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At the cliff house, Steffy asks Taylor if she and her father talked about the kiss. Taylor says they did, but he’s avoiding it and being cute about it, which is annoying. Steffy thinks it’s clear it meant something to her mother. Taylor insists they merely had a moment, though concedes it seemed significant at the time. Steffy feels life is too precious; you have to go out and get what you want. Finn arrives at home and reassures Steffy about his health. He feels like he walked in on something. Steffy grins; her mom has some wonderful news. Taylor acts flustered.

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In the cabin, a half-dressed Liam and Hope make out passionately. Liam kisses her and slides her blouse off her shoulders, and, as the moment turns even more heated, kisses her neck before laying her down on the sofa to make love.
Liam Hope sex B&B

At Brooke’s place, she realizes there’s something troubling Ridge. “What is it? You can talk to me?” She wonders if it’s about Sheila or Li and questions him keeping whatever it is bottled up. Ridge recaps how incredible it was to not only hear Finn’s voice on the phone but to see him walk into the hotel suite. “Taylor and I… we got swept up in it, you know?” Brooke nods, “Sure.” She thinks what they shared in Monaco must have been very special. Ridge confirms, “It was.”

In the cabin after making love, Hope tells Liam she never wants this to change. It could never get boring with him. “I love you and I love our family… and I love these moments where we can reconnect with each other and bask in each other’s love.” They kiss.

In Brooke’s living room, she’s not trying to pry about what happened with Ridge and Taylor in Monaco. She recaps that Steffy was in pain and it must have been amazing to see her happy again. Ridge finds it hard to explain what it was like seeing them walk in together hand-in-hand. Brooke’s so thrilled for him. They embrace.
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At the cliff house, Finn has heard about Taylor and Ridge’s kiss offscreen. Taylor blurts that she felt something but then reiterates they got caught up in a moment. Steffy asks if her father has recommitted himself to Brooke. Taylor says he hasn’t, but she doesn’t want to get wrapped up in all of that. Right now, what’s important is that Steffy and Finn are back together, and the kids are so happy. “My heart’s desire is right here in front of me.” Steffy hugs her mom, who then leaves to give them some privacy.

Finn joins Steffy on the couch and intones, “I like the way your mom thinks.” Steffy purrs, “So do I.” They start kissing. Finn assures her again that the doctor said he has no permanent damage. “I can resume, ah… normal activity right away.” Steffy takes him by the hand and pulls him into the bedroom as they kiss.

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Brooke shows up at the cabin and hopes it’s not a bad time. Hope, in a robe, asks if there’s been any backlash from the photo she shared. Brooke told her not to worry about that and just thinks Ridge and Taylor are still overwhelmed by Finn’s return. Whatever happened in Monaco had a profound impact on Ridge. Liam thinks it’s very cool of Brooke to let Ridge and Taylor have this moment. Brooke points out he’s living with her right now. She doesn’t want him to have to choose between her and his family.

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At Forrester Creations, Ridge is thinking about the kiss with Taylor when she walks into the office. He says he was thinking about her, and she asks, “Tell me more.” Ridge changes the subject, but admits he misses the noisy breakfast table at Steffy’s place. Taylor says he’s welcome any time… except this afternoon because their daughter and Finn are reconnecting. They go over how amazing it is that they got a second chance. She wonders what could be better than a second chance… except maybe a third… or whatever the number may be.
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In their bedroom, a scantily clad Steffy joins an undressed Finn. As they kiss, she gushes about how good it is to feel him. “You have no idea how much I needed this.” Caressing his body, Steffy frowns, “I nearly lost you.” He replies, “But you didn’t.” They need to show one another how much they love each other. Finn picks up Steffy and puts her down against the wall as they make out. When they take their passion to the bed, he reaches for her lingerie and lays behind her to touch her throat and kiss her before they start making love.
Steffy Finn kiss sex B&B

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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Thomas discusses the possibility of Douglas moving in with him with Hope, and Detective Sanchez gives the Forresters an essential update on Sheila.

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