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At the cabin, Brooke and Hope discuss Liam working closely with Bill and Wyatt. Hope finds her husband spending time with his dad a good reminder not to neglect her own. Brooke reminds her she was just on the phone with Deacon, and he was busy.

At Deacon’s place, Sheila wants to spruce the place up with a new color palette and some floral throw pillows. Deacon doesn’t know which is worse — floral pillows or a fugitive staring him in the face all day. Sheila purrs, “And all night.” She’ll fulfill whatever needs he has and will give him a lot of money too.

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At the Forrester mansion, Ridge thanks Donna and Eric for having them and Finn thanks Eric for including his mother, who is on her way. Taylor and Ridge watch Steffy and Finn kiss and she whispers, “The miracle of Monaco lives on,” before flashing back to their liplock overseas. She and Ridge smile at each other.
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Donna fawns over her dashing Eric as Li arrives. Finn greets her and she thanks Eric for inviting her. She’s apologetic about how she handled things, but Finn reminds her she saved his life. Eric tells Li that both she and Finn are members of the Forrester family now. Across the room, Taylor tells Ridge she’s glad they’re doing this — it’s good to have everybody together.

At the cabin, Brooke feels strange not being at the Forrester dinner; she’s Ridge’s wife after all, but she understands they’re trying to process everything that happened at the hands of Sheila.

At Deacon’s place, Sheila turns her attention to seducing him. She slings her arms around the back of his neck, kisses him, and suggests they just enjoy their new living arrangement. Talk turns to Thomas wanting custody and Hope admits she’s surprised Taylor is pushing for it. Brooke believes she’s using it to undermine her marriage and guesses that’s what the dinner is all about.
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After breaking away, Deacon tells Sheila he has to go to work. She wants to come down later to keep him company, but he warns her not to step a foot outside. If anyone finds out the truth, especially Hope and Brooke, that she’s alive and kicking and staying there… Sheila interrupts, “Chill!” She kisses him again.

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At the Forrester mansion, Taylor and Ridge are bantering playfully when Donna interrupts. She announces it’s time to have a new portrait hung over the fireplace. As the new lady of the house, she would like to make some much-needed changes and put a stamp on the home that she hopes will be permanent. The first person that Eric will see when he walks through the door… Donna unveils the portrait — it’s Eric. Everyone murmurs their approval as Donna says it’s about time. Eric tells her it’s wonderful. “Thank you.” Thomas thinks Donna is right that his grandfather deserves this and makes a speech about what an honor it is to be in his home with his son. Eric and Ridge have taught him everything he knows about how to be a father and a man. He went through dark times but has come out the other side and they were always there for him. Ridge pulls him into an embrace. “I’m so proud of you.” Taylor and Steffy beam.
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In the cabin, Hope thinks Steffy and Taylor have to realize this Douglas situation will put Brooke and Ridge at odds. It could be damaging for Douglas. Brooke thinks Taylor would know better, being a psychiatrist. She won’t allow it to happen. Hope appreciates her enthusiasm, but doesn’t want to cause her problems. Brooke assures her that she and Ridge won’t let it come between them. Hope appreciates her support. She then announces that she’s going to pay Deacon a visit.

At Deacon’s place, Sheila mounts him on the sofa, kissing him passionately. Deacon pulls away. He has to go to work, and if she and her nine toes want to go someplace else, he won’t take it personally. Sheila sighs. Deacon asks, “What’s wrong?” and reminds her she won’t be alone that long. Sheila can’t help but wonder about Finn. Deacon hopes she knows she’ll never see him again. She just can’t help but wonder what he thinks about her supposed death.

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At the Forrester mansion, Kelly tells her mom she’s happy that Finn is back. This prompts Finn to make a speech about the long road they’ve traveled. He recaps how thoughts of Steffy and his family kept him going. “That’s what saved me.” They all agree they’re very lucky. The kids run around the living room as the adults laugh and talk about the joy of watching them. Eric declares they should do this more often. Ridge thanks Taylor for giving him such a wonderful family and puts his arm around her. Donna eyeballs Taylor as she gushes about feeling the love in the room. Ridge vows to be the best man he can possibly be for his kids from now on. He and Steffy hug, as do Thomas and Taylor. Stepping aside, Donna calls Brooke to say the dinner is going well, but there’s one problem — she’s not there. Taylor is there with Ridge instead. Nearby, Ridge grabs Taylor around the waist and thanks her for dressing up today finally. They laugh and embrace. On the phone, Brooke tells Donna that Taylor is using the sweet family bonding time to manipulate Ridge’s feelings.
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At Deacon’s place, he has to leave and warns Sheila to lay low and stay quiet. He’ll bring her something to eat. Once alone, Sheila gathers up her purse and some money. Her back is turned when Hope walks in the door and calls, “Dad, are you here?” Startled, Hope says to Sheila’s back, “I’m looking for my father. Who are you?”
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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Hope is startled by what she finds at Deacon’s , and Deacon and Ridge argue.

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