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In Deacon’s room, Sheila tells him he’d be a fool to pass up her offer of money. “I can help you do better.” Deacon asks, “How much?” Sheila’s face twists into an evil smile. “You’re not kicking me out so fast now, are you?” Deacon shakes his head and backtracks. He’s got a good thing going with his daughter and hanging out with her is going to ruin it. “You need to leave right now.”

At Steffy’s place, Brooke informs Taylor that she’s confident she and Ridge are going to recommit soon. Taylor thinks she must be confident to attack his son. Brooke reiterates there is no way she’s going to let Thomas take Douglas away from Hope. Taylor asks what she thinks she’s doing — she has no say in what happens with Douglas. Brooke argues the decision was made back when Thomas realized that Douglas needed a reliable parent. Taylor reminds her it was only supposed to be temporary. Brooke harps that Douglas cannot be yanked out of his home. Taylor begins to give her opinion as a psychiatrist, but Brooke explodes, “Douglas will not be pulled out of the home! I won’t allow it!” Taylor’s eyes narrow. “I’m sorry, you won’t allow it?” Brooke replies, “Absolutely not.”
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At the cabin, Thomas assures Hope that for now, he’s just taking Douglas for one night. “He is going to have a blast.” They’ll worry about the rest later. They go over the situation. Thomas will always be grateful to her for being his mother, but it’s time for Douglas to live with him. “He’s a Forrester after all. He should be with his Forrester family.”

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Hope understands that Douglas needs more time with Thomas, but she doesn’t want the place he calls home to change. Just then, Douglas comes in. He runs to his dad and hugs him. Thomas tells him he’s moving in with granddad and he can come for the night. Douglas is super-excited and pleads with Hope to let him spend the night with his dad.
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At the cliff house, Taylor understands that Brooke is very worried about Hope, but she’s sure she wants him to have a close and loving relationship with his father. Brooke says everyone wants that… as long as Thomas is worthy. Taylor fumes, “Douglas is Thomas’ son and you don’t have any right to say when they see each other.” Brooke can’t help but question Thomas’ character — how can she not after all of the things he’s done over the years? Taylor finds this rich coming from Brooke and sneers, “Pot meet kettle.” Brooke accuses them of wanting to snatch Douglas. Taylor denies that’s what they’re doing, it’s just that she and Ridge are laser-focused on their family right now. Brooke seethes, “You and Ridge?! Ridge is my husband, not yours.”
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Taylor sees that Brooke is threatened even though she claims she’s not. Brooke feels the miracle with Steffy and Finn has nothing to do with Douglas. Taylor argues it does — they want the same happiness for Thomas and his son. Brooke exclaims that Douglas already lost a mother — does Thomas want him to lose another? Taylor reminds her Caroline died and Hope is very much alive. Brooke maintains that Douglas is not leaving his mother or his sister. “He’s not.” Taylor shrugs and smiles.

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At Deacon’s place, Sheila reminds him he used to be successful and a force to be reckoned with — now he’s barely getting by. “I can change all of that for you.” Deacon doesn’t need to change. Sheila asks what about “want?” She can set him up with new clothes or a new car. Opportunity is knocking at his door. Deacon is uncertain. Sheila moves in close and purrs, “Come on, think about the perks. Please don’t make me leave. Don’t send me away.” Sheila paints a picture of Deacon being successful and rich — she can invest in his future. Deacon worries about the impact on his relationship with Hope and can make his own way. Sheila doubts it and asks, “Without me what do you even have?” Deacon has his freedom. Sheila wants to stay out of jail too. Deacon asks, “Why here? Why me?” Sheila pulls him into a deep kiss. “I think last night answered that question.”

In the cabin, Hope agrees to let Douglas stay the night with his father. He and Thomas bump fists and the boy goes off to pack his bag. Thomas tells Hope, “You saw how excited he was. It’s all going to work out, okay?” Hope agrees that it will, as long as Thomas realizes this is for the night and not a long-term change.
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At the cliff house, Brooke accuses Taylor of wanting to take Douglas away from Hope because she’s her daughter and wanting to drive a wedge between her and Ridge. Taylor tells Brooke she’s doing a fine job of that all on her own. Brooke informs her it won’t work. She’s not going to take Douglas; she won’t do that to Hope, and she’s certainly not going to do it to her.

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At Deacon’s place, Sheila urges Deacon to give them a chance. He reminds her he didn’t know it was her last night. She will be anything he wants. “Just don’t turn me in and don’t turn me away,” she whispers in his ear. Deacon pulls back. She invites him to go ahead and turn her in then, but reminds him he may go back to jail too. Deacon snatches up his phone but then decides he can’t risk it. Sheila beams at his “smart decision.” She only has one more question. “What side of the bed do you want?”
Sheila Deacon deal B&B

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