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Steffy and Hope continue to butt heads, each arguing their mother’s case. “Ridge will always love my mother, Steffy… always. I’m sorry if that’s an inconvenience for you and Taylor, but it’s the truth,” insists Hope. Steffy is not hearing it, especially since Ridge is currently… where? That’s right, with Taylor. Their family has finally been reunited. Hope says that Taylor was constantly in Ridge’s face, manipulating the situation, while Steffy. “Brooke can only behave herself for so long,” says Steffy. “She doesn’t let the happiness last.” She goes on to claim that she doesn’t hate Brooke so much as feel sorry for her. “She’s still making the same mistakes she made in her 20s. She doesn’t learn from them!” (Of course, the same could easily be said about Taylor, but I digress… ) All Steffy can — or wants to — focus on is the joy her mom is feeling now that she’s back in Ridge’s arms.

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Hope says she, too, is focused on her family… and finding out why Ridge ended his marriage. Steffy suggests the blame can be placed squarely at Brooke’s feet. “My mother and your father were happy,” reminds Hope, saying it makes no sense for Ridge to have just woken up one day and decided that Taylor was the woman he wants to be with. Steffy counters that there’s nothing but “peace and love” between Taylor and Ridge. “The sooner you and Brooke get this through your heads, the better… for everyone!” (Wonder if when the whole truth comes out, Hope will be as rub-your-face-in-ity as Steffy’s been. Oooh, maybe Hope can call a special meeting, like Steffy and Thomas did yesterday!)

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Brooke tries calling Ridge, but he’s not picking up. The door opens and she calls out, “Ridge?” But no, it’s Liam, there to continue offering support. Although Brooke says she’s going to stay positive, she can’t help looking longingly at a picture of herself with Ridge. Liam says he will always have Brooke’s back, as will Hope. Eventually, the conversation circles back to Brooke asking her favorite question: “Why did Ridge leave?”

Fresh off Bill’s visit, Deacon is ranting while looking at the dollars with Bill’s face on them. “I don’t even know how he gets his hair that way. It’s ridiculous!” Sheila says the guy’s not worth it, but Deacon can’t stop himself. She says that while Bill may be richer and more powerful, Deacon is much better looking. She then asks if she heard right: Did Ridge really leave Brooke ?

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Sheila says that Bill can have anything and anyone he wants, including Brooke. But Deacon thinks she deserves somebody better. It’s pretty clear Deacon means himself, and it’s equally obvious that Sheila’s not thrilled with the idea of that pairing! He asks her to have compassion for the mother of his daughter, but Sheila tries to set him straight: “Whatever future you have with Brooke, it isn’t happening!”

Deacon asks if Sheila is jealous, saying that she and Brooke have a lot in common. The blonde does, however, have one quality that Sheila lacks: “She’s never been charged with attempted murder. That’s kinda sexy.” Sheila points out that she definitely has sex appeal, and if he’s trying to say otherwise, he’s a liar… as evidenced by what happens every time they wind up between the sheets. Or on the sofa. Or on the floor. (Sounds like Deacon is making up for lost time!) The next thing you know, they’re going at it again.

Bold sheila deacon sex

Carter tells Katie that he still can’t understand why Quinn left him. (He and Brooke are basically sharing the same “Why did he/she leave?” line of dialogue). Carter thought about calling Justin, but doesn’t want to take him off the straight-and-narrow, given that he’s been doing such good work lately. Instead, he made a call of his own… and just like that, Shauna arrives!

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Shauna says that Carter didn’t deserve to be treated the way Quinn treated him. When she witnessed Carter and Quinn together, they seemed very much in love. Carter reminds Katie and Shauna that he’d told Quinn he didn’t care about marriage and family. “But was that really true?” asks Katie, with Shauna reminding him that Quinn is very good at reading people. “If she really felt deep down you did want those things, then that was probably part” of why she left. When something’s over for Quinn, it’s over, no matter the reason. Shauna suggests Carter not spend too much time trying to figure it out.

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Shauna says Carter won’t be single for long, as some lucky lady will surely snatch him up. (Cue Katie and Carter not-so-discretely giving one another the eye.) Once the blonde exits, Carter muses to Katie about whether or not she picked up on the energy between them. Katie simply looks at him knowingly.

As the episode ends, Deacon says that if Brooke really is divorcing Ridge, she deserves someone better than Bill. Someone like… him, asks Sheila. “At least I’m not an arrogant narcist like he is, on my good days,” quips the bartender, suggesting Brooke should stay far away from the publisher. After all, if Bill hurts Brooke, it impacts Hope. Sheila sarcastically applauds his chivalry, but says that nothing he does will “win Lady Logan for you. She’s always going to belong to Ridge, whether he wants her or not.”

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Liam asks Brooke what really went down in Aspen, and she reiterates that she doesn’t know. Ridge clearly wanted her to confess to something, but she has no idea what. “You have to talk to Ridge again to find out… the stakes are too damn high!” insists Liam. Brooke knows everything is on the line, refusing to let Steffy and Taylor win. “I am going to get to the bottom of this and fix it. And when I do, Ridge will come back to me. We will be together again!”

And at Forrester Creations, Hope and Steffy have made zero progress. Each believes their mother will come out triumphant in the end, and says as much with dramatic hairflips as the music swells and we fade to black…

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