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At the Forrester mansion, Brooke fumes to Taylor, “Are you proud of yourself!” Taylor scoffs at Brooke’s take that the paint fight was her fault and the blonde complains, “You laughed at me!” Taylor mocks her so Brooke starts up again, they’re back into spraying the paint full-on when Ridge enters. He shakes his head and asks, “Really?”
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At Forrester, Hope rants that it’s always Forrester versus Logans for Steffy, who tells her to talk to her mom — she’s the one who started the feud. Hope doesn’t want Douglas to become a victim of the animosity between the families. Hope argues there’s no good reason to uproot the boy, but Steffy counters that Thomas is Douglas’ blood and deserves a more prominent role in his life. Hope declares that she’s never prevented them from spending time together but she’s his mother! Just then, Thomas enters and asks, “What did I just walk in on?”
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At the cabin, Bill tells Liam that Thomas raising Douglas on his own should not be a thought in anyone’s head… ever. Liam nods in agreement. Bill protests that Thomas has proven himself to be unstable time and again and moving Douglas in with him would be sending the boy to “crazytown” at worst and unpredictability at best. Liam replies, “No argument here,” as he points out that just because Thomas hasn’t had an incident in months that doesn’t mean he should suddenly be Douglas’ primary caregiver.
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Liam thinks Douglas would be devastated by Thomas taking him away from Hope and Bill fumes, “It’s outrageous.” Liam goes on that this would rip Hope’s heart out and says the kids belongs in the home he knows. Bill admits a small part of him understands Thomas wanting to be with Douglas since he missed out with him and Wyatt. Liam declares that it’s different and questions if Thomas is using the situation to try and gets Hope’s attention as he has in the past. If so, he won’t like how she reacts. Bill thinks they could be headed for a full-blown custody battle and asks if Liam is ready for that.

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At Forrester, Steffy and Hope repeat their sides of the Douglas argument for Thomas, who then tells his sister he wants to speak to Hope alone. Steffy informs Hope this doesn’t have to be a bad thing — the only real change will be Douglas’ address. With that, she leaves. Hope decides to be honest with Thomas and informs him that, now, she really is concerned about his intentions regarding their son.
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At the Forrester manse, Ridge asks, “What the hell is this?” Taylor explains she accidentally got paint on Brooke, who thinks she did it on purpose. They raise their voices until Ridge hollers, “Ladies!” They continue to explain as Brooke says Taylor’s a clutz and laughed at her. Taylor guffaws, “I laughed at her,” and Ridge exclaims, “What if Douglas walked in right now?” Taylor admits that the fight wasn’t about the boy, it was about him. “It always is.”

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At the cabin, Liam feels nobody wants a custody battle. Bill’s been there and it’s hell for everyone involved. Liam doesn’t know what the chances are of resolving this outside of court. The truth is that nobody has even said the word “court” but they’re all thinking it. Bill suggests Thomas has a soft spot for Hope and she could use that to his advantage. Liam thinks if it ever came down to it, using Thomas’ past against him would make a very strong case for Hope. Bill exclaims, “Atta boy, now you’re thinking like your old man!” Liam grins.
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At Forrester, Hope warns Thomas that it’s starting to feel like he’s putting his wants ahead of Douglas’ needs. Thomas respects that but feels it’s actually the opposite — Douglas needs to be with his father. Hope is angry that he keeps tossing that word at her — she’s his mother. She reminds Thomas that was his decision and that he can see Douglas whenever he wants. Thomas realizes she doesn’t want him living with Douglas and asks her to please give him a chance. “Come on over and see how happy Douglas is at granddad’s house.”

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At the Forrester mansion, Taylor reveals to Ridge that Brooke accused her of using the situation with Thomas and Douglas to pit Brooke and Ridge against each other. Brooke argues that Thomas was fine with the custody arrangement until Taylor came back to town — she knew it would land the two of them in different camps and that’s what she wants. “Admit it!” Taylor denies it. She knows it’s hard for Brooke’s little brain to comprehend this, but the Thomas and Douglas situation has nothing to do with her! Ridge declares, “This is crazy! Look at you guys!” Taylor and Brooke look down at their paint-covered selves.
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At Forrester, Hope tells Thomas she knows how much he loves Douglas and wants to spend as much time with him as possible but he doesn’t have to leave her home for them to do that. Thomas doesn’t like seeing her afraid or hurt — it’s the last thing he wants. Hope is scared for Douglas who loves being a big brother to Beth — it’s not right to take him out of that life he’s known for so long. Thomas argues it will be fine. Douglas is having so much fun at Eric’s house, getting to hang out with his family and learning about his birthright. It’s not about taking him away from her. Thomas tells Hope how grateful he is to her for loving the boy and giving him security when he longed for it and he couldn’t give it to him. Hope wipes away tears as Thomas says he only wants what’s best for Douglas. “I need to be with my son, Hope, and he needs to be with me. I think deep down you know that.” He asks her to do him a favor and see Douglas at his granddad’s so she can see it’s a great place for him.
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At Forrester, Brooke and Taylor continue to snipe at one another and Ridge declares no more fights. They have to be a blended family and do what’s best for Douglas. Taylor believes he’ll end up exactly where he belongs. Brooke replies, “Yeah, at home with Hope.” Ridge throws his hands up at the inability to make any progress and tells them to head to the showers. Taylor heads toward the stairs, but Brooke wants to shower with Ridge, who she pulls into a paint-covered embrace. Taylor, watching, smirks. Ridge catches her eye. Brooke tells Ridge that no one and nothing will ever come between them and kisses him.

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