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In the room, Sheila goes pale and backs up as Finn manages to get out of bed while bellowing that he’s going to do to her what someone should have done a long time ago. He’ll be reunited with Steffy, but first he’s going to make her pay for killing his mother!
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At Bill’s place, he keeps trying to get answers from Li, who he realizes is traumatized. She balks when he suggests going to the hospital, so he urges her to at least drink some more water. She does. Bill asks if Li is ready to tell him her name and reminds her of his. He then goes on about his three sons, including his youngest, Will, who is smart enough to be a doctor. Li reacts to this and Bill asks, “What?” He figures Li must have a son and peppers her with questions.

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At the wharf restaurant, Wyatt assures Liam he’ll love the fish tacos and asks how he’s holding up after what happened with Steffy and Finn. “I know you worry about her.” Liam agrees, he does, especially after what he just learned. After Wyatt hears she’s in a treatment facility with the nanny and kids, he asks, “I thought Steffy was doing okay?” Liam guesses at some point she realized she needed help. Wyatt muses that they both know who to blame for all of this.
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In the room, Finn gets Sheila up against the door and puts his hands around her throat as he fumes that someone should have put a bullet in her head that night. Since they didn’t, it’s up to him to take matters into his own hands. Sheila fumbles to reach the syringe, grabs it, and sticks him in his side. Sheila then guides him back onto the bed.
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At the wharf, Liam updates Wyatt on the new information about the guard who helped Sheila escape. Mike Guthrie was her accomplice back in the day and Ridge and Brooke remembered him. They went to confront the guy, but he denied involvement and there’s no evidence. Wyatt fumes that Sheila’s out there, just as dangerous as ever.

In the room, Sheila strokes Finn’s face and asks why he can’t just let her love him. Finn sleeps. Mike bangs on the door so Sheila kisses Finn and then goes to let him in. He strides in and warns that Brooke and Ridge questioned him. “They’re onto me, Sheila!” Sheila fumes, “And you came right here? What were you thinking?!?”

At Bill’s place, he’s given Li food as a knock comes on the door. He assures her it’s just a doctor friend of his and lets him in. Dr. Jordan Armstrong, (played by Vincent Irizarry), introduces himself to Li, takes in her abrasions and asks if she injured herself in some kind of accident. She flashes to the fight with Sheila and fiery plunge in the truck and reels. Bill and Jordan exchange a look.
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In the room, Sheila fumes at Mike, “How dare you come back here!” Mike understands it was a risk, but he needed to warn her the walls were closing in on them. They need to act quickly. He hears a siren and panics. Sheila talks him down. Finn begins to come around and listens as Mike hollers that she can’t keep this going on. He walks in and notices how out of it Finn is. “You harpooned him with another syringe, didn’t you?!” Mike learns she told him about Li and is exasperated. Sheila recaps that he was enraged, and she needed to calm him down. She concedes things aren’t going as planned, but they’ll make the best of it. Mike’s not sticking around to get arrested and takes off. When Sheila walks over to Finn, he awakens, startling her. Finn grabs her arm and hisses that the police are onto her. She’s finally going to pay for everything she’s done to Steffy, him and his mother!

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At the wharf, Wyatt and Liam worry about Bill living up in that big house all by himself.

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At Bill’s place, Dr. Armstrong steps aside with Bill and says of Li, “She’s definitely been traumatized.” Bill chuckles at him stating the obvious, and the doctor assures that she’ll be fine physically. He did find glass in her hair — perhaps from a windshield. Whatever happened to this woman it must have been one hell of an ordeal; she’s completely shutting down. Bill relays that she was responsive when a son was mentioned. Jordan commends Bill for helping her. Bill wishes he knew her story as he can tell this is not who this woman is. He wishes she would tell him her name.
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Bill takes a call from Liam, and tells him it’s not a good time — he has someone there. Liam puts him on speakerphone as Bill explains to his sons that he found a woman in the alley after being at the wharf earlier. “I brought her home with me.” Liam’s astounded that he’s with a woman he found in an alley. Bill wanted to have his doctor friend to examine her; she’s been through something traumatic. He asks about Steffy and Li becomes agitated when she overhears him say, “Of course she’s struggling, she lost Finn.” Bill disconnects and rushes to Li’s side. She flashes to Finn as he asks if she’s thinking about her son. He vows to bring him to her if she’ll just tell him her son’s name. Li struggles to speak.
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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Ridge and Taylor fly to Monte Carlo to help Steffy, and Finn musters up the strength to fight back against Sheila.

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