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In the Aspen house, Taylor and Steffy laugh at Ridge’s tale involving the pine cone. Steffy’s just glad it brought him to his senses and back to her mom. She wishes Thomas were here. She and Taylor decide to call him as Ridge’s mind drifts elsewhere.

On the jet back to Los Angeles, a tear-stained Brooke recalls Ridge saying, “Goodbye, Logan,” and walking away from her. She exhales sadly.

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At Il Giardino, Bill thanks Katie for meeting him. It’s been a long time since they’ve seen each other without Will. Now that he’s at school, it’s a good opportunity. Bill says it’s killing him that he tore their family apart. She deserves so much more, and he can give it to her now. “I love you. I want my Katie back.”
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Katie reminds Bill they’ve been through all this before, but he insists he’s different now. He’s been working on himself. If she comes back to him, she’ll see it with her own two eyes — he’ll love her as she deserves to be loved. Katie admits it’s what she’s always dreamed of hearing. She believes him… and believes that it’s true in this moment. She asks, “But if Brooke were available, would it still be true?”

In Aspen, Steffy tells Thomas on speakerphone that Brooke is out of their lives. Ridge looks at the floor. Steffy explains she’s heading back to L.A. to give Ridge and Taylor time alone. Thomas tells his father he did good.

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At Il Giardino, Bill urges Katie to look forward, not behind. Katie points out his love for her sister ruins them every time. If Brooke is the great love of his life, “Then what am I?” Bill tells Katie she is his focus — her and Will. Brooke is married to Ridge. Katie asks him what if she wasn’t… can he honestly say he would stay away?

On the jet, Brooke looks at a photo of Ridge on her phone and cries.

In Aspen, Steffy gives Taylor and Ridge goodbye hugs. Taylor walks her out. Ridge takes a call from Thomas, who asks if he’s alone. Ridge confirms he is, and Thomas asks if Brooke confessed. Ridge says she did not. Thomas knows his father is hurting but walking away from Brooke is the best thing he could have done for himself and their family. He thanks him for sticking up for him and his relationship with his son and urges him to forget about Brooke and focus on Taylor. Ridge says okay and signs off.
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At Il Giardino, Katie tells Bill she’s just trying to be realistic. She knows he loves her… but he also loves her sister and that’s something she can’t live with. “Goodbye, Bill,” Katie says as she takes her purse and leaves. Bill sighs. His phone rings — it’s Othello, who tells him Brooke came to Aspen. Ridge is there too, but they didn’t come together. He saw them outside and it got pretty intense. “The marriage is over Bill.” Othello explains that Brooke is headed back to Los Angeles and will probably be there soon. Bill thanks him for the information.

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On the jet, the pilot tells Brooke over the speaker that they’re clear to land in Los Angeles. She cries.

In the candlelit bedroom in Aspen, Taylor tells Ridge she’s waited a long time for this. He’s sorry he made her wait and pulls her onto his lap. They express their love and kiss, and then fall back onto the bed together.
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At Forrester Creations, Carter comes in with some paperwork for Katie and notices she’s down. She tells him Bill wants her back, but she has to wonder if her sister were available, would he be standing on her doorstep? “I just don’t want to go through that again.”

At home, Brooke drops her purse and keys on the table and flashes through romantic and sexy times with Ridge. Tears start falling as a knock comes on the door. She wipes away her tears and opens the door to Bill.

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In Aspen, Ridge and Taylor finish making love and she says it was worth the wait. Ridge feels like a lucky man. She teases, “Don’t you forget it.” Taylor wonders if she’s dreaming. Ridge doesn’t think so. They express their love, kiss, and snuggle.

At Brooke’s place, Bill knows Ridge let her down again. He told her he would always be there for her and he meant it. Brooke rants that Ridge left her for Taylor but it doesn’t make any sense. “Why? Why?!?” Bill pulls her into an embrace.
Brooke Bill embrace B&B

At the Forrester mansion, Thomas flashes to setting up Brooke with the voice-changing app.

In Brooke’s living room, Brooke and Bill rub each other’s backs as they hold their embrace.

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In Aspen, Ridge looks grim as Taylor dozes.

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