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At Forrester, Brooke reels as Ridge explains he doesn’t want any secrets between them, that’s why he confessed to an intimate moment with another woman. Brooke muses, “So Taylor kissed you.” Ridge counters that they kissed each other and reiterates how they got caught up in the happiness of Finn and Steffy’s reunion. Brooke narrows her eyes. “You sealed it with a kiss.” Ridge stammers that it wasn’t planned; it just happened. Brooke argues there must have been feelings there. She appreciates him being honest, but she’ll be honest with him — hearing about this hurts. “I’m just disappointed.”
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At the cliff house, Taylor recalls her kiss with Ridge as Steffy appears. She wants to know if her mother was thinking about the moment she shared with her dad. She feels Thomas needs Douglas and Taylor needs Ridge.

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Thomas arrives at the cabin and tells Hope he’s there to talk about Douglas. He still thinks Douglas should come and live with him.
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At Il Giardino, Deacon’s pleased to be on the other side of the bar. Paul suggests he take it easy, but Sharpe protests that a guy has to have a drink once in a while. Talk turns to Sheila Carter being taken out by a bear. Deacon shakes his head. “What a way to go.” Deacon pours more alcohol and Paul again warns him to slow down… he has a meeting with his parole officer tomorrow. Deacon isn’t a saint, but he won’t jeopardize what he’s built or the love and respect of his daughter. Even her mother doesn’t hate seeing him. He’d be a fool to do anything to screw that up and land back in prison. Just then, a redhead walks through the door of the restaurant. Deacon gives her an appraising and appreciative look up and down.
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Paul urges Deacon to call it a night, but he keeps glancing over at the redhead. He whispers to the bartender, “The redhead is burning holes in me.” He admits it’s been a while since “daddy’s” had any action. Paul admits he’s getting the same vibe. Deacon raises an eyebrow.
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At the cabin, Hope doesn’t want to discuss this right now. Thomas says she’s made that clear, but they have joint custody and need to talk about this; things can’t stay as they are. Hope protests that he’s happy. Thomas is grateful for her stepping in, but he now needs to be Douglas’ primary parent. Hope argues that they can’t just uproot the boy — this is his home! Thomas reminds her that Douglas misses him. “You heard him,” and he misses his son too. “We need to be together” Hope pleads with him not to change his living situation. Thomas has been thinking about this for a while, it was what Douglas said that made his decision final. He’s already arranged for them to move in with Eric. Hope’s startled that he agrees with uprooting the boy. Thomas explains he agrees it’s time for him to be with his family living as a Forrester. More importantly, he knows it’s time for him to be a 24/7 father to his son.
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At the cliff house, Taylor updates Steffy that Thomas was on his way to talk to Hope about the custody issue. Steffy repeats that it’s time for Douglas to be back with his dad, just like it’s time for Taylor and Ridge to be back together. Taylor admits the kiss was epic. Steffy declares that she has a real chance with Ridge — she needs to go out there, take charge, and fight for him.

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At Forrester, Brooke is bothered by the mental image of Ridge and Taylor kissing, but she can understand them getting caught up in the joy of everything that was going on. It must have been incredibly intense. Ridge verifies it was the most amazing day. Brooke goes over the kiss being mutual and has to ask, “What kind of a kiss was it?” Ridge doesn’t know what she means but describes it as a “real” kiss. He has feelings for Taylor, but he loves Brooke more than anything. Relieved, Brooke laughs, “Well, I love you more than anything.” They kiss. Brooke knows he has forgiven her for a lot of kisses, so she’ll forgive him for this one kiss with Taylor. “We’re moving right on, right?” Brooke has something else to talk about with him though. “It’s Thomas, and his role in Douglas’ life.”

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In his broom closet abode, Deacon sorts the mail until a knock comes at the door — it’s the redhead. Deacon growls, “Lady I don’t know who you are, but I’d sure like to know what’s on your mind.” The woman pulls her blouse aside seductively. He murmurs, “Really?”
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The woman steps inside and slams the door shut purposefully. Deacon steps toward her, removes her glasses, and then pushes her up against the wall. She shucks his hoodie down over his shoulders. Deacon then picks her up and puts her on the desk while positioned between her legs, before pivoting and carrying her over to the bed, where he lays her on her back as they make out.
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At the cabin, Thomas thinks Hope must have known this day would come eventually. He’d like Douglas to stay the night with him at Eric’s tomorrow. Hope asks, “Just like that?” No discussion with Liam first about logistics? Thomas has allowed them to make decision on Douglas’ behalf for a long time but that has to change. “Please don’t fight me on this.”

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At Forrester, Ridge tells Brooke that he supports Thomas moving into Eric’s with Douglas. She gawps, “What?!?” Ridge says Hope has been amazing but now he needs to be with his dad and learn about their family and their legacy. He will make sure Thomas succeeds. Brooke protests that Douglas sees Hope as his mother. Ridge reiterates his argument and tells Brooke he really needs her to support him on this. Brooke spits, “No!” She rants that Thomas can’t just have whatever he wants and waltz in and take his son. “No! He lives with Hope, Liam and his baby sister. That is his family. That is what he knows and that is his stability. I’m not going to allow it! He needs to stay with my daughter… not your son!”
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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Taylor and Steffy go on the offensive with Ridge about Brooke’s past transgressions, and Deacon wakes up in bed with a complete stranger.

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