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At Bill’s place, he recaps that Li has clearly suffered some significant trauma. She says, “Sheila Carter,” and then tells them, “Finn is alive! My son is alive!” Bill and Liam assume she’s confused, so she tries again. Li insists Finn is alive. “He’s with Sheila!” The men frown.

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In the room, Finn asks Sheila how he’s supposed to believe she loves him when all she does is take away what he loves. He implores her to make it right by making it so he can be with his wife and son.

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On the Forrester jet, Taylor and Ridge discuss Steffy ending up in a depression rehab. Taylor feels she should have looked deeper, but she took her at her word that she was okay. “Losing Finn… she’s never going to come back from that.” Ridge tells her, “We’ll make sure she does.” Taylor just wants to hold Steffy and tells Ridge they need to let her know her family supports her. Ridge feels, unfortunately, that there’s only one person who could lift the darkness, and he’s gone forever. Taylor hates that Hayes will grow up never knowing what an exceptional man his father was; how happy he made Steffy.

In the room, Finn tells Sheila this doesn’t feel like love; it feels like punishment. He runs down the pain she’s causing. “I will never see my mother again because of you. I will not let the same thing happen with Steffy.”
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Finn reminds Sheila none of this is sustainable. He’s done. Sheila’s sorry; she never meant for any of this to happen. “I came back to L.A. with nothing but good intentions. I wanted to meet my son. I wanted to look you in the eye and tell you I was your mother, and that I never stopped loving you.” She thinks everything could have been different if Steffy had just been nicer to her. Finn grits, “There you go again — blaming others for what you set in motion.” Sheila insists that in time, she would have proven herself and become part of the family, but Steffy wouldn’t allow it. She was hellbent on stopping it and… “I just lost it.” Finn hollers that Sheila shot her and shouts at her to stop trying to justify this unforgivable thing. Sheila hates the idea that he’d never forgive her — shooting him was an accident. “I didn’t want to hurt you, or Steffy… or Li!”

At Bill’s house, Li insists she’s telling the truth. She explains that she saved him from the hospital and refused to give up on her son. Bill asks, “And Finn is with Sheila now?” Li replies, “Yes! I have to stop Sheila!” They take to the sofa, where Li tears up and then rallies to explain that Finn was on life support and his doctor thought he had no chance. “I knew my son was a fighter.” She smuggled him out, signed the death certificate, and took him to a safe place to give him the care he needed to live. But Sheila tracked her down. She tried getting rid of her but she saw Finn. Liam realizes, “That’s why no tombstone, that’s why no memorial service… of course!” Li recounts the chase that ended in a fiery plunge into water. Liam declares that if Finn really is alive, it’s because she saved him. Li panics, “He’s with Sheila! I have to save him again!”
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On the jet, Ridge is restless, and he paces, then sits beside Taylor, who curses when the wi-fi goes out. She muses about there being no word all this time from Li.

In the room, Sheila fumes, “Does it even count that I saved your life?” Finn argues that was Li. Sheila insists she did it the second time. Finn repeats that if she loves him, she should let him go. “You saved my life, so let me live it.” Sheila denies it was her intention to make him a prisoner there or deprive him of his family. He tells her, “That’s exactly what you’re doing.” He won’t go another day without seeing Steffy. If she wants his happiness, she has to let him go.

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At Bill’s place, he tells Liam that no one can know about this until they have Finn. He asks Li, “Can you take me to him?” Li says yes. Liam will stay behind and alert Chief Baker.

On the jet, Taylor dozes on Ridge’s shoulder. When he moves, she awakens and says she was having a wonderful dream about a bonfire on the beach — Steffy and Finn were there together and she was so happy.

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In the room, Sheila wonders why this always happens to her. She’s sure that they can get past this and start over since Finn is a kind and compassionate man. Finn promises she’ll never terrorize Steffy again and will never know Hayes. Sheila wanted to love all of them. Finn declares it’s not possible and begins unhooking from the machines. He stands up as Sheila agonizes, “You can’t walk out.” He asks how she’ll stop him. Will she shoot him again or stick him with a needle again? Sheila says she’s sorry. He wants to believe that and informs her it’s over. Sheila, resigned, tells him to go ahead. Finn wishes it could have been different. He hobbles out of the room toward the front door. Sheila places her hand on his shoulder and says his name. He pauses and turns back toward her.
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Just then, the front door opens, and Bill stands there gaping. “You really are alive!”
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Bill steps aside and Li appears. She takes in Sheila and Finn and runs to her son. “Finn! Thank God! Oh my God!” Li glares at Sheila, who begins to hyperventilate.

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Finn unleashes his fury at Sheila, and Sheila attempts to control the situation but the jig is almost up.

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