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At Deacon’s place, Sheila urges him to “rise and shine” and enthuses about them taking care of each other as “roomies.” Deacon groans, “Roomies? Oh God, it wasn’t a dream.” Sheila chuckles. She goes over them having a lot to celebrate last night and muses, “You were all about it.” As she offers breakfast, Deacon pours the remainder of his whiskey into a coffee mug and informs her that this roomie thing isn’t going to work out.

At the cliff house, Steffy can’t get enough of kissing Finn and making passionate love to him. They canoodle and kiss in the living room and he lifts her up off the ground. Taylor walks in and offers to go, but Finn assures her she can stay — they have the rest of their lives together. Taylor wonders if Steffy has heard from Thomas and talks about how great it is for him to be spending time with Douglas at Eric’s.

At the Forrester mansion, Ridge and Eric ask Douglas if he’s having a good time. The kid is thrilled to have spent the night with his dad — he loves it there. Thomas sends him off to the screening room and Eric asks how long he and Douglas will be staying. Thomas wants to stay for a little while if it’s okay. He questions how Donna would feel about him and Douglas living there. Eric assures him it will be fine but can’t imagine Hope will be thrilled. Thomas is trying to be sensitive and doesn’t want to hurt Hope.
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At the cabin, Brooke learns that Hope hasn’t heard from Thomas yet. She may have to call Ridge. “Douglas needs to come home!” Hope doesn’t want her to call Ridge but Brooke informs her daughter that they are under attack by Steffy and Taylor.
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At the cliff house, Taylor, Finn and Steffy go over his ordeal with Sheila and he describes how he used her emotions against her. Taylor finds that so smart. Finn gushes about Steffy and they kiss. Taylor recaps that it’s a very happy time for their family, which is coming together. Now, all they need to do is get Douglas home.
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At the cabin, Hope doesn’t need an escalating war, but concedes that Brooke is correct in saying this is Douglas’ home — she’ll call and check in. Hope dials Thomas’ number.

At the Forrester mansion, Thomas takes Hope’s call and tells her Douglas is in the screening room watching the Dodgers’ game and they had a great night. She offers to pick the boy up while out running errands but Thomas explains Eric wants to have an early family dinner and invited Douglas to stay. Hope thought he would be home by now. Thomas tells her his son is having a great time and wants to stay. He’ll call later.

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At the cabin, Hope gawps as Thomas disconnects their call. Brooke asks, “What happened?!” She learns about the dinner and can’t believe that Thomas wouldn’t let her daughter pick up Douglas.
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At Deacon’s place, Sheila points out she’s cooking and cleaning for him. He appreciates it, but reminds her he can’t associate with known felons — is she going to risk both their freedoms? Deacon thinks she should be high tailing it out of there and going as far as she can get from Los Angeles. Sheila appreciates his concern but she’s good. Deacon reminds her of the close call with his parole officer yesterday. Sheila took care of it like she always does. She didn’t go through the pain of cutting off her own toe to land back in jail over a stupid mistake. Deacon will pretend he never saw her and feels it’s best if she leaves. Sheila intones, “I’m not going anywhere.”
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At the Forrester estate, Thomas, Ridge and Eric enthuse about the family being together. Eric explains that Donna is out shopping with Pam and will be back for dinner. The door opens and Taylor calls out, “The party’s here!” as she enters with Finn, Steffy, Kelly and Hayes. Douglas tells his grandmother about the fun night he had with his dad and then runs off with Kelly. Eric finds this all perfect. He can’t believe they’re seeing Finn again — his last name might be Finnegan, but he’s thisclose to being a Forrester right now.

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At Deacon’s, he and Sheila go over her shooting Finn and Steffy. She insists she’s not crazy or a lunatic. He reminds her she cut off her own toe and then reiterates it’s dangerous for them both for her to be there. If she wants her freedom, she needs to disappear for good this time. Deacon has never met anyone like her before He concedes they have great chemistry in bed… and if things were different… “But they’re not.” Hope calls and Deacon asks Sheila to be quiet. Hope wants to hang out and Deacon says he’s dealing with something unexpected and they’ll get together soon. After disconnecting, Deacon is more determined than ever to get rid of Sheila, but she shushes him and reminds him she has money… not to mention something else he can’t seem to get enough of. Sheila warns him if he blows the whistle on her, he’ll go down as well. “If I go to prison, you go to prison.”

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At the Forrester mansion, Taylor sits with Ridge and remarks on the smile on his face. He’s happy — his family makes him feel good. “You know what else makes me feel good? You.” Nearby, Eric tells Finn how happy he is that Steffy found a man who loves her so much and welcomes him home. Thomas tells the group that Douglas is showing Kelly how to do a puzzle. Ridge feels a toast coming on and relays how happy he is to be around all of them. It’s been a rough ride this year. Recapping the miracle, Ridge says he’ll never forget that day. He tells Finn he’s a part of them, whether he likes it or not. “Cheers!” They all hold up their glasses. Steffy goes next and makes a speech to Finn about him being amazing. She’ll never take him for granted. They kiss and express their love and everyone does cheers again.
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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Brooke shares her suspicions about Taylor with Hope, and Deacon reluctantly gives in to Sheila.

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