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Most of the Forrester clan is gathered in the main office at the family company, where Steffy informs everyone that Ridge has dumped Brooke and reunited with her mother. “What?” asks Katie, shocked. (Did Brooke call no one during that long flight? Hope, Liam, Katie, Donna… everyone is shocked by this development despite it being at least a day or two later!) Next to Steffy, Thomas grins from ear to ear.

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As Katie reels, Donna and Eric admit they’ve known this since yesterday. Steffy and Thomas, clearly unable to read the room, continue gloating about how things turned out for their mom. Paris, who is there for no discernible reason, can’t imagine how tough this is for Brooke’s family. Eric says that while everyone’s catching up on recent events, he might as well reveal that Quinn texted him to say she’s leaving the company. Actually, she already has. “And not just the company,” says Carter. “Quinn left me, too.” Again, I ask… what was the point of this meeting?

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Paris is shocked that after everything Quinn did to prevent her from marrying Carter, she just ditched him. Carter admits what he did to Paris was unfair and apologizes for not having been honest. Nobody knows where Quinn went. “I’m sorry my love life is hijacking this meeting,” declares Carter, clearing the way for Steffy to go back to gloating. “Today is really about celebrating our parents’ reunion.” Katie suggests they not count out Ridge and Brooke.

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Over at Brooke’s place, she continues talking to Liam and Hope. And yet again, she asks, “Why did Ridge leave me for Taylor?” (I warned you we were gonna hear that a lot!) Hope gently asks if perhaps this has something to do with Douglas’ custody. Brooke says that’s not likely to be the case, then revisits knifegate and the fact that Thomas could have put Douglas in danger. Hope thinks Thomas has changed, but Liam sides with Brooke.

Liam wonders if maybe Ridge is upset about her relationship with Bill, but Brooke says that can’t be it. “Bill knows there’s nothing going on.” This conversation goes in circles for a while, with Brooke again asking why her husband left her.

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Deacon is getting dressed when Sheila stops him from doing so, saying that’ll only spoil her view. “I might only have nine toes, but I do still have nine lives,” she says, prompting him to talk to God about the situation. “The Almighty told me that I need to lay down some ground rules,” he says. Rule No. 1? If she gets caught, too bad, he’s out of it. Rule No 2? She stays put. Not excursions, no costumes, no nothing. Sheila says she finds it sexy when he’s serious, then promises to abide by his rules. (Yeah, right!) “I’ll do anything to make sure I keep creating paradise for you, Daddy,” she whispers. “Hmmm… Daddy like!” he replies, and I think we can all agree this is the ickiest thing since they whipped out Sheila’s preserved-under-plastic toe.

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Deacon wonders why he’s risking everything for Sheila, who says it’s because he’s having the best sex of his life. She also talks about the money she’s going to lavish on him (not that we’ve seen any sign of her actually possessing it). Just then, there’s a pounding on the door. “It’s Bill Spencer! Open up, convict!” After exchanging unpleasantries, Bill says he swung by to tell Deacon that Brooke and Ridge are no longer a couple… and that Deacon is to stay far, far away from her!

Deacon admits he’s surprised by the Brooke/Ridge break-up, where Bill says he’s not. “You’re not the brightest bulb in the chandelier,” Bill suggests, pointing out that Ridge always disappoints Brooke. He again lays down the law, declaring that Brooks is his “turf.” Bill gives Deacon fair warning. “Brooke will come to me, and you can count on that.” Deacon thinks that by treating Brooke like a piece of property, he’s only proving that he doesn’t really know her at all.

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Bill warns that Brooke needs a man who can make her happy, and that ain’t Deacon. “You are nothing but a two-bit con man, always looking for an angle,” snipes Bill. “And I am… well, me. I will help Brooke get over Ridge while on my yacht which I will fly her to on my private jet. Am I painting a picture that even you can understand, convict?” Deacon insists money doesn’t matter to Brooke (although, to be clear, the much-married lady in question has never married a poor dude). She’ll follow her heart. Bill says sure, and it will lead to him, ’cause he checks every box: Heart, soul and wallet. Deacon kicks Bill out, but the guy doesn’t exit without throwing a handful of cash at him. “That’s to remind you who you’re dealing with. The Dollar Bill Spencer.”

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In the final moments, Bill leaves and Sheila re-enters, stunned by the news that Ridge left Brooke, clearly wondering what this will mean for her future. Brooke sits on the couch asking herself why (repeatedly, of course), Thomas flashes back to having made the phone call to CPS, and Hope storms into the main office at Forrester to confront Steffy. Hope accuses Steffy of working with Taylor to steal Ridge from Taylor. “My mother is not a homewrecker,” insists Steffy, but Hope says to cut the crap, she was there, she watched Taylor flirt with Ridge openly. “Your mom went along with this in the most underhanded way possible, and you helped,” declares Hope. “But I’m not going to let you get away with it. You and Taylor are not going to be the reason my mom’s marriage gets destroyed… and I will do my damndest to stop you!”

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful, Carter wants answers… and he knows exactly who to turn to. But will Shauna spill the beans about her best friend’s departure?

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