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On the overlook in Monte Carlo, Finn and Steffy express their love and share a sweet kiss as they declare that they are “forever.”

At Brooke’s place, she and Hope go over the amazing news that Steffy and Finn have reunited. Brooke is happy for Ridge too — her husband can now have some well-deserved peace. They agree it’s all been a miracle and Hope recalls how the pain just went away when Beth was put into her arms after her ordeal. She hopes it’s the same for Steffy. Brooke can only imagine the euphoria that Ridge and Taylor must be feeling at this very moment.

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In Monaco, Taylor and Ridge pull slightly apart after their impulsive kiss and she looks at him questioningly. Ridge exhales and declares, “Well, that was unexpected.” Taylor, smiling, asks, “Was it?”
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Steffy and Finn return to their suite, and she sighs that this still feels like a dream. Finn vows to fill her in on the story of what happened to him, but right now he just wants to hold her and never let her go.

At Brooke’s place, she tells Hope she hasn’t even been able to check her inbox, things have been so crazy. As Hope chatters away about Steffy and Finn, her mother’s face changes. Holding up her phone, with the selfie of them with Deacon on social media, she asks, “What did you do?! What were you thinking?!” Hope stammers and Brooke reminds her how Ridge feels about Deacon — she doesn’t want to give him a reason not to trust her!
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Back in their suite, Ridge jokes about Steffy not having any time for them and Taylor does her little happy dance again. They marvel that it’s fate — Sheila cannot destroy what was meant to be. Taylor vows she’ll never break this family. Ridge likes the “Momma Bear” thing she has going and tells her this was one of the most amazing days of his life. Taylor nods, “Mine too.” They got to witness a miracle.

In their suite, Steffy still feels she’s in a dream and is going to wake up and Finn will be gone. He assures her, “I’m here.” She has so many questions. Finn will answer them all, but what matters most is that he’s there with her right now. “Not even death could keep me from you.” They kiss until the phone rings — it’s Li.
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Finn takes the call and his mother gushes that it brought her to tears to see the photo of him being reunited with his family. She hoped this day would come. Finn says, “It has. Thanks to you.” In his entire life, she has never given up on him. Steffy pipes up to tell Li how grateful she is and to thank her for never giving up on Finn.

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Steffy and Finn are joined by Kelly again as Amelia takes Hayes for another stroll around the block. Finn promises the little girl he won’t leave again and Kelly asks to go home. Steffy and Finn want that too. Finn relays that thoughts of that were what kept him going. He knew he needed to get strong enough so he could come home to them.

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At Brooke’s place, Hope genuinely doesn’t understand what her mother’s problem is — she’s not allowed to take a selfie with her parents?! Brooke sighs, “Hope…” Hope exclaims, “What?!” and protests that Brooke wasn’t doing anything wrong — she wasn’t alone with Deacon or in the house. Brooke argues it’s not that simple. Hope insists that Deacon has been there for her. She understands that they have to make some concessions for Ridge, but she wants to feel normal, and taking a picture with her parents is normal! Brooke points out she and Ridge are still in a delicate place and she wants him to be able to trust her. Hope was caught up in a beautiful moment and just wanted to share it. She asks if Brooke really thinks Ridge will be upset. Brooke fears he will and emphasizes that she can’t lose what little faith he may have in her. “I can’t.”
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In their suite, Taylor tells Ridge that Steffy just texted that she and Finn are back in the room with the kids. Ridge figures they should give them a little more time. Taylor guesses they’re feeling pure happiness and asks what Ridge is feeling. Ridge is processing and recaps that it’s been a whirlwind since they arrived. Taylor muses that earlier, they got a little caught up in the moment. “We got a little too close for two friends, two old friends.” Ridge thinks she’s putting him on the spot. Taylor point blank asks, “Why did you kiss me?”
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At Brooke’s place, she supports Hope having a relationship with her father, but Ridge has every reason to be wary of her and Deacon and doesn’t want him getting the wrong idea. Hope is sorry; she was happy to be together as a family, but doesn’t want to undermine her marriage. Brooke wants her to take the post down. Hope sighs, “Fine. I’ll do it right now.” Brooke will call Ridge and see if he’s okay.

In Monte Carlo, Ridge tells Taylor, “How could I not?” in response to why he kissed her. He doesn’t notice Brooke calling on his phone.

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In Los Angeles, Brooke worries that Ridge isn’t answering because he saw the post. Hope assures her nothing will come between her and Ridge.
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In Monaco, Ridge recaps to Taylor that they were part of their daughter’s beautiful reunion and it “just um, felt, you know…” Taylor nods and smiles as their faces move closer. “Okay.”

In their suite, Finn and Steffy have stashed the kids in the bedroom with snacks and a movie. He marvels that they won’t be able to explain to them what happened — at least for another 15 years. Finn recalls how he was screaming inside for her when he first regained consciousness. He knew he needed to get back to her and that’s what kept him fighting. Steffy tearfully recalls that he saved her life — he stepped in front of a bullet for her. Finn replies, “Of course I did. You’re my wife.” A part of Steffy died in that alley, and she was barely holding on. It was torture to be at their house in LA. Finn wipes her tears. “It’s over now.” The night in the alley isn’t the end of their story. “Our love is too strong for that.” They express their love and Finn says, “Let’s go home.” Steffy nods and kisses him. “Let’s go home.”

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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: After Brooke rejects Deacon’s presence he explains his theory about her, Ridge and Taylor to Hope, and Steffy calls out Taylor and Ridge on their new vibe since being in Monaco.

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