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At the cliff house, Steffy accuses Li of being cruel by keeping secret the knowledge that Finn was alive from her and her children. Li slings back that cruel is having doctors give up on your son and having to deal with Sheila Carter when your sole focus should be on keeping your son alive. “I was pushed to my limits!” Steffy was pushed to the limits of her grief! Li is sorry for her pain but will never apologize for what she had to do to save her son.

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In the office at Forrester, Taylor and Ridge recap that Finn is back where he belongs, and it doesn’t get better than that. Taylor asks, “Or does it? Do you want to talk about that kiss?”

At Brooke’s place, she tells Hope and Liam that nothing and no one can keep her and Ridge apart. Her daughter really hopes she’s right, but reminds her she earlier mentioned Ridge hadn’t fully recommitted to her yet. Brooke’s confident it will happen soon, but it hasn’t happened yet. They haven’t been able to focus on each other, but they’ll get there. She wants Ridge to be able to focus on his family right now. “I know Ridge is committed to me. There’s nothing that could ever change that.” Liam feels they should be celebrating Steffy and Fin right now, but Hope wonders about one thing — Li. How does Steffy feel knowing that her mother-in-law kept the truth from her about Finn?

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At Forrester, Ridge shrugs and stammers about the kiss. Taylor suggests, “Maybe we should just forget it ever happened?” Ridge can’t do that.
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They recap that it was amazing for Steffy to find her family after so long — so much joy and love. Speaking of their children, Taylor and Ridge agree they did good. She wants to go check on the kids. Ridge muses, “Times like these, it seems anything’s possible.” Taylor sidles out the door, giving him a sassy backward glance as she goes. Ridge smiles.

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At the cliff house, Steffy isn’t asking for an apology, but needs to understand why. “There was so much heartache; grief so deep I didn’t know if I could make it through.” Li thought she said she was grateful. She’s grateful beyond words, but it doesn’t justify making her and the children suffer.
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Li tells Steffy that Finn’s relationship with her brought chaos and drama to his life. Steffy blames Sheila and insists Li should have told her he was alive. Li was doing everything she could to save him and suggests Steffy focus on that. Finn is with her, and Hayes has his daddy — that’s all she should be concerned about. Taylor arrives and asks if everything is okay. Li walks out. Taylor guesses Steffy confronted her.
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At Brooke’s place, Liam and Hope are excited to see Steffy and Finn. Liam thinks they should throw them the biggest party ever. Ridge walks in and says he’s up for that. They tell him how thrilled they are for his family. He appreciates that. Hope imagines it was an amazing experience for him and Taylor. Brooke raises an eyebrow. Ridge thanks Liam for allowing Steffy to take Kelly overseas and putting her mental health first. He’s also grateful to Bill. Hope teasingly asks if they’re best friends now. Ridge quips that they’re thinking of getting a place together. Brooke remarks that Li kept her son from slipping away, but Liam doesn’t really understand why she kept the truth about him from everyone as long as she did. Hope can only imagine it will create a strain with Steffy.
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At the cliff house, Steffy tells her mother that part of her wants to scream at Li. She got to see him and had hope. “What am I supposed to do with this, mom? How am I supposed to forgive her?” Taylor learns that Li blames the family for what happened to Finn. Steffy protests that they can’t be held responsible for what Sheila did. Taylor thinks they should focus on Li saving Finn’s life — it’s truly a miracle. Steffy will forever be grateful for that. “I have my husband back; my family… and my future couldn’t be brighter.”

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Back in the cabin, Liam tells Hope he couldn’t get a read on how Ridge feels about what Li did. Hope puts her hand over his mouth and tells him she doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. The kids are out of the house and they’re all alone. “You know what that means,” she purrs as she undresses him and runs her hand down his stomach. They kiss and fall onto the sofa.

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At Brooke’s place, Ridge tells her a weight has been lifted. She’s happy for him and wants to celebrate his return. They share a kiss.
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At the cliff house, Taylor is glad to hear Finn is getting checked out. Steffy asks, “So what’s going on with you.” Taylor claims she’s focused on her daughter’s happiness. Steffy can tell there’s something on her mind. “I’m going to keep asking.” Taylor blurts, “Fine! It has to do with your father.” She explains how happy she and Ridge were for her and Finn and admits, “We kind of got swept up in the moment.” Steffy asks, “Swept up how?” Taylor describes the breathtaking setting and confesses they kissed. Steffy is happy for her. “You already know what my next question is going to be.” They say it together, “What does this mean for you and dad?”
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At Brooke’s, she senses her husband is feeling off. “Ridge, I know you better than anybody. What’s going on?”

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