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In Deacon’s room, he hisses at Sheila to get out of there as his parole officer knocks on the door. Sheila whispers, “Just send him away!” If he sees her, she goes back to prison, and so does Deacon!

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At the cabin, Hope tells Brooke she’s trying not to freak out about Thomas taking Douglas for an overnight, but she’s nervous under the circumstances. Brooke assures they won’t let him take the boy away from her. Hope can’t understand Thomas and his family wanting to start a fight now when they have so much to celebrate. Brooke blames Taylor and reiterates that she won’t allow it. Hope doesn’t want Douglas to pick up on any tension. Brooke replies, “That is why I’m going to handle this… right now.” She walks out.
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In the Forrester mansion, Donna distracts Eric from work in a bikini and they’re kissing when Thomas, Taylor, and Ridge clamber in. They make noises about interrupting, but Eric is excited about their arrival and asks about Douglas. He’ll be coming soon, and Taylor is thrilled about the boy getting to spend some time with his father. She thanks Eric for making it so easy for Thomas and Douglas to reunite. She hopes it leads to father and son living together. Taylor takes off, giving Ridge a hug as she goes.
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In Deacon’s room, his eyes flare with panic as his parole officer Jordan hammers on the door and calls out again. He sends Sheila to the bathroom and lets the guy in.
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Jordan asks if there’s a problem. Deacon shakes his head no. Jordan asks, “You’ve got nothing to hide?” Sheila listens as the guy calls Deacon out for acting nervous. He notes he must have overslept. Deacon explains he got a raise at work and has been spending time with his daughter and granddaughter. As Jordan asks if there’s anything else he wants to tell him, Sheila accidentally makes a loud noise. The parole officer asks, “Is there someone in the bathroom?”
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Thomas arrives at the cabin and is taken aback when she tells him Douglas isn’t there. He learns he’s still at his buddy’s house and will be back soon. Hope points out that it gives them a chance to talk. Thomas knows this is all a little bit sudden… and for now it’s just a night over at granddad’s house. Hope’s been thinking a lot about what he’s been saying, and she knows he’s wishing it was more than an overnight. “Aren’t you?”

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At the Forrester mansion, Eric asks Ridge how Brooke is taking this new development with Thomas and Douglas. “She can’t be thrilled about it.” Ridge sighs, “No.” He explains that this will be good for him. “Thomas and Hope, they’ll figure something out.” Eric notes if they don’t, it will be a big controversy for him. Ridge admits it already is. Eric guesses he doesn’t want to be caught between Taylor and Brooke. Ridge shakes his head — no he doesn’t.

At the cliff house, Brooke arrives when Taylor’s on the phone. After she disconnects, Brooke confronts her about kissing Ridge. Taylor’s happy to go over what happened again. She does. Brooke is happy for Steffy and Finn, but Taylor celebrating by kissing her husband was totally out of line!
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At Deacon’s, Sheila calls out in a voice with a southern accent, “Is your parole officer here?” Jordan asks, “Who is that?” Sheila hollers that she’s Deacon’s lady friend, and she doesn’t mean to be rude, but he caught her in the bathtub. Deacon grimaces. Jordan stresses about Deacon being in a relationship and not telling him. Deacon protests that he was raised not to kiss and tell and Sheila lilts, “He’s just such a gentleman.” Jordan wants to know if she’s living with him and Deacon assures him she just spent the night; it’s not going to be a regular thing. In the bathroom, Sheila rolls her eyes. Jordan gets a call and needs to go, and tells Deacon with the right person, a new relationship could be a good influence on him.
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Once alone, Sheila emerges from the bathroom crooning, “Hello, sugar.” Deacon hisses, “What were you thinking?” Sheila thinks they should both slip into a nice hot bath.

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At the cabin, Thomas can see that Hope is nervous about the whole thing, but he confirms he does think Douglas should live with him full-time. Hope protests that he’s talking about pulling him away from the home he’s known. Thomas is talking about stepping up and being a father to him, and Douglas misses him. Hope offers to give them more time together, but on Douglas’ schedule here in his home. “This is where he belongs.”

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At the cliff house, Taylor tells Brooke to take a seat. The blonde reminds her she told her she didn’t intend to interfere in her marriage. Taylor meant it then, but acknowledges she’s changed. “I want more for Ridge. You have put him through so much.” Brooke gawps that at least she’s getting the truth from her. Taylor says Ridge is tired and he wants to be there for the children he’s neglected so long because of Brooke. Brooke argues that the kids don’t need him, it’s Taylor who needs him. Taylor doesn’t need him… she wants him… to be happy. Brooke is there about Douglas and declares there is no way she’s going to let Thomas pull Douglas out of his house away from Hope. She narrows her eyes and fumes, “It’s just not going to happen” Taylor glares in response.
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In the storage closet, Deacon lectures Sheila angrily about her actions. “Why the hell did you come back here?” Sheila doesn’t want a life on her own. Deacon gawps, “Do you actually believe there’s a chance for you to have a relationship with Finn after everything you’ve done?” Sheila just wants to be close to Finn and Hayes. Deacon hurls, “You just don’t get it, do you? They’re better off without you!” Somber, Sheila sits down and explains her other children want nothing to do with her; this is all she has left. It’s her last chance to make something good out of this miserable life of hers. Finn is a good man and Hayes is so beautiful. Deacon tells her she can’t stay there; it’s trouble for both of them. Sheila thinks trouble can be exciting, but Deacon tells her to hit the road. “There is not a reason in this universe that I would let you stay there” Sheila will give him a reason. “I have money… a lot of it. Tell me a number. Go ahead, Deacon. Tell me what you need.” Deacon asks, “How much do you got?” Sheila beams.

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