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At the cabin, Liam tells Brooke the pacing will only make her anxiety worse. She’s uncomfortable when Thomas is too much in the picture and doubts he can handle his feelings when it comes to Hope. Then there’s Steffy and Taylor coming for her and Ridge — it feels like they’re under attack. Liam grunts at his phone, having not heard from Hope yet, and wonders what’s going on at the Forresters. Brooke complains about another Forrester family soiree they’re not invited to.
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At the Forrester mansion, Zende admires Eric’s new portrait, and his grandfather assures him that everything will work out with Paris. “You’ll see.” At the stairs, Steffy’s glad Hope came so she could see first-hand how much Douglas loves hanging out with his father.

At the cabin, Brooke has texted Donna to see if she could report back from Eric’s, but she’s not there — she’s going to dinner and a play with Katie. Liam wonders if they’re overreacting. Brooke gawps, “To Thomas demanding custody of Douglas and keeping him over at Eric’s this long? No, we’re definitely not overreacting.” Liam just doesn’t know what Thomas’ intentions are where Hope is concerned. Brooke feels it all goes back to Taylor — they’re all determined to reunite the Forrester family no matter who stands in the way. Brooke thinks Taylor came back for one reason only — to get Ridge, but he was inconveniently married to her. They go over the kiss in Monaco and Liam thinks it may have been more euphoria than manipulation. Brooke feels that’s true for Ridge but her issue is with Taylor… and Steffy.
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At the Forrester mansion, Taylor and Ridge discuss Thomas wanting to be the best man possible. Taylor thinks Douglas is a great little motivator. Ridge remarks, “So is Hope.” Across the room, Hope lets Finn know what a blow it would have been if they had lost him. Steffy and Finn plan to count their blessings. Thomas reminds Hope that as Douglas’ mother she’s a part of the family.
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Eric asks Ridge how Brooke feels about him being there without her. Ridge explains she didn’t come because she wasn’t on the original invite list. Finn points out he’s there with a family he made with someone else and Eric muses that no matter how old their kids get they always want their parents together. On the sofa, Thomas reiterates that Hope is part of the family and Zende jokes, “Stuck with us.” Hope uses the opportunity to says she wants things to stay the same. Across the room, Steffy whispers to Taylor that she and Ridge are meant to be. Taylor assures her that her eyes are open. Steffy hopes his eyes are open too. Taylor calls for everyone’s attention so Ridge moves to sit by her side. She makes a speech about how happy she is to see their smiling faces and hear the grandchildren upstairs playing. “My heart is full.” She remarks on what a rough time their family has gone through and notes they’ve also experienced a lot of miracles too. Steffy and Finn’s family is whole again and Thomas and Douglas’ bond is getting stronger every day. “This family is everything to me and I love you all so much. Including this handsome brooding guy right here.” She chucks Ridge’s shoulder. Hope sips her wine and watches them.
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Later, Finn goes to settle Hayes in the car and says goodnight to everyone. Steffy says thanks as Kelly and Douglas appear, excited about a project they’re working on. Douglas asks Thomas if Kelly can come over tomorrow so they can finish. Thomas tells the boy they’ll talk about it later. Steffy asks Taylor if she’s ready and Ridge offers her a ride. Taylor says she should go with the kids but thanks him.

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At the cabin, Brooke tells Liam that the Forresters don’t have Douglas’ best interests at heart — this is about winning against the Logans for them, and the boy is caught in the middle because he’s Thomas’ son. She’s sure they care about him, but they have an agenda, which includes taking Douglas away from his family and his home. Liam grimaces. It’s a complicated situation. He thinks Thomas can have a relationship with Douglas without yanking him away from everything he knows. The longer he gets his way the more entitled he’s going to feel. He doesn’t understand why Hope isn’t putting her foot down and bring the boy home now.

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At the Forrester mansion, Thomas thanks Hope for coming. She’s about to say something when Douglas appears and thanks her for letting him stay so long. Hope reminds him she, Liam and Beth miss him like crazy.
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At the cliff house, Steffy pours wine as Finn emerges, shirtless, from putting the kids down for the night. They canoodle and kiss and Taylor walks in again. She groans, “Oh man, I am so annoying.” Taylor wants a snack and Steffy explains to Finn that she does this when she’s thinking about something. She assures her mother it’s only a matter of time before she and Ridge get back together.

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At Brooke’s place, Ridge tells her it never gets old seeing Steffy and Finn together. Brooke can understand why Steffy didn’t want her there with Taylor. She’s not hurt, she just missed him. “I’d like to show you just how much.” They kiss.

Hope arrives at the cabin and Liam asks, “Where is Douglas?” Hope says, “Still at Eric’s.” Liam protests — she said she was going to bring him home. He asks what happened. Hope cries, “Douglas. He’s just so happy there right now.” She breaks down, “I love him, and I miss him but he just seems so happy at Eric’s with Thomas and their whole family.” It didn’t feel right to pull him out of that. Liam soothes her — he understands the dilemma. What he cares about is that she doesn’t lose sight of how manipulative Thomas can be. He knows she has this conflict and will use it to his advantage, “But only if you let him.”
Liam Hope tears B&B

At the Forrester mansion, Thomas looks at a photo of him, Hope, and Douglas on his phone and flashes to kissing her. He grimaces. “Stop, Thomas. Hope’s married. You can’t go back there.”

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