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At Brooke’s place, Hope looks on hopefully as Deacon proposes to her mother. “Tell me you’ll marry me. Tell me you’ll be my wife.” Brooke can’t believe Deacon is proposing. Deacon enthuses that she brings it out in him — he’s a man of action. He’s been carrying the ring around waiting for the right moment to present itself, and now it has thanks to their daughter. All she has to do is say yes!
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At the beach house, Ridge can’t believe Taylor bought it back. Taylor wants to turn their old house into their new private hideaway. Ridge thinks about all the fun they had there. He admits he hates surprises, but says he’ll make an exception. “Thank you.” Taylor asks, “So, yeah?” He nods, “Yeah.” They seal it with a kiss.

At the cabin, Bill updates Liam that Taylor officially bought the beach house and Wyatt’s already moved out. Bill wasn’t about to sell his place — he wants a house big enough for Brooke to move into. Liam can’t believe his father is that confident Brooke will return to him. Bill states that it’s going to happen. Bill recaps that Ridge has fully gone back to Taylor and he and Brooke are done. Liam doesn’t think this means he’s a shoo-in. There are other men… like Hope’s father. Bill scoffs at the idea that Brooke would have that low life back in her world. He doesn’t stand a chance!

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At the beach house, Taylor tells Ridge that Wyatt has taken all of his things. They ruminate about making a new start. She concedes that his heart may be heavy right now… ending a marriage is a lot. Taylor’s not sure exactly how they got there other than a pine cone falling on his head. They snicker. Taylor is there for him no matter what. When Ridge is ready to open up, she’s ready to listen.

At the cabin, Bill is exasperated to hear about all of the time Hope and Beth are spending with Thomas. He says that once he’s back in Brooke’s life he can help steer Hope away from him. Liam thinks he’s getting ahead of himself, but Bill warns him to get his best man speech ready. In fact, he’s going to pay Brooke a little visit now and get working on their future. Liam warns him to be careful… she’s hurt. Bill knows.

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At Brooke’s place, she assures Deacon that they’ll always be Hope’s parents and grandparents to her children, but she’s not giving up on Ridge. Deacon stammers, “Can’t blame a guy for trying, right?” Brooke tells him it was very sweet. Hope understands her not accepting the proposal now, while she’s still married, but urges Brooke to keep an open mind — she knows how much Deacon loves her and it would reunite them as a family. In the future, she might want to consider saying yes. Brooke graciously informs Hope and Deacon that she has a husband. “He’s the man I love. The man I want to spend the rest of my life with and I’m not giving up on him. That door is not closed. Not yet.”

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In the beach house, Ridge just wants to sit and look at Taylor, who finds it surreal, the two of them being together again back in that house. Ridge credits her for not giving up and thanks her.
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Brooke opens her door to Bill, who knows he shouldn’t be there because Ridge might see him, but he’s coming in anyway. He vowed to check on her. Bill informs Brooke that Ridge has no intention of coming back to her; he’s with Taylor. Bill asks the blonde to come back to him and calls her “ma Cherie.” Brooke sheds tears as he caresses her face.
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In the beach house, Taylor and Ridge snuggle on the sofa and kiss as they talk about being at peace.

In the cabin, Liam’s surprised to see Hope and Deacon and even more surprised to hear that he just proposed to Brooke. Hope thinks her mother deserves a man who respects her, unlike Ridge. “No one loves my mom more than my dad.” Liam cringes, “Yeah… except maybe my dad.”
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In Brooke’s living room, he says Katie was right — Brooke became available and here he is. He assures Brooke she doesn’t have to worry about her sister; she doesn’t want him anymore. But he wants to be with Brooke. Bill recaps how he stayed away out of respect. Brooke voices her desire to still have Ridge. Bill can’t understand how she could want that and reminds her of how good they were together. He wants to whisk her away to forget the pain Ridge has caused her. Brooke is touched but she wants to grow and heal and spend the rest of her life with Ridge. “I’m going to tell you the same thing I told Deacon…” Bill grumbles about the convict being there. Brooke insists he not call him that. There’s only one relationship for her. She doesn’t know why Ridge left but she’s going to find out and she’s not going to give up on him.
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In the beach house, Ridge holds Taylor and looks far away and deep in thought.

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