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At the house where Finn was being held by Sheila, he and Li share an emotional reunion. Finn marvels that his mother is alive, and Li tells him nothing would stop her from coming back to him. Sheila flips out. “How the hell did you survive that?!?”
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Back at Bill’s place, Liam fumes as he tries to reach Chief Baker and is asked if he’ll hold. “No I can’t hold! Because I have information about where Sheila Carter is, that’s why!” he bellows into the phone.

On the Forrester jet, Taylor tells Ridge about her dream about Steffy and Finn, who was alive. It seemed so real, and Steffy was laughing. She wishes she could close her eyes and go back to that place — where Steffy and Finn are together. Taylor leans her head on Ridge’s shoulder again.
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After a while, the pilot alerts them that they won’t have wi-fi until they land. Ridge is frustrated; he hates being unreachable with everything that’s going on. They go over how glad they are that Steffy is out of the country with Sheila running around.

At Bill’s house, Liam finally gets through to Chief Baker and blurts, “We found her.” He doesn’t have an exact location yet, but his dad is on the way over there with Li Finnegan. Hope comes in and listens to Liam’s end of the conversation as he explains to Baker that Li was with Sheila and Finn… who is alive. Baker can’t believe any of this and demands he call him immediately as soon as he gets the address from Bill. After Liam disconnects, Hope gasps, “Finn is alive!?”

At the house, Sheila says she saw Li’s vehicle crash — there is no way she could have survived that. Li sneers, “But I did. Just like Finn.” They’ve overcome everything she’s thrown at them. “You’re done, Sheila!” Bill interjects, “Yes, you are. You’re never going to hurt anyone ever again, Sheila.”

On the jet, Taylor worries about showing up to see Steffy unannounced and Ridge urges her to stay positive — they’re going to see their daughter today!

At Bill’s place, Liam sits down with his wife and fills her in on what Li told them. Hope wonders if Sheila did something to her. Liam doesn’t know, but his dad found her in the alley, traumatized and unable to speak. Suddenly, he gets a message and stammers, “Oh my God they found them. They found the apartment. Now all I have to do is make sure the police get there on time.”
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At the station, Baker answers his phone to Liam, who says, “Got an address for you.” Baker barks, “Text it to me. I’m on my way to my car now!”

At the house, Sheila protests that she didn’t want any of this to happen — she wasn’t responsible for Li’s crash. Li hisses that she was in the car because of her and tells Finn that Sheila attacked her when she tried to call the police. Finn lunges at Sheila and Bill holds him at bay. Li marvels that, somehow, she survived. As Finn hugs his mom again, Sheila tries to make a run for it. Bill stops her. “You’re going back behind bars for the rest of your pathetic life.”

Once Sheila is shackled to the bed, she pleads with Finn to tell them how she saved him and nursed him back to health. Li fires, “You shot two people and left them for dead, and ran me off the road.” Finn barks, “What do you mean ‘two people’?” Li explains that she shot Steffy. Sheila protests, “She threatened me, what was I supposed to…” Finn lunges for his birth mother once again, with Bill holding him back. He tells him he understands that he wants to take her out, they all do, but they need to let the police deal with her. Finn has to get to Steffy. Li urges Bill to take Finn to find his wife; she’ll stay with Sheila, who is restrained.
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At Bill’s house, Liam takes a call from his father and is relieved to hear that Finn is indeed alive. Liam confirms the cops are on their way.

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At the house, Finn tells Li he loves her before following Bill out the door — he’s beyond ready to be reunited with his wife. Sheila implores, “Finn, wait!” The door closes and Li turns to glare at Sheila. “Did you really think you were going to get away with this?” Sheila got exactly what she wanted. “My son is alive and is on his way to reunite with his wife.” Li isn’t fooled by this — she wanted Finn and Hayes in her life, adoring her like some kind of mother of the year, but instead, the only thing she’ll be seeing is the inside of a prison cell! Just then, Mike appears behind Li and knocks her out cold. He whines, “Sheila, what the hell is going on?” Sheila implores him to free her — they have to get out of there now! Mike sets about doing so.
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The Forrester jet lands and Ridge and Taylor eagerly look forward to seeing Steffy — they just want to squeeze her.

At Bill’s place, Hope can’t get Ridge to answer and Liam can’t contact Steffy. “My God she needs to know that Finn is alive!” He can’t believe he just said that out loud. “Finn is alive.”

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At the house, sexy music plays as Mike frees Sheila and she pulls him in for a kiss. She tells him they’ll leave separately, and they’ll rendezvous later as Mike asks, “How will I know where to…” the door closes. “Find you,” he sighs. Taking a step, he’s stunned as Li grabs his foot and takes him down. Staggering back to his feet he complains, “What the hell, lady?” as Li fumes, “How could you let that psycho go?!” Mike tells her to get out of his way. Li snarls, “Make me.” Just then, Baker busts in. “Where’s Sheila?” Li shouts, “She’s gone! She went that way!”

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On the Spencer jet, Bill tells Finn they’ll be taking off soon. Cleaned up, he asks to use Bill’s phone to try and reach Steffy again. Getting her voicemail he tells her it’s her husband. He’s alive and on a plane; he’s on his way to her. He loves her so much and it won’t be long. “We’ll be together soon. Soon, Steffy.”
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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Bill delivers an exceptional gift to an extraordinary person, and Steffy becomes overwhelmed with emotion remembering Finn.

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