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In Aspen, Ridge implores Brooke to tell him the truth. She needs to take responsibility and just say it to him. Brooke gasps, “Say what?!?”

In the Forrester living room, Thomas plays the voice changer recording of Brooke and chuckles as he says to himself, “It wasn’t you, it was me.”

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In the Aspen house, Steffy and Taylor figure Brooke is outside talking about destiny. Taylor hates that she’s doubting Ridge. Steffy assures her that he won’t change his mind. Taylor worries Brooke has a way of getting into his head. Steffy promises Brooke won’t get her way no matter how hard she tries.

Outside, Ridge tells Brooke he can’t do this with her anymore. She reminds him he took vows with her. Ridge didn’t want it to end like this but says, “It’s over.”
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Inside the house, Steffy and Taylor watch Ridge holding Brooke’s hands.

At Il Giardino, Paul tells Deacon they’re missing whiskey and steaks. “Any idea what could have happened to them?”

In the apartment, Sheila cooks up steaks and says, “A little sizzle in the pan, a little sizzle for my man.”
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Deacon enters and asks, “Is that steak I smell?” Sheila greets him with a passionate kiss. He asks, “What’s the occasion?” Sheila wants to pay him back for his hospitality. Deacon notes they have steak and fine whiskey — it’s a real gourmet meal. She senses he’s upset and offers to take the whiskey back. He tells her she’s not leaving the apartment and asks what she was thinking skulking around Il Giardino. Sheila took the risk for him and assures him that no one recognized her — not even Nikki Newman last week. Deacon laughs. She asks what Nikki was doing in LA. “Was she here on business or was she trying to rekindle an old flame?”
Deacon Sheila kiss B&B

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Deacon wants to know how Sheila saw Nikki — was she following him? Sheila was just stretching her legs. Deacon says he owed Nikki a favor and now she’s gone. Sheila wonders why he didn’t mention it to her. Deacon chuckles at her seeming jealous. Sheila confirms she wants every inch of “this” (she gestures to Deacon) for herself.

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In the Forrester living room, Thomas tells himself the app changed his life. “It changed all of our lives.” He flashes to Douglas telling him how to use it and grins, “There really is an app for everything.” Thomas recalls making the call and hopes Brooke doesn’t ruin this.

At the house in Aspen, Steffy and Taylor debate whether or not Ridge is putting an end to his marriage. Taylor decides to get some fresh air in case she has to prepare herself.

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Outside, Brooke implores Ridge to stop. In the bushes, Othello watches and listens. Ridge tells Brooke all he needed from her was to be honest with him. Brooke doesn’t even know what he’s talking about. Ridge exclaims, “My family. You always understood what they meant to me.” Brooke, emotional, cries that she doesn’t understand this. “I’m your Logan. You can’t just leave me like this. This can’t happen!” Ridge lets go of her hands and backs away. “Goodbye, Logan.” He walks away as Brooke breaks down.

In the house in Aspen, Ridge joins Steffy, who asks, “What’s the verdict?” Ridge replies, “I’m here, right?” Steffy’s overjoyed that he told Brooke he’s going back to her mother. She throws her arms around him and assures him this is going to be amazing. Ridge goes to find Taylor.

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Outside, Brooke is sitting in a chair when Steffy strolls up. Brooke asks, “What do you want, Steffy?” Steffy tells Brooke her father left her because he wants a life of love and support, not betrayal. He wrestled with it for a while now but now it’s clear to him. “I hope it’s clear to you too. Your time with my father is over.” Brooke wonders if she wants her to feel worse. Steffy thinks her mother staying true to her principles paid off. Brooke sniffs about Steffy doing a victory dance. Steffy muses that goodness and dignity really do win in the end. “Make no mistake Brooke, this is the end for you and my father.”

By the stream, Ridge sits on a rock. Taylor wanders up and he walks over to her. He tells her Brooke was there. She asks, “And?” Ridge wants a life of happiness and honesty. “I want a life with you, is that okay?” Taylor tears up. Ridge pulls her into a kiss.
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In the Forrester mansion, Thomas takes a call from Steffy, who tells him that Brooke is gone. He declares that she’ll never bother them again. After disconnecting, Thomas says it again, “You’ll never bother us again, Brooke.”

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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: When Bill asks Katie to look to their future, she gets honest with him, and Ridge gives Steffy and Thomas an update on his relationships with Taylor and Brooke.

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