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In Ridge’s living room, Walter panics at the idea that anyone would ever find out that he played the recording. Thomas and Ridge assure him no one will find out. Ridge can’t believe it was Brooke. Thomas recaps that she even said her name. “Your wife called Child Protective Services on me. She’s trying to take my son away.” Walter makes them promise again that they won’t say anything to anyone and then plays the recording again at Ridge’s request. Thomas thanks Walter and reassures him again as he goes. At the door, Walter asks Thomas, “Will your father be okay.” Thomas says yes, but it must have been hard for him to hear. After, Thomas tells Ridge, “I’m sorry, dad.”
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At Brooke’s place, she and Liam wonder if Hope has gotten wind of CPS investigating Thomas yet. Liam figures she may already be over at the Forrester mansion; she’s been spending a lot of time there lately. He can’t believe someone actually called CPS on Thomas. Liam wonders if whoever called knows something they don’t. Brooke explains that Ridge said CPS found nothing wrong. Liam supposes it’s a relief to know that whoever made the call was wrong. Regardless, they still feel that Douglas needs to come home and be away from Thomas.

At the cliff house, Steffy tells Taylor, “Dad is the one. He’s the only one.” Taylor reasons that he’ll always be torn between her and Brooke. Steffy thinks he’s growing and that’s not possible with Brooke. She sees how much he loves her mother and urges her not to give up. Taylor won’t be a homewrecker. Steffy knows there’s a fire down inside her mother… she just needs to ignite it and fight for dad.

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At Brooke’s place, she and Liam agonize over why Thomas would want to disrupt the routine Douglas had at the cabin. Liam can think of one reason: to have access to Hope. It puts her in the awkward position that if she wants to spend time with her son, she has to spend time with Thomas. Based on her choices, it’s hard for Liam to believe Hope sees Thomas for who he really is. Brooke doesn’t think she does, nor does Taylor for that matter. She feels that Taylor is to blame for coming back and putting these ideas in her son’s head. “All she’s doing is trying to drive a wedge between Ridge and me.”
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At the cliff house, Taylor doesn’t want to fight Brooke for Ridge. Steffy points out she can’t fight for him if she’s not there. Taylor wonders if she’s rescinding the offer to go to Aspen. Steffy’s not, but she’d like to invite her dad to go along. Taylor nixes the idea and repeats, “Ridge is married to Brooke.” Steffy continues to insist that Ridge will see the light and Taylor becomes frustrated — he always goes home to Brooke. She’s going to do something that Brooke Logan has never done. “Respect a marriage. Even if I have to leave town to do it.”

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At the Forrester estate, Thomas tells Ridge what Brooke has done is a slap in the face — he can’t imagine someone doing that to their husband. Then again, she did say she’d do it if she had to. Ridge hollers that she didn’t have to — he assured her he’d be there if there was a problem. He agonizes, “She wouldn’t lie to me. She wouldn’t lie to me.”

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At Brooke’s place, Liam figures there could still be consequences stemming from the CPS visit. That could be the ammunition that Hope needs to convince Thomas to change things up. He imagines Thomas is freaking out right now… maybe Ridge is too.
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At the Forrester mansion, Ridge takes a call from Steffy and puts her on speaker. She tells Ridge and Thomas that Taylor wants to leave Los Angeles. “Because it’s killing her, dad, seeing you constantly go back to Brooke.” Thomas asks Steffy to convince her to stay. Steffy thinks she should get away and clear her head and reveals they’re going to Bill’s house in Aspen. She has to convince her mother not to give up. Ridge asks, “Give up on what?” Steffy huffs, “On you, dad!” She asks her father not to give up on her mom and disconnects. Thomas tells his dad that his heart has been with his mom and their family lately. “Don’t let mom lose faith in you, don’t make her go through all of this suffering… especially after what Brooke did.”

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At the cliff house, Steffy tells Taylor she’s coming with her. Taylor muses, “To babysit.” Steffy replies that she doesn’t need a babysitter; she needs a daughter. Maybe some time away is exactly what she needs. Taylor needs to get her head on straight, because when she comes back, Brooke will still be Ridge’s wife.

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At Brooke’s place, she and Liam puzzle over who called CPS. He finds it strange to think they may never know.

At the Forrester mansion, Thomas tells his dad he could have a life with someone who makes him laugh and lifts his spirits. Ridge had that with Brooke. Thomas can’t remember the last time it was like that and points out there have been too many betrayals. Ridge can’t get over this and repeats that Brooke wouldn’t lie to him. Thomas theorizes that she’s protecting herself and reminds him about her denying kissing Deacon and Bill. Lying is literally her go-to. The truth has to be pulled out of her. She betrayed him with Uncle Thorn and his father. Thomas tells Ridge to stop acting as though Brooke deserves him. “Brooke is trying to take away my son. You heard the recording, dad. It was her voice, she even said her name. It was Brooke, dad. It was Brooke.”
Ridge wreck B&B

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