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At the cliff house, Steffy admires a wet Finn as he comes in from surfing. He teases if he’d known she was watching he’d have shown off a little bit. They start making out and Taylor walks in, groaning at interrupting again. Finn goes to the bedroom and Taylor tells her daughter she loves seeing them so happy. Steffy assures her mom it will happen for her too. She pleads with her not to give up on her future with Ridge.
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At Forrester Creations, Zende shows his gown design to Ridge and Thomas and explains that Paris is filling in for the fit model since he thought Ridge wasn’t going to have time this morning. Ridge asks about the alterations to the neckline and Zende assures he did them as he suggested. Thomas asks if his dad is alright — he seems distracted. “What’s going on? Or can I guess?” He knows Brooke doesn’t like the idea of Douglas being over at Eric’s with him. Ridge doesn’t really care if she likes it or not and thanks Zende and Paris, who file out. Thomas tells his father that he should come back over to Eric’s house and stay for a little while.
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Ridge thinks the idea of waking up in the same house with Douglas to eat cereal and watch cartoons sounds great. He’ll come on weekends and holidays, but he’s married to Brooke and should live with his wife. Thomas reminds him he lived there before Brooke broke her ankle and he could come back again. He wants his dad to be part of the memories they’re making. Ridge argues it’s not practical. Thomas says lots of things aren’t practical, like playing with paint in Eric’s living room, but four generations of Forrester men in the same household is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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At Brooke’s place, she complains to Hope about Douglas not coming home yet. Hope thinks it’s good for the boy to spend time with Thomas. Brooke wonders if she’s trying to avoid a confrontation. Hope doesn’t want a custody battle, which wouldn’t be good for anyone. Brooke realizes she may be concerned about it affecting her and Ridge and tells her that she shouldn’t worry how this will impact her marriage. Hope reiterates the situation could cause a lot of conflict and she doesn’t want that. There’s enough tension as it is, and she doesn’t want to make it worse. “Especially knowing how Taylor feels about Ridge.”
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Brooke concedes she has to be on guard, and so does Hope — Taylor has an agenda. She goes over why she’s not upset about the kiss in Monaco before musing that Taylor will take advantage of every opportunity with Ridge. “Taylor is still very much in love with my husband.”

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At the cliff house, Finn reappears amid Steffy’s pep talk to Taylor. He jokes that his mother-in-law should listen to his wife and leaves for work. Taylor and Steffy go over the reason for the kiss in Monaco. Steffy feels it was more than a moment. Taylor concedes it hit different. It was like the old connection came back. Steffy reiterates that she and Ridge love each other and nothing’s going to change that — not even Brooke! Taylor confirms she loves him and he loves her but having a relationship is a completely different thing. She gushes that she’d love for it to happen — he makes her so happy. No one brings her more joy and laughter than he does. Steffy vows they’ll make it happen and walks out the door.

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At Forrester, Thomas wants Ridge to be at the mansion to tell Douglas stories from his childhood there. Ridge doesn’t think Brooke would be on board with it. Thomas is thinking about his son. He reminds his dad how it was when he stayed at Steffy’s. It was a home he deserved to be in — his mom brings this joy out of him. It’s who she is. “I want you to think about that.” When he leaves there is he going to a place that’s full of joy and fun or to a place of anxiety and drama?
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At Brooke’s place, Hope apologizes for bringing up Taylor. Brooke can’t let it get to her and assures that she and Ridge can handle anything. Hope thinks she’s right to be cautious — Taylor loves Ridge and she’s trying to get him to choose sides. She and Steffy are always trying to make it about Logans vs Forresters, but really, they’re just out to get Ridge.

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At the cliff house, Taylor pauses to look at a photo of Ridge and hears Steffy’s voice in her mind telling her the life she wants is still possible. She flashes to kissing Ridge in Monte Carlo and sighs deeply.

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Alone at Forrester, Ridge stops sketching to remember romantic times with Brooke. He puts pencil to paper but stops, this time to think about good times with Taylor since she returned. Steffy appears and tells him it would make her really happy if her father woke up and realized his true love is her mom. Ridge thinks she’s been talking to her brother. Steffy doesn’t want Ridge to miss this opportunity; they’re family is coming together, and Brooke is standing in the way. Ridge retorts, “Brooke is my wife.” Steffy goes over how she’s let him down and is careless with his heart. Ridge asks her not to go after the woman she loves; he doesn’t like hearing it. Steffy says fine, but points out he loves her mom and she loves him. He lost her once, just like she thought she lost Finn. Brooke moved in when he was vulnerable. Steffy now knows that life is short and so precious. Really, the only thing that matters is love. She wants her father to grab it and be with someone who loves him with integrity and unconditionally — that isn’t Brooke, it’s Taylor.

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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Steffy urges Ridge to share his feelings with Taylor, and Hope attempts to process Liam’s concerns about Thomas.

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