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At the cliff house, Steffy’s glad Finn’s going to get checked out by a specialist. A knock comes at the door and Finn goes to answer it — it’s Li. Finn and his mother share a heartfelt hug as Steffy makes a disdainful face.

At the cabin, Liam plants a romantic kiss on a pleased Hope. They agree they’re all feeling grateful now that Finn’s alive, and there’s a lot of love and joy in the air. Liam tells Hope how excited Kelly was for herself and Hayes. This makes Hope think of her own dad and she admits she might have done something. Liam asks what mistake she’s alluding to, and she confesses it’s something that could affect her mother’s marriage.
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At Brooke’s house, she asks Ridge how it was being swept away in the magical moment of Finn and Steffy’s miraculous reunion. He instantly flashes to his romantic kiss with Taylor on the overlook in Monte Carlo. Brooke sees that his mind has gone somewhere else, and she thinks she knows where. She assumes he saw that selfie that Hope posted of her and Deacon in the office. Ridge tells her did see it. Brooke grimaces.
Brooke grimace B&B

At Forrester Creations, Taylor recounts the story of Finn’s arrival in Monaco and the search for Steffy to Thomas. He marvels over the whirlwind their family has been through — it all seems it’s turning around and there could be hope going forward. Taylor flashes to the kiss with Ridge and nods, “I think there’s hope.”

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In Malibu, Finn holds Li’s hand as he marvels that she saved him. Li recounts that she never gave up on him and wouldn’t allow anyone or anything to take him away from her. Steffy looks thoughtful.

In the cabin, Hope has told Liam about the selfie offscreen and insists she didn’t mean any harm by it. Liam understands but she also gets why Brooke wanted her to take it down, what with Ridge bonding with Taylor over the Steffy and Finn reunion. It may not be an ideal time for Ridge to be seeing reminders of the problems he’s had with Brooke.
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In Brooke’s living room, Ridge isn’t upset about the selfie, but he’s not thrilled. He leaves town for five minutes and she’s inviting Deacon over to the office. Brooke clarifies that Hope invited him, which she has every right to, but concedes she should have left the moment she saw him. Ridge says the photo and didn’t like it. “Can we just leave it there?” All that matters right now is that her daughter has her life back. Brooke agrees, and can only imagine the euphoria that he and Taylor are feeling right now.

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At the office, Zende joins Taylor and Thomas and gives her a happy hug. He spoke with Ridge and couldn’t believe the good news. Thomas marvels at Li keeping her son alive all that time.

At the cliff house, Finn is off to his appointment. Steffy wants to come with him, but he convinces her he’s fine on his own. Li is glad he’s getting checked out. Finn says, “I love you both,” and exits. Li guesses Steffy has questions for her. Steffy does… but first, she would like to thank her. She will always be grateful to her. “Thank you for keeping my husband alive.”

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Hope and Liam find Brooke in her living room and ask if Ridge is back. Brooke says he is, they missed him; he’s gone to the office already. Hope wonders if he mentioned the photo. Brooke tells her it’s okay; he wasn’t pleased, but his focus is on Steffy and Finn. Hope is happy to hear this. Liam recaps the joy they’re all feeling. Brooke knows how Ridge feels about the photo though and she needs to be cautious. Even though he moved back in, he hasn’t fully recommitted. That said, after all they’ve been through, she feels there’s no way it’s going to end now.

Ridge walks into Forrester as Thomas complains that it’s kinda messed up that Li didn’t tell anyone Finn was alive. Ridge says it’s a lot messed up and declares they will find answers, but the important thing is that Finn is back. Steffy has her husband and Hayes has his father… thanks to Li.

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At the cliff house, Steffy reiterates that she’s thankful to Finn’s mother for keeping him alive. That being said, “What the hell, Li?!?” Li braces. Steffy fumes that she let all of this time go by; all of the suffering… She thought her husband had died and she could have erased the pain. “I am his wife, I deserved to know what you were doing. Why didn’t you tell me?!?”
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At Forrester, Taylor and Ridge enthuse about Steffy’s restored happiness. Ridge will never forget what happened in Monaco. Taylor muses, “What we experienced there makes me think anything is possible.”

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At the cliff house, Li tells Steffy it was never her intention to hurt her, and she would never do anything to harm the children. Steffy argues, “That’s exactly what you did, Li.” How could she keep Finn away from them. “Why would you do this?!?” Li appeals to her as a mother. She can only imagine how proud she is of Finn. His future was so bright. “And then he met you.” Steffy’s taken aback. Li continues, “Do you think I wanted my son swept up in a family always in the tabloids?” She acknowledges that Finn adores her, and if he’s happy, she’s happy, but she was right to worry. If he hadn’t married her, Sheila never would have come back and shot him. In her despair, part of her wanted to blame her and her family. Besides, Finn needed her undivided attention — his recovery depended on it and getting her involved would have been a distraction she couldn’t afford. Steffy levels, “I would have helped you,” but Li argues she would have insisted she take him back to the hospital. His odds were so slim, she didn’t want to get Steffy’s hopes up. She would have said something to her once he became conscious and stable. Li continues, “But if you’re looking for an apology, you won’t get it. I won’t apologize to you or anyone else for doing what I had to do to save my son.” Steffy gawps in disbelief.

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