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In his broom closet abode, Deacon awakens next to the sleeping redhead and nods, “Daddy’s back.” He then grimaces with a headache from his hangover. As the woman begins to wake up, Deacon tells her she was an animal last night and couldn’t get enough of him — but he was happy to oblige. He kisses her shoulder and she hides a secret self-satisfied smile.

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At the cabin, Hope and Brooke go over the situation with Thomas wanting Douglas to live with him. Hope feels changing his living situation on a whim is wrong. Brooke totally agrees. Hope fishes to find out if her mother spoke to Ridge about it. Brooke says she did, and she just hopes this all blows over. Thomas doesn’t need to go to such extremes. “Like I told Ridge, Douglas belongs here with you, Liam and Beth.”
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At the cliff house, Steffy and Taylor agree it’s good that Finn is going back to work. Ridge arrives as Steffy tells her mother that miracles really do happen, and it can happen for her too. He smiles and shakes his head. Steffy asks how his talk went with Brooke about Thomas and Douglas. Ridge says she’s in favor of keeping Douglas where he is. Steffy snarks, “Of course she is.” Ridge knows they’ll never see eye-to-eye on that. He reports, “She wasn’t happy… especially when I told her about us kissing in Monaco.” Taylor and Steffy’s eyes widen and their jaws drops as they exchange a look when his back’s turned.
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In his room, Deacon is now dressed and asks the woman in the bed if she’s going to tell him her name. She didn’t say a word last night. “You’re kinky. I like it.”

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At the cabin, Brooke assures Hope she’ll always stand by her and her children. Hope thanks her and gets emotional. They’ve built a beautiful home for themselves and now Thomas wants to interrupt the day-to-day routine. She acknowledges Douglas gets sad when he’s not with his dad. Brooke thinks Thomas can step up more in other ways — he doesn’t have to move him to Eric’s house. Hope can’t understand the focus on him being a Forrester — Douglas is what should matter. She doesn’t want a big custody battle or for this to affect her mother’s relationship with Ridge. Brooke murmurs, “Especially now since Taylor’s circling around waiting to strike again.” She tells Hope she’s looking for every opportunity in the book and she seems to have found one. Hope asks if something has already happened. Brooke reluctantly admits they kissed in Monaco.
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At the cliff house, Taylor smiles and exhales as Steffy grills Ridge on Brooke’s reaction to his confession. Ridge argues she has a right to be upset. Steffy thinks she’s a hypocrite given how many times he’s had to look past kisses. She lists off names. Taylor interrupts to say they’re not going to sit there and name names… it would take all day. Ridge argues he has let her down too. He insists she’s forgiven him for what happened in Monaco. Taylor quirks up her mouth and nods. Ridge doesn’t want a Brooke bash fest. Steffy counters that they’re just stating facts. Taylor asks about Thomas and Douglas, and Ridge insists that he made it clear he believes they should live together. He explains Brooke’s concerned about her family.” Steffy jumps on this. “Exactly. She’s concerned about her family… Hope, the Logans, it’s never about you. It just drives me crazy sometimes.” Steffy complains that he cuts Brooke so much slack. They’ve wasted years on Brooke’s obsession with him, and now Thomas wants to raise Douglas, but he can’t because Hope and Brooke won’t allow it. Ridge rubs his forehead. Steffy urges him to stand up and lead their family and stop defending Brooke. “You need to get Douglas and bring him back to Thomas… and go back to mom.” She asks him to remember how he feels when he looks at Taylor and then leaves them alone.

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Taylor tells Ridge their daughter means well and assures him everything’s okay. They both have been thinking about the kiss. Taylor points out he moved home but he’s there a lot and seems happier when he’s there. “I don’t think I’m wrong.” Ridge gruffly replies, “I don’t think you are.” Taylor recalls when he proposed to her in St. Thomas and pledges his undying love to her. He meant what he said. Taylor feels their history and love story has been erased, as though it’s always been Brooke. But old feelings are coming up since she’s been back. “We both feel it.” She wants him to be happy, and wishes it were with her, but she questions if that’s where he wants to be — in that house with Brooke and Hope and Liam. “Cause I don’t think that it is.”

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At the cabin, Brooke explains to Hope that Ridge and Taylor got caught up in the moment in Monaco. He didn’t do it to hurt her. Hope asks how it happened then. Brooke gives her the rundown. “Apparently they got swept up in the miracle of Finn being alive and what that meant for Steffy.” Hope gets how incredible it must have been… when they found out they took a picture together, but they didn’t kiss Taylor. Did Ridge forget he was married? Brooke points out she’s also made mistakes in the past. Hope wants to know how Brooke really feels about Taylor kissing her husband.
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In Deacon’s room, he’s hungry but not for food, and starts kissing the redhead. Caressing her legs and feet, he suddenly notices something. “Woah. What happened there? What happened to your toe?” Deacon flashes back to the news that Sheila was dead and had been identified by her missing toe. Amid the dawning horror, Deacon stammers, “No, no, no, no, no…” The woman reaches up and peels of a prosthetic mask and red wig and gives him an evil smile… its Sheila! “Momma’s back…”
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