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At the cliff house, Taylor asks Ridge if he’s ready to leave Brooke and build a future with her. She doesn’t want to put him on the spot… but she’s totally putting him on the spot. She reminds him the “L” word was used. Ridge won’t hide how he feels about her. He loves her and will always love her.

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At Forrester, Steffy won’t apologize and informs Hope that no matter how committed and devoted her father has been, her mother always falls for another man. “It’s just the truth.” They debate whether Ridge can be happy with Brooke. Thomas tells Hope it does seem like he is more at peace with Taylor, even though he loves Brooke — it’s obvious who he should be with. Steffy thinks he’s decided to go back to her mom and could be reuniting with her right now.
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At Brooke’s place, she’s surprised to see Bill at her door. She asks what’s going on. Bill says, “I had to see you.” Brooke wants him to tell her why he’s so upset. He sighs, “It’s Katie.” She hopes it’s not her heart.

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After Brooke learns it’s not her sister’s health, she’s relieved. Bill complains there’s still something very wrong — she’s resisting his advances. Brooke admits she won’t talk to her about the matter. Bill really thought she’d give them another chance to be a family. Brooke wants that for him. Bill knows she does and tells her she’s the one person who knows what he’s going through, who gets him. “You might understand me better than anyone on earth, Brooke.”
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At Forrester, Steffy tells Hope her mom goes to other men like clockwork. Hope finds Steffy’s attacks on her mother like clockwork and reveals that she thinks Thomas wanting Douglas to live with him is designed to come between her and Ridge. Thomas says it’s nothing to do with Brooke or her marriage. Steffy complains that Brooke makes everything about herself. She bets Ridge is telling her mother she wants a future with her right now.

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At the cliff house, Taylor tells Ridge it’s good to hear that he loves her. He can’t understand why she seems surprised. Taylor asks why he’s telling her now — is it a hint? Ridge has a life but Taylor being there now complicates thing. She makes him calm. Taylor acknowledges he’s in a difficult situation. “You love two women.”

At Forrester, Thomas has gone to a meeting and Hope tells Steffy she doesn’t want to argue. Steffy doesn’t want to either. When they talk about their parents they run into trouble. Hope suggests they let them decide. Steffy has to speak up because she wants her dad to be happy. Brooke disappoints him time and again and if he stays with her, she’ll just break his heart again. They debate and Hope insists that what they think shouldn’t matter. Ridge and Brooke are husband and wife and their marriage should be respected. Steffy argues that her parents’ marriage should have been respected all those years ago, but Brooke had other ideas. When will Hope stop defending her mother and realize she’ll never commit to her father or any other man?
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At Brooke’s place, she’s glad Bill came to confide in her. Bill couldn’t trust anyone else with his “emotions”. He’s trying to be more open, especially with Liam and Wyatt, but it’s awkward. They’ll never know him the way she does. He doubts anyone ever will, not even Katie. Bill worries about what Katie thinks. She judges him and points out his faults. “But I don’t worry about that with you, because for the most part, you like me just as I am.” They reflect on the memories they made together. Bill muses that so many relationships go bad, get stale… he doesn’t think that would have happened with them.
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At the cliff house, Taylor asks Ridge if he’s happy with Brooke. “She’s going to hurt you again. She will.” Whether it’s with Bill or Deacon or some other random guy… and what she’s trying to do with Thomas. “It’s not okay. She’s going to betray you; she’s going to let you down.” Brooke doesn’t do it purposely, it’s just who she is and who she will always be. If that’s the life he wants, she’ll support him but it’s going to be hard to watch. On some level he must know he’ll never have any consistent calm or happiness if he stays with Brooke. Ridge, emotional, embraces Taylor and leaves. Taylor exhales.

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At Brooke’s place, Bill reflects on the great times the two of them shared in Aspen and other places. Brooke reminds him she’s married to Ridge. Bill sees no harm in looking back. Brooke agrees the memories are amazing… it was a very special time. Bill remarks on how beautiful she looks right now… it takes him back. Brooke knows Ridge wouldn’t like this and Bill says he’ll be going. Brooke assures him she’ll talk to Katie on his behalf. They hug it out as Ridge opens the door… with Taylor’s words of warning about his wife ringing in his ears.
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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Ridge walks in on Brooke in Bill’s arms, and Thomas asks Carter for legal advice.

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