Brooke surprise Bill B&B
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In Aspen, Taylor asks Ridge, “What are you doing here?” Ridge thought he’d come and check out Bill’s house. She asks, “What are you really doing here?” He says, “I came to see you.”
Ridge Aspen B&B

Inside the house, Steffy’s on the phone with Thomas going over Taylor’s pain. She believes she’s starting to give up and admits she’s starting to as well.

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At Brooke’s place, she assumes it’s Ridge’s car that pulled up outside, so is surprised to hear a knock. She gawps when she sees Bill at the door. He walks in as she protests that he can’t keep stopping by like this — Ridge will be home soon.
Brooke surprise Bill B&B

At home, Donna and Eric kiss in the foyer. She admires her husband and his portrait. He can’t believe she pulled off the thoughtful gift. Donna recaps that it’s his home and he deserves to be up on the wall. Eric reminds her it’s her home now too. “You and me together.” He wants to thank her properly for the gift and suggests they take the jet and go on a tropical weekend getaway.

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In the house in Aspen, Steffy continues talking to Thomas about how stressed their mother is. Suddenly, she looks out the window and blurts, “Oh my God, Thomas, you are not going to believe this!” She tells him that Taylor is more than okay… she’s with dad! Thomas can’t believe he’s in Aspen.

Outside, Ridge apologizes to Taylor for crashing their girls’ trip. He didn’t tell anyone he was coming and just jumped on the jet to come and see her. Taylor came to the mountains to get away from everything. “To get away from me, you mean,” he grunts. Taylor nods.

At the Forrester mansion, Eric gets on the phone to find out if the jet is available and learns that Ridge took it. After disconnecting, he tells Donna that his son took the plane to Aspen. He guesses it’s a business trip but Donna says it can’t be — she and Pam schedule them all. She’s surprised to learn he was alone and Brooke wasn’t with him.
Eric Donna B&B

At Brooke’s place, she and Bill go over the issues with him stopping by. Bill doesn’t understand her interest in Ridge. He doesn’t understand a lot of things and reveals he’s letting go of the Aspen house. It will always hold a special place in his heart and he thinks she knows why. “It’s a great house. Steffy and Taylor are there right now.” Brooke’s eyebrows fly up.

In the house in Aspen, Steffy is still on the phone with Thomas, who posits that their parents may be getting back together right this minute. Steffy’s not sure — she was talking about having more self-respect. Thomas thinks it could be their family’s lucky day and their dad will convince their mom to say, “Yes.”

Taylor comes into the house in Aspen with Ridge behind her. He protests that he came to see her. Taylor asks, “Why?!?” Ridge misses her… and their life together.

In the office at Forrester, Thomas contemplates his call with Steffy and thinks about why Ridge may have gone to Aspen. He flashes to Walter playing the call of Brooke’s voice calling CPS and nods knowingly. He then recalls Ridge saying Brooke lied to him.

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At the Forrester mansion, Donna thinks it’s strange that Ridge went to Aspen by himself. Eric does too. Donna can’t imagine Brooke giving up the opportunity to get away with Ridge. Eric can’t either. She doesn’t think things have been as smooth between them as she’d like them to be. Eric assures, “They’ll get there.” Donna just wonders why he went to Aspen.

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At Brooke’s place, Bill explains that Steffy’s checking out the house and he’s hoping she’ll buy it. Brooke muses that maybe Taylor will like it so much she’ll leave town permanently. Brooke prompts him to leave and Bill gathers she has plans with Ridge. “Lucky man,” he muses. He bets Ridge will never take her on a hot air balloon or a camel ride. They agree he can be pretty romantic. Brooke smiles, “Goodbye Bill.” He leaves.
Bill Brooke B&B

In Aspen, Taylor thinks Ridge is there because the kids have been guilt-tripping him. Ridge protests that it’s about the woman that she is to him. Taylor mocks him and says this is sad. Ridge is serious. “I’m here because I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” Taylor rolls her eyes.
Taylor roll eyes B&B

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Taylor laughs, “You and Brooke must have gotten into a doozy of a fight.” She’ll pass on being his second choice or consolation prize. “What happened with Brooke?” Ridge argues this isn’t about Brooke, it’s about him seeing things clearly. Taylor hollers that he sees things clearly until he doesn’t. This is what he does! He shows up and says all these romantic things and makes her feel like this and… “Just get out of my life!” She clarifies that they can still be grandparents together, but he can’t make these promises to her. “I’ve heard them all before,” she wails. Ridge asks her to please stop talking for one second. He says, “I’m here because I love you. And I want to be with you… always.” Taylor whimpers. As he moves toward her, she pulls away and heads out the door warning, “Do not follow me!” Ridge follows her.
Taylor Ridge love B&B

At home, Brooke takes a call from Donna, who tells her their trip to the Caribbean got canceled because Ridge was using the jet. “He’s going to Aspen.” Brooke gawps, “Oh my God.” Donna asks, “What?” Brooke replies, “Steffy and Taylor are in Aspen.”

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In Aspen, Ridge chases Taylor as she runs through the property, pleading with her to stop. She halts and asks him not to do this to her. Ridge implores that he meant what he said. “I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Brooke takes the Forrester jet to Aspen, and Donna expresses her concerns to Eric.

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