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At the Forrester mansion, Thomas intones, “I’m serious, Brooke. Keep it up,” while holding the apple-cutting knife. Brooke thinks that sounds like a threat. Thomas promises she’ll never interfere with his father’s life or family ever again.

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At the cliff house, Taylor and Ridge are in close proximity as she flashes to the kiss in Monaco. She says Monte Carlo confuses her. She doesn’t want to force anything either way. If they’re meant to be together, then they’re going to be together. Ridge smiles, “Is that right?” Taylor thinks he should open his eyes — what he’s fighting for over there doesn’t make him happy. “Is that what you want for the rest of your life?”

Nikki Newman arrives at Forrester and is greeted enthusiastically by Eric, who introduces her to Steffy and Hope, who are in the office with him.
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Eric takes Nikki over to show her the dress they’ve designed for her granddaughter Summer’s vow renewal. She gushes over the garment and Steffy makes her apologies for Ridge not being able to make it. Nikki glances at photos of Ridge with his kids and Steffy remarks that he dotes on his family. Nikki asks how Steffy is after the shootings. Steffy says they’re alright, despite the hell Sheila Carter put them through.
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At Deacon’s place, Sheila’s trying to watch her stories, but he won’t stop pacing. He rants that the two of them living there — he’s not sure how much longer it can continue!

At Forrester, Nikki remarks on what an evil, destructive force Sheila Carter was in both L.A. and Genoa City. Eric says, “’Was’ being the operative word. She’s dead now.” Nikki tells Steffy she’d like to meet Finn sometime. Hope pipes up that he’s good with kids — they all adore him. Nikki muses about Sheila giving birth to someone so wonderful. Eric reminds her again that Sheila is gone.

At Deacon’s place, he reminds Sheila that one screw-up could land them both in prison. He refers to her insane dream and Sheila plays dumb, but he tells her she knows damn well what he’s talking about.
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Taylor arrives at the Forrester mansion, where Thomas envelopes her in a hug. He remarks on her checking up on him “too” and then apologizes. Taylor learns Brooke was there and was calling him crazy again.

At Brooke’s place, she and Ridge kiss. She tells him she needed that. He says, “Me too.” She asks about his meeting with Nikki Newman. Ridge says his dad is doing that. Brooke relays that she went to see Thomas. Ridge groans — why does she do these things? She’s just worried about Douglas being in Thomas’ care.

At Forrester, Nikki tells Eric the dress is gorgeous, and Summer will be a knockout in it. “The cut, the neckline, it’s just stunning.” Eric did the length and the stitching. Nikki teases that the stitching is inspired. Steffy asks if she’s heading back to Genoa City now. Nikki has one stop to make first.
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Deacon tells Sheila, in the apartment, that her fantasy about reuniting with Finn and Hayes can’t happen. She is a mother and grandmother, and no one is going to take that away from her! Deacon says he has to go to work, and she rants about being left there to stare at the four walls. As she slams into the bedroom, Deacon wonders how this became like a real marriage. He takes a small package out of his jacket pocket and looks at it thoughtfully.

At the Forrester mansion, Thomas tells Taylor that Brooke was confronting him about being party to Steffy’s interference and questioning his ability to parent. Taylor scoffs at this considering Brooke’s parenting track record. Thomas thinks the knife set her off. He explains he was peeling an apple with a knife, and it seemed to trigger her — she accused him of being a danger to his own son.

At Brooke’s place, she tells Ridge that she’s concerned Douglas won’t be safe with Thomas. Ridge protests and she gives him a look. He asks, “What is that look? What do you know?” Brooke announces, “He had a knife. Around Douglas. That worries me, Ridge. Thomas scares me.”

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At Forrester, Steffy and Hope agree it was nice to see Nikki, who has a good energy about her. Hope wants to revisit the fact that Steffy hung up on her mom and refuses to let her talk to Ridge. The families have become divided. Steffy wouldn’t say that. Hope recaps that she’s trying not to start a custody war and she’s angling for her father to leave Brooke for Taylor. Steffy says the clock is ticking; it’s only a matter of time. Brooke is the last person she’d want for her father. She tried not to interfere when her mother was away but she’s back now and they’re reconnecting. Who wouldn’t want their parents to get back together? “I’ll do whatever it takes to make that happen, Hope.”

At the Forrester mansion, Thomas complains that Brooke likes to put her own spin on things and paint him in the worst light possible. Taylor protests that Douglas is safe with him — he’s done so much work to turn his life around. He quips, “Not according to Brooke.” He was sure to let her know that when he was messed up it was her fault. He’ll protect their family from her at all costs.

At Brooke’s, she repeats that she doesn’t feel Douglas is safe and complains about Thomas not bringing the child home. She’d call Child Protective Services on Thomas if she had to. Ridge tells her to slow her roll. Thomas is his son, and they’ll handle this as a family. If there’s some knife she’s concerned about, he’ll go get it. Douglas is loved, happy and safe. They embrace, but Brooke looks unconvinced.

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At Il Giardino, Nikki tells Deacon, “Let’s make this short and sweet.” Deacon goes to get what he has on Diane Jenkins. As Nikki stands looking around, Sheila appears in disguise. Deacon returns, hands Nikki the package, and says he hopes it helps. He tells her he respects her and she looks good. On her way out, Nikki spots Sheila and looks directly at her. Sheila looks away and Nikki exits. Sheila shoots a look of surprise at Deacon.
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At the cliff house, Taylor tells Steffy she’ll never believe what Brooke is saying about her brother. Steffy gasps, “Oh no.”

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At the office, Ridge notices Thomas is distracted. His son says he has a lot on his mind. Ridge guesses it’s the stuff with Brooke and asks what happened. Thomas complains that she doesn’t believe he’s changed at all and freaked out over him eating an apple with a knife. Ridge says she mentioned the knife and said she’d call Child Services on him if she had to. Thomas gawps, “What?!?”
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In Forrester’s design office, Brooke knows Hope wants to believe that Thomas is a better father but he’s not. “I saw, I was there,” she insists. Hope asks what she saw. Brooke went over to Eric’s to tell Thomas to please take Douglas home. Hope sighs, “Mom…” Brooke insists that she’s worried and Thomas is dangerous. “He had a knife.” Hope gawps, “What?” Brooke repeats that he had a very sharp knife. “Douglas should not be in his care. I’m really worried about that little boy!”

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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Brooke recounts her scary moment to Ridge, and Ridge receives unwelcome visitors at the Forrester mansion.

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