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“Does the child Douglas Forrester reside at this address?” ask the CPS agents, apparently unable to see the boy sitting a few feet away. Thomas asks if someone filed a complaint. Thomas and Ridge eventually relent, letting the two agents in so that they can speak to Douglas. When they ask if Douglas feels safe, he’s taken aback. Why wouldn’t he love living there, he asks, given that there’s a pool, tennis courts, screening room.

Done with Douglas, the agents speak privately to Ridge and Thomas, saying they got a report about an incident involving a knife. At their request, Thomas goes to get the knife so they can see it while Ridge tries — and fails — to get information on who called in the complaint to CPS. Eventually, the agents thank Thomas for his cooperation before exiting. “Whoever made this phone call,” grunts Ridge, “they made a big mistake!”

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Having arrived at Brooke’s house, Liam suggests that if his mother-in-law has seen a change in Thomas, maybe it’s time to “escalate” the situation. Hope, not necessarily wanting to make a bad situation worse, agrees to listen to what they have to say. Brooke, having no such concerns, says she hates “to think of Douglas, over there trapped with Thomas.” She again brings up the knife incident, adding that with everybody pushing the Forrester family legacy on Douglas, what kind of environment is that for a child?

Hope concedes that Thomas might not realize that seeing him play with a knife might make Douglas want to emulate his dad’s behavior. Brooke again says that Thomas simply isn’t equipped to be a full-time parent (apparently ignoring the fact that the Forrester mansion presumably comes with a whole raft of staff who, though we never see them, could help in that regard). Liam is totally #TeamBrooke, suggesting that Thomas telling her to mind her own business is clearly an issue. “Somebody has to look out for Douglas,” Brooke intones.

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Irony alert: Brooke then points out that “Thomas’ judgment hasn’t always been sound” and, just to make it even more hypocritical, Liam scoffs, “Far from it.” Brooke brings up everything he’s done to Hope — sorry, he Thomas, not he Liam — including the mannequin, apparently determined to ignore that there was a medical reason for that particular incident. Hope asks, “Didn’t we want him to get better?”

Finn arrives at Forrester creations, interrupting his wife’s meeting with Paris and Zende. Sensing that something’s going on, he asks what’s up. Steffy begins to say that Brooke is on a rampage, but adds she doesn’t want to get into all this “family drama” in front of Paris and Zende, the latter of whom reminds her that he actually is family. Paris insists nobody wants to take sides, but notes that everybody sees how much happier Thomas has been since he started spending more time with his son. Zende says that all the Logan/Forrester drama needs to end just as Charlie enters to say the young man is needed down in the cutting room. Paris excuses herself as well. Charlie asks if Steffy has seen Brooke, and the exec’s reaction leaves him thinking perhaps the office should be a Brooke-free zone for the time being. Finn says that until Charlie gets the all-clear, the office should be off limits to everyone. It takes the security guard a minute to figure out why, but blushing he eventually exits.

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Alone, Steffy and Finn don’t actually enjoy sexy time, as was implied they might, but instead immediately go back to talking about Brooke and her interference in everyone’s lives. “Everybody knows she’ll do whatever it takes to get what she wants,” Steffy tells her hubby. “She wants my dad. She wants Deacon. She wants Bill. She wants and wants and wants. It’s selfish and it’s toxic. But she doesn’t stop!” Finn points out that while Brooke never gives up, neither does his fiercely protective wife. “That’s one of the many things I love about you,” he adds, pulling her into a kiss.

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Hope continues wanting to be rational, saying that Douglas is old enough to tell them if something is wrong. After all, he’s done so in the past. When Brooke suggests that’s a lot of responsibility to put on a child, Hope makes it clear that as Douglas’ mother, she is responsible and she is keeping an eye on the situation. Brooke, again unironically, says that the needs of a child must be put above everything else where a parent is concerned. (Hope, now might be a good time to mention the Oliver incident… or the circumstances of your own conception… ) Brooke concedes that Thomas might want to be a good parent, but he’s not capable. Her proof? The knife. (Duh!) As she’s expressing her grave concerns, Ridge is across town losing his ish over what just went down. As he’s trying to figure out who in the world could have made the call, he flashes back to Brooke saying she would call CPS if she thought it necessary. Whipping out his phone, he calls Brooke to tell her what just happened. As much as Ridge doesn’t want to ask, he has to: “Did you do this? Did you call child services on my son?”

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