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As a horrified Sheila watches, Finn gets out of bed, determined to get to his wife. “You’re doing too much, too soon!” she insists. He, however, is having none of it. Even as Sheila says he’s not physically well enough to be up and about, he collapses!

Sheila helps her son get back into bed, insisting that she only wants to help him. “Just stay away from me,” he barks, and Sheila seems baffled as to why he’s being so mean, given all she’s doing to help her. When she asks why he won’t trust her, Finn is astonished. “Are you serious?” She swears that once his strength returns, she’ll help him reunite with Steffy.

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While getting Finn reconnected to the tubes and wires helping keep him alive, Sheila says she shouldn’t be surprised by how stubborn he is, given that he is his mother’s son. “I’m nothing like you, psycho,” he think-shouts in his head. She says he has to be good to his body, which has been through a major trauma. “Because you shot me!” he think-shouts.

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Ridge confronts Mike, saying that Sheila was behind bars, where she belonged, but is now running around free because of him. Mike claims to have been as surprised by Sheila’s escape as everyone else, but Ridge and Brooke refuse to believe him and want to know where the psycho is.

Baker tries talking sense into Mike, saying Sheila has gone after the Forrester family time and again. (Brooke, of course, can’t help pointing out that Mike knows this, having helped the loon in the past.) Baker tries playing the “confess now, or this could be big trouble for you later” card, but Mike keeps his lip zipped.

Baker says that if Mike helps them capture Sheila, he’ll personally help mitigate the fallout. His temper flaring, Ridge points out that everybody knows Mike and Sheila were a scheme team in the past. Mike doesn’t deny that he knew Sheila, but says that he’s different now. “I’m one of the good guys now!” Lashing out, Ridge says, “That bitch shot my daughter and she killed her own son, and you know more than you’re saying!”

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Ridge points out that Sheila will happily throw Mike under a bus, but the dude ain’t spilling. Ridge and Brooke turn their glare to high before taking another approach, asking if Mike would want justice if it had been one of his loved ones who’d been shot by Sheila. “For the last time, I don’t know where she is!” Mike says again. Ridge warns that when they find Sheila, Mike won’t be working in the prison, he’ll be living there.

Hope surprises her dad at Il Giardino, but she’s uncomfortable, admitting it’s difficult to walk into the restaurant without thinking about this being where Sheila shot Steffy and Finn. They hug, and he admits to struggling with working there. “It still haunts me and everybody who loved Finn,” he says. “A good man gone for what? No reason… and it’s all because of Sheila.”

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Hope suggests that perhaps her dad should talk to a professional, given he’s dealing with having found two people shot in the alley. “And Taylor doesn’t count,” she adds, “she’s too close to the situation.” Deacon insists he’s fine, and they go back to talking about Sheila. Knowing a thing or two about prison, Hope’s dad points out it ain’t easy to just sail out of jail, prompting her to say Sheila may have had help. Deacon makes it clear he hasn’t heard from and isn’t covering for Sheila.

“I do have to give credit where credit is due,” admits Deacon, saying Sheila is an amazing con artist. Deacon suggests Mike might be under Sheila’s romantic sway, and Hope — apparently forgetting Eric was once married to the woman — basically throws up in the back of her throat at the idea. “Who would want to be with that?” she asks. “Do not underestimate Sheila’s appeal,” Deacon says, adding that she’s an emotional chameleon. “You want to take care of her and then boom, the next thing you know, she’s got a gun to your head or somebody else’s.”

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Finn asks Sheila about the certificate. Is it real? And if so, how did she bring him back to life? Almost immediately, Finn begins to realize there are holes in the story Sheila’s telling. How did she get him out of the morgue? How did she get him to the room? “What steps did you take to bring me back and keep me alive?” he asks, pointing out he’s a doctor and adding he wants specifics. “You’re not a doctor, and you haven’t been a nurse for years,” he says, forcing her to admit that she had help. “Who else knows that I’m alive?” he demands, and Sheila finally admits it was Li. This, of course, leads him to ask the one question Sheila doesn’t want him to, even as she flashes back to Li’s fiery crash: “What did you do to my mom?”

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