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In Monte Carlo, Steffy and Finn kiss and embrace desperately as the church bells peal out. Stunned and emotional, Steffy stammers, “You’re alive! You’re alive!”

In their suite, Taylor and Ridge look forward to Finn finding Steffy so the nightmare will be over.

At Deacon’s broom closet, Deputy Chief Baker hammers on the door as a cop stands behind him. He shouts out to Deacon, who grasps Sheila’s arms in a panic. “The cops are here!” Sheila pleads with him not to give her up. Deacon hisses, “You said you weren’t going to drag me into this!” Sheila whispers that they don’t know she’s there and asks him to hide her. After stashing her in the back, Deacon pulls off his shirt and answers the door to Baker, who cranes his head to see inside and asks if he can come in. Deacon points out it’s late and asks what he wants. Baker asks, “Have you seen Sheila Carter?” Deacon tells him no. Baker advises Sharpe to get in touch with him immediately if he hears from her — she’s dangerous; especially when she’s got nothing to lose. Deacon nods, “You don’t have to tell me.” Baker leaves. Once Deacon is satisfied that the cops are gone, he locks up. Sheila emerges and thanks him.
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At Forrester Creations, Zende is astounded to hear from Hope and Brooke that Finn is alive and Bill flew him to Monaco. Brooke picks up her phone and wonders why she hasn’t heard from Ridge — she wants to know if Steffy and Finn have seen each other yet!

In their suite in Monaco, Ridge and Taylor can’t imagine what Steffy will do when she sees Finn.

By the church, Finn promises his overwhelmed wife that he’ll explain everything, but first, he’s going to give her this kiss. He plants one on her and she dissolves into sobs again. “Oh my God…” He holds her to his chest.

At Forrester, talk turns to how amazing the moment will be when Steffy and the kids are reunited with Finn. Brooke hopes the authorities can put Sheila away for good this time.
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At Deacon’s place, he tells Sheila not to thank him. “I don’t know what I just did.” Sheila insists she’s not a murderer —no one died. Deacon deadpans, “Well, you gave it a good shot.” He reminds her he’s on probation and won’t go back inside for her or for anybody. He won’t let Deacon screw up his life. Sheila argues she took him in when he didn’t have anyone. Deacon protests, “You used me and you’re trying to use me again now.” Sheila wonders if he wants her to beg for his help. They debate whether she almost killed her son. Sheila insists she saved his life and nursed him back to health.

In their suite, Taylor and Ridge are debating whether to stay there or not when Finn arrives with Steffy. Still emotional, Steffy asks if the kids are there. Taylor gets her phone to take a picture as Ridge chortles that a lot of people want to see this at home. Ridge and Taylor leave to give them time and to get the kids.

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Steffy wants Finn to explain — he was in her arms; he was dead! Finn tells her Li found a trace of life in him at the hospital and smuggled him out of there. He goes on to explain that Sheila showed up and took over; trying to say she saved him. Steffy marvels that they’re together and swears she had dreams of this. She gasps, “It doesn’t feel real.” Finn assures her, “I’m here. And you’re in my arms again. Thank God…” They kiss deeply.
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At Deacon’s place, he tells Sheila he can’t help her. She just needs to rest and come up with a plan. Deacon’s plan is for her to go somewhere else now. He decides he’ll go in case Baker’s lurking and demands that Sheila get out of his house and his life. She’s ruined people’s lives! This is on her and she’s going to pay for it. “We’re done! Do not come back here again, do you understand me?!” With that, Deacon walks out. Sheila closes the door and stews, banging the back of her head against the door in frustration.

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In their suite, Ridge takes a call from Brooke and tells her, “You will never guess what happened!” Brooke informs him that Liam told her about Finn being alive. Ridge shares that Steffy has seen Finn and she gushes that he must be so relieved. “Is he alright?” Ridge thinks Finn is only feeling pure joy, but the bad news is that Sheila has escaped again. Brooke learns she had help from Guthrie and gasps, “No!” Ridge warns they can’t let their guards down.

In their suite, Steffy strokes Finn’s face, shoulders and arms. Finn tells her Sheila never should have been part of their lives — it was his real mother that brought him back to life. Steffy understands now why she didn’t want a funeral, but questions why Li didn’t tell her he was alive. “I’m your wife.” Finn is sorry she didn’t tell her and that she was mourning. Her parents told him she was struggling and depressed. Steffy couldn’t find relief and never stopped missing him once. “It’s like all the darkness that was crushing me has finally lifted.” Finn tells her it was the thought of her that saved his life. “It was all you.” They embrace.

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At Forrester Creations, Brooke tells Hope they have to stay vigilant. Hope wants to let everyone know that Sheila is back on the loose again. Brooke assures they will, but they don’t want that to overshadow the happiness of this moment. They go over Steffy and Finn being in shock and Brooke can only imagine how Ridge and Taylor must feel as parents.

In their suite, Ridge and Taylor gush about the reunion until they hear the kids at the door. Ridge asks, “Are you ready for this?” Taylor beams.

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In their suite, Finn vows he’ll never be apart from Steffy again. She doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Finn pulls her to his chest. “I just want to get as close as I can to you.” Steffy stammers that she doesn’t know what he’s been through. Finn assures that can wait. “Let’s just be together. There’s a knock and Taylor enters with the kids. Steffy, Finn, Kelly and Hayes are joyously reunited as a family as Ridge and Taylor look on.

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