Taylor Ridge mountain B&B
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In Aspen, Ridge asks Taylor not to run again and remarks on what a fast runner she is… and was in college. He’ll follow her to the ends of the world because he wants to be with her.

In the house, Steffy paces and hopes that whatever her dad is telling her mom, she’ll listen.

At Brooke’s place, she’s flummoxed to learn from Donna on the phone that Ridge has gone to Aspen where Taylor is checking out Bill’s house. Donna proposes that Ridge could be buying the house to surprise her. Brooke doesn’t think so… she thinks that Steffy and Thomas’ pressure on their father to get back with their mother is working. She doesn’t have a good feeling about this and needs to get to Aspen as soon as possible!
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At the Forrester mansion, Eric tells Donna the jet is on its way back from Aspen and they can take their little getaway after all. Donna hesitates before explaining that Brooke needs the jet more than they do. “She decided to go to Aspen too.”

At Brooke’s place, she gets Ridge’s voicemail and grimaces before heading out with her bags.

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In Aspen, Taylor agonizes. “I’m not going to get sucked into this again! I’m not falling for it!” Ridge wants their family to heal and for them to have a future together. Taylor starts running again. Ridge sighs and follows.

At the Forrester mansion, Donna rants to Eric about Ridge leaving town to track down his ex-wife. Eric realizes Brooke wouldn’t be happy about this and wonders if there’s really a chance that he’s thinking of leaving the blonde. Donna reminds him that Steffy and Thomas have been pushing to reunite their parents. “My God, Eric, what if they’ve actually succeeded?!?”
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In Aspen, Steffy calls Thomas at Forrester. She doesn’t know what’s going on with their parents and is worried that whatever he’s saying, their mother won’t want to hear it. She’s guarded because of Brooke. Thomas feels Taylor wouldn’t turn him down, but Steffy argues that she told her the answer would be no. Thomas feels it will happen. He’s there telling her everything she wants to hear, and she’ll say yes. Steffy says she’s afraid Brooke will swoop in and steal him back, and she doesn’t want to put herself through that again!
Steffy phone B&B

Brooke boards the Forrester jet and the pilot is bewildered about having to go back to Aspen. Brooke stresses he needs to turn the plane around and get her there as fast as he possibly can.

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In Aspen, Ridge finally catches up with Taylor at the top of a mountain. Out of breath, Ridge gasps that he knows she’s scared. Taylor pleads with him not to try and sell her on some happy ever after. Ridge wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Taylor knows how this story ends. Ridge has done a lot of soul-searching and though he’ll always care for Brooke, he feels they were robbed. He wants a future with her and only her… forever.
Taylor Ridge B&B

On the Forrester jet, Brooke is perturbed when the pilot explains they have to wait for clearance. She informs him that her future could depend on this.

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On the top of the mountain in Aspen, Ridge recalls Brooke’s voice on the recording. Taylor knows something must have happened with Brooke. He admits something happened… he saw the light. He got hit on the head with a pinecone and he saw a future with her. Taylor laughs a little. She’s seen that future so many times but they’re not going to live it. Ridge understands why she would want to run if he was stuck between two women but he’s not that man anymore. “I want to be a better man, and you make me a better man. I want to be with you… for always.”

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Now in the air, Brooke flashes to her last conversation with Ridge about the call from CPS and telling him she didn’t know who it was. Her phone rings — it’s Donna. Brooke confirms the flight has taken off and wonders why Ridge went to Aspen to be with Taylor. Donna thinks it could be a coincidence but Brooke argues that he never even told her he was going. She feels outside forces are working against them… namely Steffy and Thomas who have been browbeating him for months to be with their mother. “I need to get to Aspen. I need to be with Ridge.”

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On the top of the mountain, Taylor punches Ridge in the arm. She knows he believes what he’s saying but he always goes back to Brooke… and then back to her. Ridge shakes his head. Not anymore. He saw the light… he saw a future. “I’m here for us and I want you to be here for us too. Can you do that?” Taylor shakes her head. “I’m sorry.” He says, “Okay.” Taylor continues, “But what took you so long?” They share a passionate kiss.
Taylor Ridge mountain B&B

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