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At Forrester Creations, Thomas is admiring the gown that Zende designed, which is being modeled by Paris. Taylor comes in and enthuses over the dress. Zende’s all smiles. Taylor asks if she’s interrupting, and Thomas assures her it’s a great time — Brooke’s not there. Paris tells Taylor that Ridge isn’t there, but she explains she’s there to see her son and hugs Thomas. She asks about Douglas and Thomas explains that Steffy took him and Kelly to a pottery class. Taylor’s glad he’s spending so much time with his family.
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At Brooke’s place, she and Katie gush over Donna being back together with Eric and moving into the house. Donna says it’s so much sweeter this time. She’s glad for Brooke too, since Ridge is home where he should be. Brooke muses that he’s been spending a lot of time with his ex-wife and kids at Eric’s. Donna concedes he has been coming around a lot lately. She would have insisted Brooke be invited to the last dinner had she been there. Brooke feels like Taylor is using Finn being back to drive a wedge between her and Ridge.
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At the cliff house, Li visits with Finn and the baby. She figures life must be better without all the extra security around now that they no longer have to worry about Sheila. Li gets Hayes to sleep and rejoins Finn to gush about the blessing of spending time with him. It breaks her heart to know that he almost lost his father because of Sheila. They sit to talk and Li marvels over Finn having this big family now. Finn muses that he never really thought too much about his birth mother growing up. Li adds, “Until Sheila came into our lives.”
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At Deacon’s apartment, he catches Sheila mooning over a photo of Finn and warns, “You know how you get.” He remarks on her still having only nine toes. Sheila grins. She informs Deacon that she’ll never stop dreaming of the day she gets to hold her son again. Deacon reminds her that everyone thinks she’s dead — including Finn!
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When Deacon has to leave, Sheila complains about being left there alone with her own thoughts. Deacon knows she can’t imagine a life without Finn and Hayes but that’s how it has to be. It’s killing her. “I need this connection with my family.” Deacon urges her to channel it into something else. Sheila wants to hold her grandson. Deacon reminds her she convinced everyone she was eaten by a bear and warns her no more risky stunts. “Stay here.” He exits and Sheila grimaces. Walking to the mirror, Sheila glances at her disguise sitting on the table, then back to herself in the glass as she seems to formulate a plan.
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At Forrester Creations, Taylor teases about wanting to purchase Zende’s design but Paris jokes she’ll have to fight her for it. Zende thinks he may be able to hook both of them up. Zende and Paris leave and Taylor remarks on Thomas getting along with his cousin at work — he seems so happy. Thomas goes over work being great and his bonding with Douglas. Taylor tells him not to worry about Brooke — she doesn’t get to dictate what happens with her grandson.

At Brooke’s place, she declares that this Forrester vs Logan stuff is exhausting. Katie thinks they’re taking things to the extreme. Brooke complains about Taylor’s fantasy of getting Ridge back and fumes that poor Douglas is caught in the middle. Katie’s dismayed to hear that the boy is still with Thomas when he was only supposed to be there one night. “This is just not okay.”
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Brooke doesn’t like Thomas having so much influence over Douglas. Katie guesses Ridge has total confidence in his son. Brooke says he does, which is why she has to be careful this doesn’t become a problem for them.

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After Brooke exits, Katie and Donna hope going to the office will help take their sister’s mind off of her stress. Katie thinks Brooke and Ridge will get through this, they’re just not on the same page about a few things. They go over her concerns about Douglas and feeling her marriage is under attack by Taylor. Katie feels her sister might be right about that.

Brooke enters the office at Forrester to find Taylor sitting at the desk fondling a photo of Ridge. Brooke deadpans, “Just when I thought it was going to be a good day.”

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At the cliff house, Finn gives his mother credit for surviving the wrath of Sheila. Li flashes back through her ordeal. Finn marvels that she lived through it all. Li couldn’t leave him with Sheila. “You needed me still.” Finn sums up that they cheated death and prevailed over Sheila Carter “We don’t have to be afraid of her anymore.” They embrace as a dismayed Sheila, in disguise, watches from outside the patio door.
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Sheila steps away, reeling, as inside, Finn tells Li he couldn’t have asked for a more dedicated mother. Everything he holds dear to his heart is possible again because of her. Li assures him there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for her. She loves to see him with his family and recaps that Sheila tried to snatch that all away and paid the ultimate price. “I hope she’s rotting in hell.” Finn reiterates that they’ll never have to deal with her again. Finn offers to walk Li to her car so they head out the front door.

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At the patio door, Sheila looks in. as Finn comes back in and ends up holding a fussy Hayes. His phone rings and he sets the baby in the playpen after telling the caller he needs to go get his laptop. Sheila looks in and thinks, “Oh my darling Hayes.” She hates being kept away from him and his daddy. Sheila opens the door and tiptoes in as Finn talks on the phone in the other room. She crouches down beside the playpen and strokes the boy’s hair as she asks, “Do you want to come to grandma?”
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At Forrester, Taylor informs Brooke that Ridge isn’t in the office and teases that she doesn’t seem happy to see her. Brooke complains about Douglas not coming home from the latest Forrester family soiree. His home is with Hope, Liam and Beth and him being away for days is unacceptable. Taylor says Hope still gets to see him and Thomas has a lot of time to make up for with Douglas. Brooke doesn’t want things to escalate but Taylor informs her it’s a little late — she’s still cleaning paint out of her ears. Brooke has been trying to reach Taylor as a mother and a psychiatrist, but she doesn’t feel she’s getting through to her. “Let me be a little more direct. This campaign to take Douglas away from his mother and from his home, to take Ridge away from his wife and our home, stops today To.Day. Do you understand?” Taylor shakes her head.
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