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At the cliff house, Sheila watches from outside the patio doors as Steffy and Finn hug and kiss and vow never to take this for granted. “This is our future, Sheila can never steal it from us,” Steffy declares.
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Outside, Sheila gushes that she loves Finn so much and whispers, “I’m still here.”

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At Brooke’s place, she learns Taylor was with Ridge at the Forrester mansion where Douglas while Douglas was over there having fun. Talk turns to the custody situation and Ridge implores that his son is a good guy with a huge heart. He wishes Brooke could embrace that the way her daughter has embraced it. Ridge knows her daughter would prefer Douglas lived with her. Brooke says it’s his home. Ridge tells her that Hope did a great job with the boy but Thomas has changed. He needs her to accept that Thomas has changed the way Hope has accepted it. “We’re talking about my son!”

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At the cabin, Thomas reminds Hope he texted her about taking Douglas shopping for school supplies. He wanted to see her and asks if she’s alone. She is. Thomas thought they could talk. “About us.” Specifically, their role as parents to Douglas. Hope laughs, “Oh, right.” Thomas queries, “What did you think I meant?”

At the cliff house, Finn sits on the couch with earbuds in. Sheila reaches for the patio door to slide it open, but someone grabs her and stops her. It’s Deacon, who pulls her aside and grits furiously, “What the hell are you doing here?!?” When he found she wasn’t at the apartment it didn’t take a brain surgeon to find out where she went. He fumes about her fantasy of seeing Finn and reminds her she can’t — he thinks she’s dead! Sheila goes as Steffy calls out, “Deacon?” She opens the patio door and reminds him it’s customary to come to the front door. “What are you doing here?” Deacon gawps, “Um…”
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At Brooke’s place, Ridge tells her that Thomas and Hope will work this out on their own and do what’s best for Douglas. Brooke is sorry; she wishes she could trust Thomas as he does. Ridge explains “they” are doing everything they can to set Thomas up for success. Brooke purses her lips, “You mean you and Taylor.” Ridge means the family. He and Taylor are doing their job as parents. If he’d done this earlier, maybe Thomas wouldn’t have made the mistakes to begin with. He wants to see Thomas do right by his little boy and wants to see that happen. Brooke understands Ridge wanting his son to succeed but moving the boy in with him could be detrimental. “I don’t think it would be as bad as it was last time…” Ridge grimaces, “What do you mean? Why do you start like that?” Ridge offers to move into the Forrester estate until Brooke sees what he sees. Brooke sniffs, “Oh, so you’d move over there away from me? Leave our home?”

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In the cabin, Thomas knows Hope is worried about Douglas and where he’s going to live — if he’s living over with him. Hope explains it would be a big change and details what he’s already been through. He needs stability and consistency. Thomas acknowledges that she gave him that and he would like to continue to do so. He doesn’t want to upset Douglas or her. Thomas would like to be Douglas’ dad. He wants to wake up and make him breakfast in the morning and see him off to school. Thomas will set boundaries for him and make sure he’s safe. Hope knows he can be that kind of father. Thomas muses that they’ve been through a lot and means a whole lot that he believes in him. He doesn’t want to jeopardize that. Hope feels if they slow down and think about what’s best for Douglas, Thomas will realize that he should be there with her, Liam and Beth.
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At Steffy’s patio door, Deacon explains that he saw Finn at Il Giardino earlier and just wanted to come by to say he’s glad they’re okay. Steffy and Deacon agree that it’s hard to shake what went down in the alley from their minds. Steffy says it’s a miracle she and Finn have a future and Deacon was a part of that. She’s glad they no longer have to worry about Sheila. Steffy invites him in, but Deacon declines. He did what he came there to do and says, “Take care of yourselves,” as he walks off.
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At the cabin, Thomas tells Hope she means so much to him and he doesn’t want there to be conflict. He’s confident they can make this work for Douglas… and for them.
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At Brooke’s, she’s adamant about Ridge not moving into the Forrester mansion. She wants him there with her. “We need this time together to reconnect.” She doesn’t want more distance between them. Ridge shrugs, “It was just an idea.” Brooke says it was a bad one. They have to face these things together. “I love you and we really need to take our relationship seriously.” They kiss.
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At the cliff house, Steffy and Finn think it’s a little weird that Deacon was out on the deck, though they’ve nothing against the guy. Steffy says it brought up some bad stuff. The only thing Finn wants her to remember about that night is that he’ll literally lay his life on the line for her. “There’s nothing to be afraid of now that Sheila’s gone.

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Deacon enters his apartment, where Sheila appears, wiping her face. He fumes that she really is crazy and asks if she wants to go back to prison. Sheila just wanted to see her son. Deacon repeats that’s not going to happen — that’s the price she has to pay. She cannot have a relationship with Finn unless it’s from behind bars. He leaves for beer and Sheila muses, “Not gonna happen? That’s what you think…” She imagines Finn coming through the door of the cliff house as she emerges from the bedroom. He says, “Mom? They told me you were dead.” Sheila knows it must be a shock but she’s alive. Finn declares it’s a miracle she’s there and didn’t leave him. Finn rushes to Sheila and pulls her into his arms as she assures him momma will always be there and loves him so much. Snapping out of her reverie in Deacon’s apartment, Sheila grins, “So, Finn. Soon.”

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