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At Forrester Creations, Steffy fumes to Ridge that the Logans have taken enough from them. It’s time to fight for their family, which means Ridge reuniting with Taylor and Thomas fighting for Douglas. Taylor can appreciate her sense of urgency, especially after all she’s been through but… Steffy cuts her off and they bicker. Thomas sides with Steffy. Taylor shares a close moment with Ridge as she assures, “I’ve got this,” and then leaves with Steffy. Thomas knows he’s putting his father in a difficult position by wanting Douglas with him. He wants the boy to have a wonderful family as he has at Hope’s, except with the Forresters, which is why he’s going to ask if he can move in with Douglas at Eric’s. “In the Forrester home.” Ridge smiles.
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At Il Giardino, Brooke asks Hope if she saw this coming — Thomas wanting Douglas full-time. Hope says she didn’t, and neither did Liam. Brooke feels they can talk about this freely now that Liam’s gone to the office and Deacon’s gone back to work. She knows her daughter is concerned, but assures her, “It’s not going to happen.” Thomas has made progress but he’s in no position to be the only parent for that child. Hope thought that was understood but now she’s not so sure.
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Brooke learns this all happened after Douglas said he misses his father. Hope feels Thomas didn’t just say it to make him feel better, he’s seriously considering it. Brooke declares that Thomas isn’t ready to parent full-time. She tells her daughter that Douglas is happy with her and “he is not leaving your home.”

At Bill’s place, he and Li go over how lies and betrayals are poison to a relationship. Bill admits he’s been on both sides of that coin. Li won’t lump him in with her ex — Jack’s lies brought chaos into their lives and Bill saved them from it. Bill asks, “So you and Jack are over.” Li recaps that Jack cheated, and he can’t forgive him keeping Sheila a secret even knowing she posed a threat. She’ll never get her faith in him back.
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Bill muses that everyone seems focused on moving forward. He thinks it’s obvious Finn got his courage and backbone from her. Li doesn’t want to overstay her welcome, she just came by to thank him. Bill assures her she hasn’t overstayed. She asks about his family. He explains about the boys and tells her, “Katie and I aren’t married.”

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At the cliff house, Steffy urges her mother to sit so they can talk. They’re in agreement that they’re proud of Thomas for making a move where Douglas is concerned. Taylor reiterates that they’re grateful for what Hope did, but it’s time for the boy to come back to them.

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At Forrester, Thomas wants Douglas to come home and be part of the Forrester legacy that is his birthright. Plus, the tennis court and pool are really cool. Eric enters the office and Thomas and Ridge say they were just talking about him. Thomas broaches, “I would like to ask if Douglas and I can move in with you.” Eric chortles that he’d love it and so would Donna. He questions the situation with Hope. Thomas recaps that she created a wonderful family with him while he worked through some things, but he’s a different person now. He found what it is to be a real parent and Douglas should be raised by his father. Thomas wants to learn from his grandfather and wants his son to have a sense of family and belonging. Ridge fully supports this and Eric misses spending time with his grandson. “I’d love nothing more than for the two of you to come and stay.” Eric and Thomas share a bear hug as Ridge beams.
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At Il Giardino, Hope and Brooke agree that Douglas and Thomas should spend time together, but Brooke feels he should then come home to the cabin. “That is the way it’s going to stay.” She assures Hope she’ll talk to Ridge and they won’t let Thomas take Douglas from his home.
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At Bill’s place, he tells Li about his efforts to reconcile with Katie which haven’t come to fruition — they didn’t see eye to eye about everything… especially the lengths he would go to in order to protect his sons. He thinks he and Li have that in common and should get to know one another. They continue to chat and Li marvels again at Bill coming to her rescue on the wharf. Bill’s instincts told him to help her. Li walks over to him and says, “You saved my life, and my son’s.” They embrace and then gaze into each other’s eyes.
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At the cliff house, Taylor tells Steffy that Thomas will have the support he needs where Douglas is concerned. Steffy muses that Douglas isn’t the only family member who needs to come back into the fold. Taylor assures Steffy she doesn’t have to convince her that her father belongs there. Steffy feels their family has been fractured for far too long. She and Finn almost lost their future in an instant, that’s why her mother needs to go out there and get what she wants. “It is so obvious how much you two love one another.” Taylor flashes to the kiss overseas.

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At the office, Ridge is deep in thought when Brooke touches his chin and jolts him out of it. She informs him there’s something they need to discuss. Ridge agrees… they need to talk about what happened in Monaco. Brooke is confused. “Why do we need to talk about Monaco?” She laughs, they don’t need to talk about Monaco. Ridge gruffly replies, “We do.” Ridge recaps the miracle of Finn and Steffy’s reunion. “And Taylor and I we… we got lost in it. It was just happiness and joy and… Taylor and I kissed.”
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