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At the office, Ridge talks on the phone to Taylor. Both are finishing up at work so they can meet at the jet to go see Steffy.

At Taylor’s office, she disconnects from Ridge just as Deacon knocks and comes into her office. He teases her about not having a bodyguard. She relays that she and Ridge are going to Monte Carlo to find Steffy — losing Finn was just too much for her. Deacon thinks it’s a good thing she’s getting help with her grief. Taylor explains they have to go and see for themselves. Deacon will be thinking about her while she’s gone. Taylor frowns. “I don’t think we should see each other like this when I get back.”
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In the room, Finn groggily awakens and complains about Sheila sedating him again. She doesn’t want any more outbursts. Finn wants to go home. “I want to see Steffy. Today.” He rehashes that Steffy believes he’s dead and his mother is gone — because of her.

At Bill’s place, he puts a cup of coffee down on the table for Li and tells her she looks great now that she’s all cleaned up. He hopes they’ll have a breakthrough today. Bill decides if he opens up about himself, his favorite subject, maybe she’ll be more forthcoming. He begins, “I told you I have three sons…” Li abruptly runs off.
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Liam comes in and learns the woman is in her room. “She has a room now?!” he marvels. He can’t fathom that this is all happening. Bill protests: he found the woman alone and she was in bad shape, so he decided to help her. “And that’s what I’m going to do! I think you, of all people, would understand that.” Liam looks as though he still can’t believe this.

At Forrester Creations, Zende is glad to have caught Ridge before he leaves and asks her to give his cousin his best. They’re all thinking about her. Ridge takes off.

At Taylor’s office, she doesn’t mean to be insensitive, and Deacon insists he understands and won’t stop by anymore. He knows exactly what it has to do with — Ridge. “It always has to do with Ridge.” Deacon knows she’s not over him. Taylor is trying to be and explains her family just can’t handle anymore conflict right now. “We’ve been through so much.” Deacon figures she’s worried that Ridge will ditch her the same way he did Brooke when she got too close to him. It’s messed up. He reminds Taylor that Ridge moved back in with his wife, so he doesn’t understand why he gets to dictate who she sees.
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In the room, Sheila complains that Li lied to her and insists her love for Finn is true. “I love you so much.” Finn challenges her to prove it. “Send me home. Let me be with my family again.”
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At Bill’s place, Liam tells his father that this doesn’t feel very “Bill.” His dad insists he’s done good things for sure, like donate to the Forrester Foundation. Liam reminds him he did that to stick it to Ridge. This time, Bill can do something impactful that doesn’t involve his check book. Liam complains the woman could be unstable or a drug addict. Bill warns him to keep his voice down. There’s a story this woman has to tell, and he has to figure out what it is — his Spencey Senses are tingling. As Liam chuckles and observes that he’s obviously formed some kind of connection with this woman, Li sneaks up and listens in.
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In Taylor’s office, Deacon’s not trying to tell her what to do — no one should tell her what to do, that’s the point. Taylor reiterates that Steffy needs her and Ridge. Deacon vows when she gets better and Taylor’s back in L.A., they should give whatever this is a shot and see what it is. Taylor asks what he thinks “this” is? Deacon doesn’t know — a friendship? Compatibility? Something? He asks, “Are you going to tell me you’re not even a little curious about all of this?!” He gestures to his bod. Taylor’s hand flies to her mouth as she smirks, “Oh my God, don’t do that!”
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Flustered, Taylor tells Deacon he’s been awesome, but this “thing” can’t… “This can’t happen because I’m getting ready to get on a plane with Ridge.” She insists she’s solely focused on their daughter. Deacon, amused, nods knowingly as she stammers, “Can you go?”

In the room, Finn doesn’t want what Sheila’s offering. She just wanted him to know how much she regretted giving him up and didn’t mean to hurt anyone. He intones, “Show me then. Set me free. Let me go home.”

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On the private jet, the pilot tells Ridge they can go as soon as Ms. Hayes is on board. Taylor arrives, breathlessly, and says she got held up in the office. “Our daughter needs us, Ridge. I wish we were there already.”

In Bill’s living room, Li eavesdrops as Liam begins to update Bill on Steffy not doing very well overseas after all the trauma with Finn. Li walks into the room. Bill looks up, “Oh, hey!” He invites her to join them. Liam turns around and jolts as he recognizes her. “Li!” She nods. Liam continues, “I’m Liam Spencer, Kelly’s dad, do you… Oh my God, what happened to you?! Are you okay?!”

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As the jet flies through the air, Taylor tells Ridge she’s let the lead therapist know they’re on their way. Ridge wonders why Steffy was putting on a brave face when they were talking to her all the time. Taylor shrugs, “The Forresters power through.” Ridge adds, “And we pull together.”

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In the room, Sheila can’t let Finn go and jeopardize his progress. “Why can’t you be grateful for what you have?” Finn is being kept from the people he loves. His family is hurting and needs to know he’s alive. He’s asking her to show a little mercy. Sheila grits, “Oh yeah, like Steffy showed me mercy when she tricked me into meeting her at Il Giardino?” She complains that his wife berated her when all she wanted was a little compassion. Steffy and Li, she trusted them, and they lied to her. Finn repeats, “I want to go home.” Steffy and Hayes need him. She took his mother away from him; he’ll never see her again. “Give me back my wife and son.”

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At Bill’s, Liam tells his father, “This is Li. This is Steffy’s mother-in-law.” Bill reels. “Finn’s mother?! But we never met.” Liam asks her if she was attacked or in an accident. Bill questions why she didn’t tell him who she was — Finn was helping raise his grandchild; his death impacted all of them. Li flashes to fighting Sheila and to the fiery end she nearly met. She blurts, “Sheila.” She says her name a few more times and then, “My son, Finn.” Liam and Bill lament the tragedy of Sheila killing him. Li shakes her head. “No, no, Finn’s not dead. My son is alive!” Bill and Liam exchange a stunned and wary look.

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