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Ridge enters the office at Forrester and tells Thomas that Brooke lied to him again. Thomas is sorry and marvels at her refusing to confess when they heard her name. Ridge pounds his fist on the table, “I know!” Thomas asks if he called her out on it. Ridge gave her a chance to come clean, but she said she didn’t know who could have made the call. Thomas finds this to be a new low even for Brooke and asks what his father said. Ridge shrugs. He didn’t say anything — what was the point? She lied on the phone and lied to his face. He walks out to think as Thomas watches.
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At home, Brooke makes a reservation for dinner in a private cabana by the ocean for her and Ridge. Liam wanders in and she explains that she and her husband could use time alone. He asks where Hope is at, and Brooke says she went to the office. Liam sighs: that means she’s with Thomas. He wants to go over and see for himself and Brooke wonders if Thomas is doing all he can to keep her there. Liam muses that Hope wants so badly to believe he’s different now. “She just wants everything to work out.” Brooke complains that Ridge, Taylor and Steffy think Thomas is harmless, but she doesn’t feel she’ll ever be able to trust him. They go over the Douglas situation. Brooke muses that there are things that Thomas has no control over. Brooke reflects that everything has been going his way lately. Liam feels Hope is becoming vulnerable to Thomas again. Brooke thinks it’s time they push back and let Thomas know he can’t always get what he wants.

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On the jet, Steffy notices Taylor is distracted and pleads with her, “Talk to me.” She wishes her parents were on a romantic getaway. Taylor tells her, “You’re killing me.” Ridge is married and she wants more for herself.
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Steffy complains that Taylor and Ridge love each other, and he’s married to a woman who can’t keep her hands and lips off other guys. She’s sick of the word ‘destiny’ and is sure that soon, her father will see Brooke for who she really is. Steffy urges her mother to believe in Ridge and their love for each other.

At Forrester, Thomas spills coffee on his shirt and is removing it when Hope walks into the office. She came to see him because she heard about CPS coming to the house.
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At the Forrester mansion, a distraught Ridge throws his keys on the table and paces around the sofa and out to the terrace, where he stands blinking away tears and shaking his head. “Why would you do this, Brooke? Why? We’ve forgiven each other for so many things. Here we are again. What am I doing with my life?”

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At Brooke’s place, she doesn’t want Thomas to get away with anything this time. Liam complains he’s got the entire Forrester family in his corner and is getting to Hope. Brooke feels they have to keep warning Hope about Thomas… especially for Douglas’ sake.
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At Forrester, Hope watches as Thomas puts on a black shirt and explains that he was cutting up an apple with his pocketknife when Brooke walked in and freaked out. He’d never let Douglas hold the knife or play around with it. Then CPS showed up. He didn’t want Douglas to be put in that position but there’s nothing he could have done. Thomas assumes she’s upset with him. Hope tells him she isn’t — she doesn’t believe he’d put their son in harm’s way. Thomas finds this incredible. It’s amazing they’ve gotten to this point. “Thank you, Hope. Thank you so much.” Hope smiles.
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On the jet, Steffy tells Taylor they’re landing soon and asks if she’s okay. Taylor replies, “Nope.” She loves her dad and part of her always will but the life she’s been wanting with him isn’t possible. “Not like this.”

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At the Forrester mansion on the terrace, Ridge asks himself, “What am I doing? My true love. My destiny. What is that? What is my destiny?”
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At Brooke’s place, Liam tells her that Donna confirmed Hope is with Thomas in the office. They figure he’ll downplay the visit from CPS. Liam thinks the fact that someone felt the need to call legitimizes their concerns. He knows this has caused tension between her and Ridge. Brooke admits she has to be careful what she says as she doesn’t want it to blow up in her face and ruin things for them.

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In Aspen, Othello helps Steffy get her luggage out of the car and urges her to snatch the house up. They hug as she says it’s good to see him and heads inside. Inside, Taylor tells Steffy coming there was a good idea; maybe she can even get a fresh perspective. Steffy doesn’t think she needs one — she loves her dad and wants to be with him. When his marriage to Brooke comes to an end if won’t be because of Taylor. “It will be Brooke’s doing.”
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At the Forrester mansion on the terrace, Ridge goes over recent events with Taylor in his mind as he contemplates destiny. He hears Steffy in his mind urging him to go back to her mom. He then thinks about his romance with Brooke before flashing to the situation with CPS. Something hits him on the head and he bends to pick it up. It’s a giant pine cone. Suddenly, a slow smile creeps across his face.

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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Liam grows anxious about Thomas’ endgame for Hope and Taylor has an epiphany.

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