himself. “Hope’s married. I can’t.”

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