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“Enough is enough,” declares Brooke, picking up her conversation with Taylor where it left off in yesterday’s episode. She’s totally and completely over Steffy coming between her and Ridge. “She crossed the line! She wouldn’t let me talk to my own husband!” Brooke calls the behavior immature and disrespectful, prompting Taylor’s hackles to go up. Taylor says this is the first she’s hearing of Steffy’s behavior, implying she can’t necessarily believe it because it’s coming from Brooke. But if there’s any truth to it, she’ll speak to Taylor. Undaunted, Brooke insists Taylor stop Steffy from interferring… today!

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Taylor jokes that she’ll ground Steffy as soon as she gets home. Brooke doesn’t get why Steffy isn’t focused on her own family and the miracle of Finn’s return, but Taylor counters that her daughter is worried about Ridge being hurt. “I see,” muses Brooke. “So I’m a monster because of mistakes I’ve made in the past, but Steffy, no, she’s a sweet little angel!” Taylor suggests there’s a difference between making a mistake and making the same one over and over, as Brooke’s done “for decades.” Brooke counters that Ridge chose her, over and over. “We don’t call each other ‘destiny’ just because it sounds cute,” she says with an entirely straight face. “We call each other destiny because nothing or no one will ever come between us!”

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Taylor says she doesn’t think Brooke makes Ridge happy, adding that she’s not the homewrecker the blonde sees her as. Brooke brings up Taylor and Ridge’s kiss in Monaco. “It was a moment,” admits Taylor. “Yes,” responds Brooke, “it was a moment… with my husband!” She understands how the emotions of what happened in Monaco might have led Ridge to get caught up in that moment. “But you,” Brooke adds. “I think you knew exactly what you were doing. You see, you act all sweet and innocent and caring, but really, you’re very manipulative. Say whatever it is that you want, but the fact is, you laid your lips on my husband.”

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Paris asks Hope if everything’s okay between her and Steffy. Hope tries to say things are fine, but Paris knows better. Hope doesn’t want to put Paris in the middle, but Paris insists she can handle it. Hope admits the situation is bad… and might soon get worse. “This is way bigger than just Steffy and me,” says says, adding that it involves family history and has been going on since before either of them were born. Just then, Thomas enters, so Paris beats a hasty retreat, leaving Douglas’ parents to talk alone.

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Hope asks Thomas if he knew about Steffy blocking Brooke’s access to Ridge the night before. He reluctantly says that maybe his sister went too far, but says the whole situation is complicated. After all, Brooke has hurt Ridge in the past. The opposite is true as well, points out Hope, saying that her mom is doing everything in her power to make up for those past mistakes. “I would hope that you of all people would understand that,” she says. After all, Thomas is trying to prove that he’s a new-and-improved version of himself. As their conversation continues, Thomas, flustered, let’s slip that “we” are trying to protect Ridge from Brooke. “I’m sorry, ‘we’re’?” picks up Hope, demanding to know if he knew exactly what Steffy did last night. Saying he’d never lie to her, Thomas says he not only knew, but was standing beside Steffy when it happened. He then describes how things went down, not sugarcoating Steffy’s actions. But, he adds, “if one missed call can ruin a relationship, it’s not that great of a relationship.”

Bill Li regrets B&B

Bill wraps up a meeting at Il Giardano with a woman named JJ. He’s planning a huge release party and needs her help in getting a venue, no matter the cost. She ultimately agrees — because who can say no to Dollar Bill? — and exits just as Li is entering the restaurant. They quickly catch up, and he convinces her to join him for lunch. Sure, he already ate, but he’s perfectly happy to do so again!

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Li acknowledges that she should have told Steffy that Finn was alive. Bill, however, excuses her mistake, given that she was trying to save her son. “Finn is lucky to have a mother who loves him so fiercely. As they munch, Bill claims that when he saw Li in the alley that fateful night, he could see “all of the fire and passion” in her eyes, and that’s why he was drawn to her. She thanks him for having been so kind in reaching out to her, going on to say he played a key roll in helping reunite Finn and Steffy. “You’re a good man, Bill.” He struggles to accept the compliment, admitting, “I’ve done many things that I’m not proud of.” Ultimately, they form a mutual admiration society, with him saying what a pleasure it is to have such a strong, beautiful, accomplished woman sitting across form him.

In the final moments, Thomas and Hope try to find common ground. “I don’t know who makes it worse,” he ponders, “our moms or our dads.” They find themselves quoting Romeo & Juliet (“Two families, both alike in dignity, from ancient grudge break to new mutiny”), saying if those two could work it out, they can, too. “You know they both died in the end, right?” reminds Hope. Laughing, he grants it was a terrible analogy, then praises the way she’s handled this situation. He tries getting her to see that he and Steffy are as worried about their mom as Hope is about hers.

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And at Steffy’s house, Taylor actually apologizes to Brooke. “That kiss wasn’t planned, and I didn’t have any intention of making a play for your husband in Monaco.” Brooke asks how she’s supposed to believe that, given their history. “Because as much as we fight,” replies Taylor, “I don’t want to hurt you, Brooke. Seeing you in pain doesn’t do anything for me. But I love Ridge, too. And I always will.” Both woman believe Ridge knows them better than anyone else ever has. “Your husband is in love with both of us,” sighs Taylor, as if she and Brooke are only now realizing this. “And he is desperately trying to figure out if he wants to stay in his marriage with you or move on to a new life with me.”

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Taylor makes a substantial request of Ridge and Brooke hurls accusations at Thomas.

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