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At Steffy’s place, she tells her parents their future together is so clear. Thomas chimes in to back her up. Steffy insists that all they need to do is say they love each other and want to be with each other. Taylor and Ridge make jokes about them sounding like an infomercial, but Steffy and Thomas keep it up. Finn interjects that he sees it too. Ridge declares he’s out of there. Steffy implores, “You can’t ignore it.” Taylor knows Ridge loves her and in some ways, everyone can see it. They have their own unspoken language — kinda like right now. It’s a beautiful thing to share and no one can ever take it away. Taylor and Ridge share a toast.

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At Brooke’s place, Hope mentions that it’s been a while since her mother texted Ridge. Brooke assures that he was in a meeting and will get back to her. Liam walks in as their discussing the romantic evening and jokes to Hope, “Who’s having a romantic evening? Is it us?” He heard from Bill that Ridge caught him with Brooke. Hope gawps at the news Ridge walked in on her mother and Liam’s dad. Brooke grimaces. She explains that Bill came by unexpectedly to talk about Katie and he was leaving when Ridge arrived. “He wasn’t very happy.”

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At Deacon’s apartment, Sheila paces restlessly. She flashes to holding Hayes and telling him how much she misses him. “You were so comfortable in my arms.” Deacon enters, reading a text from someone who wants to meet him at a hotel. He asks Sheila if she was talking to someone in there. She throws up her hands and asks who she’d be talking to in there. Deacon doesn’t like the look on her face — he doesn’t like it at all. He asks what dark thoughts she has racing around in her pretty little head. Sheila remarks on him always assuming the worst about her. She’s thinking about her grandson. Deacon warns, “Don’t do that.” He reminds her she has to stay away from him.
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Deacon gets up in his feelings about the need to hide from the Forresters. Sheila thinks they should take a hot shower to wash away the gloom and doom. She kisses him. Deacon won’t allow her to distract him and wants to know what she’s thinking. He looks into her eyes and realizes she’s refusing to give up the idea of reuniting with Finn and her grandson.

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At Brooke’s place, she explains to Liam and Hope that what she and Bill were doing was innocent. Hope worries it will be a problem for Ridge. Brooke denies it, though he did make it very clear how he feels about Deacon or Bill being in the house. She feels he’s not being unreasonable, but Hope argues that he doesn’t want to deal with anyone being in the house. He walked in on her and Bill and now she’s having to plan a big romantic evening. Brooke insists there’s not a problem, they just need to reconnect and spend some time together. She concedes Ridge has been spending a lot of time with his other family but tonight will just about the two of them. “I’m going to make damn sure that happens.”
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At the cliff house, Ridge and Taylor look at the kids and marvel that their love created them. Taylor wishes she wasn’t gone so long. Ridge muses that she still kept them together. He tells Steffy and Thomas that he loves their mom, but this is complicated. Steffy and Thomas remind him that all Brooke does is hurt him and let him down. Taylor tells them to stop wishing for the end of his marriage — it’s not fair. Ridge and Taylor step into the kitchen, where he compliments her on her mediating skills. In the living room, Steffy, Thomas and Finn watch them. She thinks they want to be together. “He adores her.” She tells Thomas that Brooke has stood in their parents’ way long enough.

At Deacon’s place, he wonders what it’s going to take for Sheila to give this up. “Maybe a spanking,” he muses. He knows how much she loves Finn. After all, he snarks, she took him hostage after shooting him. Deacon pulls Sheila to him. She laments the idea of not being able to be part of her son’s life. Deacon understands that it sucks but “You are not going to have a relationship with Finn and your grandson. Not now and not ever.” Sheila holds his face and grits, “Never say never to me.”
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Deacon and Sheila debate her “pipe dream” and he insists she needs to stay dead to stay out of prison. Sheila feels she’s just in limbo. She feels trapped in this situation where being a part of her son’s life is impossible. “Or is it?” Deacon stops her from that kind of thinking. He has to go see someone and warns her to stay there and not do anything crazy while he’s gone.

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In the cabin, Hope kisses Liam and thanks him… just for being him. She knows he isn’t thrilled about the time she’s been spending with Thomas to see Douglas, but she’s talking about how he is with her mom. Liam feels if Brooke’s not too worried about the situation with Bill, then they shouldn’t be either. Hope needs this night to be exactly what her mom wants it to be — a night to bring them together.

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In her living room, Brooke, all dolled up, lights candles and picks up her phone.

At the cliff house, Steffy notices her dad’s phone light up — Brooke’s calling. She answers the call and steps away. Brooke wonders why she’s answering Ridge’s phone. Steffy tells her he’s busy right now. Brooke asks if they’re at the office. Steffy tells her they’re all together at her place, including her mom. Brooke wants to talk to Ridge but Steffy won’t disturb him. Brooke reminds her, “I’m his wife.” Steffy replies, “Not for long.” She elaborates that Ridge is with Taylor right now and they’re laughing and enjoying themselves. “You can tell how much they love each other.” Brooke wants him to come home, but Steffy says he is home. As Brooke protests, Steffy hangs up on her. Thomas asks what his sister will do if Brooke shows up there. Steffy doesn’t care — Ridge needs to focus on their mom. She recaps how good they are together and says, “We just have to get Brooke out of the way once and for all.”
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