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At Forrester Creations, Taylor, Ridge, Steffy and Thomas are still trying to process Sheila’s sudden death. Ridge holds up his photo of the middle toe and says he wouldn’t believe it if he didn’t have evidence. Steffy and Taylor cringe. Ridge knows it’s a lot to “bear”. Steffy steers the conversation back to her parents’ kiss. She insists they’re the loves of each other’s lives — anyone can see it!

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At Il Giardino, Deacon, seated with Hope, Liam, and Brooke, tells the group that part of him feels sad that Carter never got the chance to be the better person she’d hoped to be. He expresses disgust over the photo of the toe and wants to change the subject. Brooke just wanted to give them the news and didn’t plan to stay this long. Deacon raises an eyebrow, “Because of me?” Brooke says, “Because of me,” and doesn’t want to upset Ridge.

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At Bill’s place, Li says she wanted Sheila to spend the rest of her days rotting in a cell feeling torn, but the way she was actually torn up was just as good. Bill gawps. She asks, “Too morbid?” Bill assures her he totally agrees — that maniac hurt too many people. He lets Li know if she wants to talk about what happened, he’s there to listen. “No pressure at all, but if you do need someone to talk to, I can be that someone. You can trust me.”
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Li recalls how scary it was to have Sheila Carter attack her. She gives Bill the rundown on how she took off from the house, ended up in the water, swam to shore and was completely traumatized until he found her. Bill marvels that she stood up to a true psycho and survived and her son is alive because of her. He’s not easily impressed, but Li has earned his respect and admiration. Li replies, “And you have earned mine.”

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At Il Giardino, Deacon doesn’t want to argue with Brooke about Ridge. She says she’ll leave Hope and Deacon to spend time together, but Sharpe warns there’s something going on. Liam and Hope explain that Thomas wants to make some changes and brought up the idea of Douglas living with him full-time. Brooke’s outraged.

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At Forrester Creations, Taylor tells her children they kissed, and it was a good kiss, but they got caught up in the moment. Steffy protests that it was more than that. Thomas gets a text from Douglas, which makes him smile. He broaches the subject of Douglas asking if he missed him when they weren’t together. It broke his heart. “I hate being away from him.” Steffy says he shouldn’t have to. Taylor agrees and tells her son it’s time. “Douglas needs to be with you.”

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At Bill’s house, Li tells him how grateful she is that he chose to help a complete stranger. Bill says walking away wasn’t an option. Li counters that bringing her there certainly was. “I just wanted to say thank you for taking a chance on me, and for everything you did for my son.” She recaps that Finn is home and reunited with his family. Bill figures Li’s husband must be thrilled to have his wife home as well. Li’s expression changes and she informs Bill that she and Jack are no longer together. He lied to her most of their marriage. She’ll always be thankful she adopted Finn, but she’ll never forgive the lack of respect Jack showed her or him bringing that woman into their lives.

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At Il Giardino, Brooke learns that Thomas plans to ask Eric if he and Douglas can move in with him. Brooke questions if he’s talking about permanent custody. Liam relays that Hope shut down the conversation before they could get into detail. Hope thinks the boy’s home is already established and disrupting that would be a huge mistake. Brooke asks, “But does Thomas see it that way?” Liam thinks it seems obvious that the best thing is to leave Douglas with them, but Brooke points out that Thomas doesn’t think. She concedes he’s made some improvements, but questions if he’s stable enough to care for Douglas on his own. “I honestly don’t think he ever will be.”
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At Forrester, Taylor and Steffy are grateful that Hope stepped in with Douglas and did a great job when Thomas wasn’t able to, but he’s better now. Thomas agrees it feels like visitation when he sees his son and reveals he already told Hope that Douglas should live with him. They learn that Hope shut the conversation down. Thomas assures them he only put it out there as a suggestion. He doesn’t want it to get contentious. Taylor feels it doesn’t have to be, but points out that Hope doesn’t have the right to make this decision solely. If Douglas misses his father, something needs to be done. Thomas fears she doesn’t want the boy to leave. Steffy points out he’s the biological father. Hope would still have time with Douglas, but he’s the only living parent. “It’s time to stand up to Hope, and Brooke.” Steffy declares it’s time to stand up to the Logans. “Douglas needs to come home to his family… that’s the Forresters.”

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