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In Aspen, Brooke wants to know why Ridge would come there to make promises to Taylor. She informs him she refuses to give up on them.

Inside the house in Aspen, Taylor tells Steffy her head is spinning right now. It’s a lot to take in. Steffy gushes, “You and dad are back together. It happened.” She thinks it was meant to be. Taylor wasn’t so sure, but it happened. Steffy tells her, “You deserve it, mom. You really do.” She looks out the window and gasps, “Oh my God! Brooke!”

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At the Forrester estate, Thomas chortles that it’s the best day ever now that his parents are back together. Eric asks if he’s sure, and Donna muses that it’s at her sister’s expense. Thomas remarks that her sister caused them a lot of heartbreak. Brooke is just going to have to deal with it. “Your sister and my father are over.”

In Aspen, Taylor stops Steffy from going outside to interfere — she wants to see how Ridge handles this after asking her to trust him.

Outside, Brooke asks Ridge if she’s done something to upset him. He flashes to hearing the CPS call as she pleads with him to tell her what is going on.
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At the Forrester mansion, Eric suggests they change the subject before things get out of hand. Thomas reassures his grandfather that he understands; Donna will always defend her sister. Donna retorts that Brooke won’t stand by and let this happen. Thomas agrees — she wants him most when he’s with someone else. Eric understands why Thomas is happy about his parents. He’s fond of Brooke, but he’s fond of Taylor too. Donna is sure Brooke’s in Aspen as they speak. Thomas says she shouldn’t be. Eric declares that they shouldn’t be interfering at all. Thomas argues that’s exactly what Brooke is doing. Donna reminds him Ridge is still married to her sister. She feels it will never be over between them. They get into it over whether or not Brooke has owned up to her past mistakes and then Steffy calls. Thomas lets her know he’s not alone and puts her on speaker. Eric asks Steffy how things are in Aspen. Steffy complains that Brooke showed up and wants to know how she knew they were there. Donna says, “I told her.” Steffy rolls her eyes over Donna helping her sister and complains that her dad was there because he wanted to see her mom. “My father’s days with Brooke are over.” Donna replies, “Maybe, maybe not.” She warns Steffy and Thomas never to count out Brooke and Ridge’s love for each other.
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In Aspen, Brooke complains that Ridge got on a plane without even telling her. She adds that Taylor, Steffy, and Thomas have been trying to break them up and have worn him down. Whatever promises he’s made, she sees how he looks at her and knows he still loves her. Brooke wants to know if it’s Bill, Deacon, or what’s going on. They need to go home and work through this. Ridge grunts that they’re not going to work through anything. When he alludes to it being “complicated” she demands to know what brought him to this point.
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In the Forrester living room, Thomas declares that Brooke’s desperate attempt to keep his parents apart won’t work. Donna says it’s not desperation, it’s love. Thomas grumps about her always betraying him. Eric pipes up to say Ridge always forgives Brooke. Thomas complains that there are too many things he’s had to forgive. He deserves to be with someone like Taylor. “Brooke just brings him chaos and with my mother he has peace.” Donna says she and Eric still believe in Brooke and Ridge. Eric thinks Steffy and Taylor may be learning that you can’t count out Brooke and Ridge’s love for each other.

In the Aspen house, Taylor and Steffy bicker over whether to interrupt Brooke and Ridge. Steffy decides her mother is right — Ridge made the decision to be with her and whatever Brooke tries, it won’t work.

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Outside, Ridge tells Brooke this is where he needs to be. She clucks that he needs to be home with her so they can work through whatever is going on. Brooke says she’s obviously done something, that’s why he’s there. He doesn’t need to tell her, he just needs to get on the plane with her and go home. “We can get through anything. I believe that. Tell me you believe that too.”

At the Forrester mansion, Thomas declares that Brooke’s hold over Ridge ends today, that’s why he’s in Aspen committing to a future with his mother. Donna argues that the true love of Ridge’s life is, and will always be, her sister. Fuming, she asks Eric to take her for a ride. She needs to get out of there.

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In the Aspen house, Steffy teases that Taylor must wish she could lock Brooke in a gondola. Taylor wants to believe her father. He chased her all over the mountain to convince her he’d changed. Steffy insists he wants a life with Taylor. “You’re everything to dad. You’re everything he deserves. It’s not Brooke, mom. It’s never been Brooke.”

Outside, Brooke reminds Ridge about the challenges they’ve overcome in the past thanks to their love, which will help them get past this too. “You are my husband, and you are going to come home with me.” She knows there is something he is not saying, and she wishes he’d just say it. Ridge can’t understand why she’s doing this and pretending she doesn’t know what this is about. Brooke, bewildered, asks what he thinks she did. Ridge flashes to the CPS call.

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At the Forrester mansion, Thomas muses to himself, “Calling Child Protective Service on your husband’s son. Something Ridge Forrester would never forgive. Only it wasn’t you, Brooke. It was me.” He plays his words back to him in Brooke’s voice on the voice changing app on his phone.
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