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At the cliff house, Taylor interrupts Finn and Steffy kissing for the umpteenth time. After Steffy gets in another round of telling Taylor she should get back together with Ridge, Taylor takes her to task and says Brooke came around to complain about her sabotaging her marriage. Steffy thinks she did dad a favor — he’d rather be there!

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Brooke walks into the Forrester mansion and eyeballs a knife that Thomas is using to cut an apple up for Douglas. The kid spots her and runs to give her a hug. Brooke asks Thomas if he could use something safer to cut the fruit. Thomas, sighing, tells her he’s been cutting it this way his whole life, and it’s fine. Douglas wants Brooke to come bowling with them on the weekend, but Thomas says Brooke is too busy. Douglas goes to the kitchen and Thomas asks Brooke, “Apple?” She informs him they need to talk. He asks, “What about?” Brooke replies, “We need to talk about Douglas coming home.”
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Thomas tells Brooke that Douglas is already home. Brooke argues he hasn’t been at his other home in a long time, where he feels safe, and Hope doesn’t play with knifes. Thomas will use a peeler next time and assures her he’ll protect his son. Brooke confronts him about being there when Steffy intercepted her phone call to Ridge the other night and rants about them sabotaging her marriage to Ridge.

At the cliff house, Ridge comes in with teddy bears for the kids and Steffy tells him they’re out with Amelia. Steffy suggests he stay for another family dinner and Ridge will have to check with Brooke. He says he told her about Steffy answering his phone. Steffy argues that he and Taylor were reconnecting. “I hope we have more nights like that, I really do.” Ridge shakes his head and rolls his eyes.
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At the Forrester mansion, Thomas tells Brooke she’s over-reacting and asks if there was some emergency for her to have to interrupt their family night. Brooke doesn’t need an emergency to call her husband and explains she was planning a special night for him. Thomas guesses it had to do with a red teddy and some giggling. Ridge is probably bored by it. Brooke maintains Steffy was wrong to intercept her phone call. She wants them to respect her marriage to his father and she wants Douglas to return to Hope’s. “He has to come home.” Thomas retorts, “Says who? You?” He knows it will be hard for Brooke but she needs to stay out of their lives.
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At the cliff house, Ridge, Taylor, Finn and Steffy banter. Steffy tells Ridge he’s acting as though there’s nowhere else he’d rather be. She recaps that Thomas is spending time with Douglas, her husband is back and it’s a miracle, and Taylor and Ridge are reconnecting. “You two belong together. Dad, just come home. Go back to mom.”
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At the Forrester mansion, Brooke won’t sit back and say nothing about what Thomas is doing. She accuses him of using his son to make problem for her and Ridge. Thomas is in disbelief. Him stepping up and being a father to Douglas isn’t about her. Brooke refers to his issues and he complains she was always lurking around and bulldozing her way through his family like an oversexed golddigger — that affects a child. Brooke won’t take responsibility and Thomas isn’t surprised. Thomas says he and Steffy are putting it all behind them because the Forresters are rising up. His parents’ time together has finally come.

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At the cliff house, Ridge goes over how much he admires Taylor and Finn helping people — as long as he can remember he’s been selfish and made bad choices. It affected his kids, especially when they were younger. He marvels that Finn always comes home and their kids will grow up knowing what a father and husband should look like. “You’re going to take care of your family. You’re not going to be side-tracked by some…” Steffy assures her father he did the best he could. He says that doesn’t compare to what she and Taylor deserved. “I’m sorry.” He embraces his daughter.

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After Finn and Steffy have gone to work, Ridge tells Taylor he meant what he said earlier. He could have been a better dad and husband. Taylor muses that it doesn’t do any good to hold onto feelings of guilt and shame. Ridge knows that when she came back all those years ago, that was their time to be together — it was what Thomas, Steffy and Phoebe wanted — but he turned his back on her and his beautiful family. Taylor insists time heals all, or most, wounds. Of course, it left an imprint on the children. It affected Thomas the most; he’s the one who got lost. Ridge, tears on his cheek, says, “Because of me.” Taylor tries to make him feel better and says the future gives them a chance to decide how they want to love and be loved back. “Like right now.”

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At the Forrester mansion, Thomas and Brooke continue their back and forth. He taunts that all of her kids have left Los Angeles except Hope — it’s almost like they wanted to get away from her. She eyeballs the knife as he picks it up again and cuts pieces off the apple to eat. Brooke reminds him what he put her daughter through — is it really so surprising she’s worried about Douglas being safe with him. Thomas doesn’t care what she thinks and soon his father won’t either. Thomas says his mother is a thousand times the woman she is, and she and Ridge are getting closer every day. Soon her reign and her grip over his father will end. Brooke eyes the knife as he holds it up and punctuates his words. “Mark my words, Brooke, they will end.”

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