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At the cliff house, Steffy and Finn enthuse about playing hooky from work and spending time at the beach with the kids. They kiss and marvel at the kids practically begging for a nap. Steffy loves making memories… and she also loves it when she has a beautiful idea, and her husband goes along with it. She wants to extend their incredible family day to her mom and dad. “I think it would be fun.” Taylor comes in on the conversation and chastises Steffy for trying to recruit Finn for her campaign to reunite her and Ridge.

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At Forrester Creations, Ridge interacts with Paris and Zende as they fit a design. Ridge admits he’s having trouble focusing and Thomas jokes, “There’s an easy solution for that, Pop.” He explains his dad should leave Brooke and reunite with his mother. Ridge asks if they can stop doing this. Zende and Paris file out and Thomas asks his dad to hear him out on all the reasons he should be with Taylor.
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At Brooke’s place, Hope comes in as she’s disconnecting from a call. Brooke explains she’s planning something — tonight she intends to remind her husband what makes them so good together, now and always. Hope agrees they’re pretty incredible after all these years. Brooke notes they’ve overcome many challenges, and here they are facing another one. She’s determined to make tonight about the two of them. Hope thinks it’s a good idea given all the pressure Thomas and Steffy are laying on Ridge to reunite with Taylor.
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At Forrester, Ridge tells Thomas that he respects Taylor and loves her more than anyone. Thomas argues that he says that, but he went to live with Brooke because of her ankle. They debate whether he was “living with” Taylor at the cliff house. Ridge hollers that he’s at Brooke’s house because she’s his wife… she is the woman he loves. Thomas counters that he doesn’t love her the same way he loves his mom. Ridge is exasperated.
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At Brooke’s place, she’s touched to learn that Hope stood up for her with Steffy and Thomas at the office. Hope knows they’ve been putting a lot of pressure on Ridge and warning him that she will betray him again. Hope finds it disrespectful and laments the Forrester vs Logan feud reigniting. She feels that the fragile peace between the two families might end… if it hasn’t already.

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At the cliff house, Finn jokes that Steffy is always right about everything. Taylor just wants her to stop going on about her and Ridge. Steffy parrots that they belong together and feels it could happen tonight. Taylor realizes she’s up to something and asks, “What is it?” Steffy fobs her off. Taylor exits as Steffy picks up her phone and calls Thomas. She asks him to bring their dad and come to the cliff house.

At Forrester, Thomas tells Ridge they need to go to Steffy’s.

At the cliff house, Finn’s amused by Steffy’s plotting.

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At Brooke’s place, she and Hope complain about Steffy and Thomas putting Ridge in the middle. Brooke wishes Taylor would leave her husband alone and go and find another guy. Hope thinks for Taylor, Ridge is it. Brooke interrupts that he’s her husband and she can’t have him — they have a future together. Thinking about the past she reflects, “I love him and he loved me right back… just like he will tonight.”

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At the cliff house, Steffy has champagne on ice and tells Finn if things go as she hopes, they’ll be celebrating. Taylor wanders in and wonders what’s going on. Thomas and Ridge come in. Ridge asks why they’re there. Steffy wanted to continue their family day. “Especially for you and mom. I hope that’s okay. Charcuterie?” Ridge and Taylor exchange an exasperated look.

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At Brooke’s place, Hope feels she should get going so her mother can get ready for Ridge. She thinks his meeting should be over by now and suggests she reach out. Brooke will wait until he contacts her or will reach out later if he doesn’t. They share a hug.

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At the cliff house, Ridge, Taylor, Steffy and Finn socialize and laugh as they talk about the kids. Ridge still can’t believe Finn’s here… and with a shirt! They all crack up. Ridge makes a speech about Finn being a Forrester. They connect and support each other. A toast to the Forresters ensues. Steffy makes a speech about her and Finn’s miracle and her new perspective on life. Every moment is so precious. “Our family. This.” She wants to be real about the energy between Taylor and Ridge. “It’s really profound.” Thomas picks up where Steffy leaves off as he tells Taylor and Ridge that they need them together to lead the family forward. They both grin. Steffy urges them to see it and feel it. “You can’t deny it. That love is there, I know it. Stop wasting time. Start your lives today, together.” All they have to do is say, “I love you and I want to be with you.” Ridge and Taylor smile.

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