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At Brooke’s place, Hope reports that security tried to stop Donna from leaving with Beth. Liam grimaces — he forgot to call this morning to tell them the schedule. Hope reassures him. Ridge is apologetic, but the security is necessary. They all marvel that Sheila’s just disappeared and go over that Steffy and the kids are safe because they’re overseas. Ridge warns they can’t let their guard down and reveals that Baker’s on his way over. Brooke reveals to Hope and Liam that they may know how Sheila escaped from prison.

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In the room, Sheila tells a sleeping Finn, “I love you so much,” and all she’s ever wanted was for him to love her back. She touches his face, and he comes to. Sheila murmurs, “There he is, my precious boy,” and asks how she’s feeling or if there’s anything he needs. Finn replies groggily, “Steffy. I need Steffy.”

Mike arrives with takeout coffee and Sheila grouses that she was just explaining to her son that he needs to rest and regain his strength and then he’ll be reunited with his family. A defiant Finn yells, “Today!! I want to see Steffy today!” Sheila throws her coffee to the floor and stomps on it.

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At Brooke’s place, she sighs that they need to do whatever they can to bring Sheila to justice. Ridge assures Liam and Hope the place will stay locked down until the find her. Brooke confides that the police think it was an inside job and they suspect an old friend may have helped her escape. Baker arrives. He had his team look further into the guard; Richard Michael Guthrie and asks Brooke, “Does that name mean something to you?”
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In the room, Mike suggests Sheila may want to sedate Finn again. She insists she’s not holding him hostage. Finn argues the point. Sheila says she loves him and everything she’s been doing has been for him. Mike asks, “You want him to go nighty-night?” Sheila just wants her son to calm down while she goes to take a shower. Mike tells her to make it quick — he has to go to work.

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After Sheila’s left the room, Mike recaps that Finn was a goner and tells him that his mother is risking everything to be there with him. Finn argues that if she loved him, she wouldn’t keep him there with his family believing he’s dead. He asks why Mike got her out of prison. Guthrie admits he has a weak spot for Sheila and always has — they go way back. “She’s got this power over me.” Finn warns she’ll ruin his life. “She will go back to prison… and you will too. Unless you help me get out of here. If you do the right thing before it’s too late.”
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At Brooke’s house, she’s incredulous that the guard in charge when Sheila escaped was Mike. Baker says his records refer to him as Richard. Ridge recalls that when Guthrie worked security at Forrester Creations he went by Mike and he and Sheila were like Bonnie and Clyde. They all are stunned and question how someone like that ended up working at a prison. Baker replies, “We’re looking into it.” He further infuriates Ridge by saying there’s no evidence that Guthrie helped Sheila escape. Ridge fumes, “No evidence?! He’s her henchman!” Baker complains they need video evidence or a witness. Ridge wants to call him in for questioning. Hope can’t believe he’s under suspicion but still working there. Ridge asks if he’s working today. Baker confirms he is. Ridge feels they should go down and see him and find out what he has to say for himself.
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In the room, Mike works to convince Finn that Sheila saved his life and will let him go back to his wife and kids once he’s better. Finn asks if they’re then supposed to act as though none of this ever happened. Mike figures that he and Sheila will go on the run together. Finn warns they’ll find them and he’ll go to prison. If he lets him go, he’ll speak on his behalf.

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Sheila reappears and asks what’s going on. Mike stammers, “Nothing.” He has to go to work. Sheila tells him to go, they don’t want anyone getting suspicious. Mike leaves and Sheila grills Finn. “What did you say to him? Are you planning something, Finn?”
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In Brooke’s living room, Hope and Liam discuss Mike Guthrie. She wonders if he’s the one who let Sheila out and can’t understand why he’d jeopardize his job. Liam supposes Sheila promised him something. He feels Brooke and Ridge may have helped solve this case.
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At the station, Mike is told someone is waiting to see him. He steps into the room where Baker, Ridge and Brooke are waiting. Baker informs him they’d like to ask him a few questions. Guthrie asks, “About what?” Ridge intones, “About how you helped Sheila Carter escape.”
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In the room, Finn wants Sheila’s phone to call his family and warns it’s only a matter of time before the police find them. “You can’t hold me here forever.” Sheila denies she’s holding him hostage. All she’s ever wanted is to spend time with her little boy that was kept from her all those years. “Is that too much to ask?” Finn fumes, “Yeah. Because I do not want to spend anther second with you.” He rails about how cruel it is to let his family go on thinking he’s dead and screams, “Dammit Sheila I am not asking you, I am telling you — you need to let me go NOW!” Sheila protests, “Why are you talking to me in this tone? I love you.” Finn hollers at her to prove it then by letting him talk to Steffy. He begins pulling out his IV tubes and struggles out of the bed as she frets and yells, “No!”. Red-faced, Finn shouts, “I’m going to my family!”
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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Finn pleads with Mike to help him escape, and Ridge and Brooke put the pieces together about Guthrie for Baker.

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