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At Forrester, Hope and Steffy debate whether Ridge will stay with Brooke. Steffy thinks their current reunion is temporary and it’s only a matter of time before she lets her dad down again. Just then, Taylor walks in and realizes what she’s come upon. Steffy tells Hope her mother’s reputation is notorious. She doesn’t want her father to see her fall into the arms of another man again.

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At Brooke’s place, Ridge slams the door and Brooke pulls away from Bill’s embrace. “Ridge! It’s not what it looks like.” Bill explains it was a simple goodbye hug between friends. Brooke explains that Bill came about Katie who is giving him the cold shoulder. Ridge grunts, “Bill is worried about Katie. What are you doing?” he asks Brooke. She narrows her eyes.
Brooke Bill Ridge B&B

On Forrester’s roof, Carter and Thomas work out together. Carter tells Thomas he’s an animal as he does an impressive bench press session. Thomas tells Carter he wants to pick his legal brain. “It’s about custody of Douglas.” Carter asks if he’s planning to take Hope to court. Thomas assures he doesn’t want to do that. He recaps that he and Hope have shared custody, but Douglas spends 90% of his time with Hope and Liam. Carter muses, “And you want that to change.” Thomas nods. He does, but the last thing he wants is to hurt Hope.
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Thomas knows he made mistakes in the past and needed to make a change — not just for himself, but for his family and his son. He’s ready for more responsibility and feels he and Hope need to find a way to work this out. Carter wants to be sure he’s accepted that Hope is with Liam. Thomas reassures him. Carter still feels there’s something else at play. Thomas concedes that there is and explains that he and Hope disagree on whether Ridge should be with Hope or Brooke. Carter thinks it sounds like another epic struggle between the Forresters and Logans.

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At Forrester, Hope remarks on how much time Taylor has been spending with her mother’s husband lately. Steffy says the family has been bonding. Hope thinks it’s more than just that. “I’ve seen the stolen moments between you and Ridge.” Taylor acknowledges this and can understand why Hope would be upset. She’s about to leave but Steffy stops her. She’s certain Ridge is only staying with Brooke because of her broken ankle. He’s on the verge of waking up and realizing he should be with her and not the blonde.

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At Brooke’s place, Bill declares this is awkward and he’s leaving. Ridge advises him to call first next time, or better yet, don’t come over. Brooke wishes Bill well with Katie. Bill tells Ridge that Brooke is a beautiful woman and advises him not to blow it. After he exits, Brooke assures Ridge that there was nothing to the hug. Ridge informs her he’s not the jealous type and he doesn’t think anything was going on. Brooke wouldn’t mind it if he was a tad jealous. Ridge doesn’t like walking in there and seeing guys like Deacon or Bill.
Brooke Ridge B&B

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On Forrester’s roof, Thomas is happy for Carter and Quinn and notes that Donna and Eric are happy too. Carter thinks Ridge is struggling a bit and muses about him being caught between two women. Thomas feels he needs to pick one. There’s one that ruins his life all the time and one who brings him peace. Carter suggests Thomas keep things amicable with Hope. Thomas opines that it’s always difficult keeping things amicable between the Forresters and Logans but it might get a lot worse if his dad goes back to his mother as he’s hoping. Carter shakes his head, “There’s never a dull moment.”
Thomas Carter B&B

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In the office, Steffy urges Taylor not to be upset about Hope. Taylor understands her defending her mom. Steffy goes over her argument that Brooke only causes her father pain. Taylor argues that people only change when they’re ready and not one second sooner. Steffy says Ridge isn’t blind and encourages her mom not to forget that he loves her. She goes over how amazing Taylor is and Taylor asks her to focus on Finn and her kids and let her and Ridge figure this out. Steffy told Ridge that life is short. “Don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers.” Taylor reminds her daughter again that Ridge is married to someone else. Steffy says she’s toxic. She knows Taylor wants to be with Ridge. Thomas comes in as Steffy tells her not to worry about Brooke or Hope. “Be with dad.” Thomas agrees. “If you stay open to it, I’ve never seen two people who are more right for each other.” Steffy feels they belong together. Taylor is so lucky to be loved by them.

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At Brooke’s place, Ridge loves that Brooke is concerned about other people but Bill Spencer… really?!? Brooke says he’s entitled to his feelings about Bill and Deacon but they’re not here. Ridge complains they’re like cockroaches and never really go away. Brooke feels all that matters is that he is there with her. Not a day goes by that she doesn’t give thanks that he’s back in her life. They kiss. Brooke tells Ridge there are forces trying to pull them apart. She knows he feels it too. They’ve overcome a lot over the years and have a very strong foundation. They won’t let anyone destroy that. “I love you. My heart still skips a beat every time I look at you.” He’s her destiny. They kiss again and she leans her head on his shoulder.

At Forrester, Steffy rails that Ridge’s time with Brooke needs to end. She tells Thomas, “We need to make it happen.”
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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Brooke sets up a romantic evening to remind Ridge of their love and Ridge makes a request of Thomas after reiterating his love for Brooke.

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