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At the cliff house, Steffy kisses Finn, who says Amelia has the kids and they’re having a blast. They go over him meeting his mom for lunch. Steffy’s expression changes when he says he’s never appreciated her more. Steffy’s relieved that when he speaks of his mom he means Li — Sheila is dead and will never bother them again.

At Deacon’s place, he and Sheila go over the risk she took by showing up at Il Giardino. It’s a risk she would take again because she got to see her baby boy’s face — what doesn’t he understand about that?

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At Brooke’s place, Hope tells her mother and Liam how happy Douglas was at the Forrester mansion. Liam thinks that’s great but questions if she thinks that means she believes he should move out of their home.

At the Forrester mansion, Eric suggests they get a dog for Douglas as he, Ridge,Taylor and Thomas sit around talking excitedly about the boy spending time there. Thomas reminds them things are in flux right now. Taylor’s glad Hope stopped by and wonders if she can see now that Douglas belongs there. Thomas feels he’s making progress. Taylor brings up Brooke and Ridge grunts. Taylor points out she’s saying that Douglas belongs only with Hope and not with them. It makes her sad that she’s turning this whole thing into Forresters versus Logans.
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Ridge doesn’t think anyone wants a tug of war. Taylor feels Thomas and Hope should make their own decisions without being pressured. Thomas can see why Hope has concerns; she’s made a wonderful family for Douglas. They have a great family as well but there’s a lot to consider. Eric reiterates that they’re welcome there. Taylor asks if her son has changed his mind. He hasn’t, but wants to be sensitive to Hope’s feelings.

At Brooke’s place, Liam and Brooke say they will always be wary of Thomas. Brooke warns Hope she should be too. “You can never let your guard down.
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At the cliff house, Steffy urges Finn to talk to her if he has conflicting feelings about Sheila’s death. She’ll do her best to understand. Finn goes over how it was his love for Steffy that kept him alive. Sheila may have loved him in her own warped way, but it was a selfish love, and an obsessive one. Steffy states that it was a destructive one. He should never forget that the reason they almost lost him was Sheila. Finn wishes he could just forget about what his birth mother did to them. “Sheila’s dead and she’s not going to hurt you or anyone I love ever again.” They embrace.
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At Deacon’s apartment, Sheila marvels at getting to see Finn’s face: “It was like…” Deacon interjects, “It was like what? You never put a bullet into him.” Sheila goes on and on about the encounter. “I can feel it in my heart, Deacon — he loves me!” Deacon grimaces. He suggests that this might be wishful thinking on her part, especially considering she almost killed him. “If you think he could love you after that, it’s delusional — big time!” Sheila looks agitated.
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Sheila expects Deacon to be emotionally supportive. She blames Steffy for pushing her to the edge and costing her the relationship she was building with Finn and Hayes… even Taylor. Deacon has to get back to work, and the land of reality. He pleads with her to stay there and not do anything crazy. Before walking out the door, Deacon sighs and tells her he’s sorry, but she has to let the relationship with Finn go because he believes she’s dead. “You’re dead. Don’t forget that.” Once alone, Sheila whispers, “I refuse to believe that I’m never going to have a relationship with my son.
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At the Forrester mansion, Eric says he has to go — he’s meeting Donna at the club. Ridge asks, “Pickleball?” Eric confirms, “Yes.” After he exits, Ridge grunts, “That’s what the kids are calling it these days.” Taylor giggles. Ridge tells Thomas his grandfather is very happy that he and Douglas are staying at the house. Taylor agrees. She just prays Hope uses her discernment in all of this. Thomas thinks Hope believes he’s changed. Taylor says, “Good… because Brooke does not share the same opinion.”

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At Brooke’s place, Brooke and Liam remind Hope that Thomas did a lot of horrible stuff in the past. Hope hasn’t forgotten. Liam says one visit shouldn’t change her mind. “You don’t think Douglas should go and live with Thomas… right?”

Taylor and Ridge are alone in the Forrester living room. She can see he’s not doing well. Taylor tells him Thomas appreciates his support and needs it. “He knows you’ll stand by him… even if it’s the last thing Brooke wants.”

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At Brooke’s place, she complains that Thomas would be risking all the progress she and Liam have made with Douglas. Hope points out that Thomas feels he’s ready to take that on now. It may be what Douglas wants. He deserves to have a healthy, committed, and loving father.

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At the cabin, Thomas finds Hope distracted as she thinks about him reminding her that, unlike Liam, he’s a one-woman man. He asks if it’s a bad time.

At home, Brooke flashes to being in bed with Ridge amid rose petals and smiles.

At the Forrester mansion, Taylor and Ridge talk about how happy they are for Thomas and Steffy right now. Taylor tells him it meant a lot to her and the kids when he vowed to be there for their family. Ridge meant what he said. Taylor moves close and takes his hand. She knows he’s at Brooke’s, but when he calls her Doc, it feels like he’s there with her. They get intimately close and she presses a kiss onto his cheek. They smile.
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At the cliff house, Finn can’t fathom how a woman who gave him life could comes so close to taking their lives. He’ll never know what to do with that, but a part of him can’t forget that if it weren’t for Sheila, he never would have been born… and wouldn’t have been there with her. They embrace as Sheila, in disguise watches from outside the patio doors. “Someday I’m going to be holding you again too… because I love you, Finn. Mama is always going to love you.”
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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Brooke and Taylor demand Ridge choose a side and Deacon intercepts Sheila’s brazen move toward Finn and Steffy.

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