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At Brooke’s place, Hope happens in on her mother and Ridge canoodling. They assure her she’s not interrupting. Ridge wonders if she’s spoken to her dad to see if he may know where Sheila is. Hope reports that her dad claims he hasn’t heard from Sheila since she escaped prison, and she believes him. Ridge doesn’t believe him and never will.

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At Il Giardino, Liam complains that Bill chose the restaurant for lunch — they’re mere feet away from where Steffy and Finn were shot. Bill knew Sheila was trouble when she returned. Wyatt can’t understand how Sheila’s still out there roaming free. “When is she gonna get hers?!” Liam wants her back behind bars and updates the Spencer men that Ridge isn’t leaving anything to chance and has hired extra security for his loved ones. Bill grudgingly respects this.
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At Taylor’s office, Deacon urges her to vent about Sheila to her heart’s content. She reminds him this must stay between them and he jokes, “What kind of practice do you think I run?” She laughs. Deacon doesn’t have a fancy degree, but he does know human nature. Taylor can see that. She believes he doesn’t know where Sheila is, but wonders if he could think of where she might be. They have to find her before she hurts more people.

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Deacon marvels at Taylor taking him at his word about Sheila, and asks how Steffy is doing. He wonders if Taylor and Ridge have thought about going to visit her. Tay admits they talked about it before he moved back in with Brooke. Deacon guesses it could be a little awkward now. Taylor nods. He urges her to talk about her feelings about Brooke and Ridge’s destiny.

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At the room, Mike returns to find Sheila sitting over Finn’s sedated body. He gawps, “Oh my God! You’ve killed your son again?” Sheila fumes at the suggestion she would kill her son. Mike reminds her she almost has twice already.
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Sheila grabs the bag of meds and tells Mike she gave Finn a sedative to calm him down. Mike’s uncomfortable with this whole situation and recaps that she murdered Finn’s real mom. Sheila protest that it was an accident and insists they haven’t even found Li’s body — she’s scoured the internet and hasn’t seen anything on a body or the truck. Flashing to the fiery event, Sheila mutters that she didn’t mean for Li to die. She takes Mike’s phone. He asks what she’s doing and raises an eyebrow when she replies, “I’m calling Li.”
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At Il Giardino, Wyatt guesses Liam’s missing Kelly like crazy. His brother admits it’s been tough. He and Bill agree it was necessary for Steffy. “She really loved the guy.” Liam figures she’s staying strong for the kids but the loss has been enormous for her and will continue to be. Bill looks around to see if the ex-con is around with his mop and bail. They discuss whether or not Deacon is truly reformed and whether he’s still connected to Sheila. Liam says according to Hope, Deacon was disenchanted with Sheila. He hadn’t spoken to her and didn’t expect to.
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At Brooke’s place, Ridge grunts about Hope’s father being a real operator. She reiterates that Deacon hasn’t had contact with Sheila. Ridge says that great — he also doesn’t want him having contact with anyone he cares about. “Is that too much to ask?” Hope shoots a look at her mother.
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At Taylor’s office, Deacon advises her to get her feelings out about Ridge and Brooke. “You can’t beat my price.” Taylor can hardly talk about their “destiny” without laughing because maybe, just maybe, this “bridge” they’re building is burning to the ground day-by-day, because the woman who claims she wants to save it won’t stop playing with matches. Deacon responds, “Boom. Tell me how you really feel, doctor.” Taylor smiles.

In the room, Finn begins to come to and Mike wants to know what the plan is. “I sprung you from prison, Sheila. What are you going to do with Finn?!”

At Il Giardino, Liam just wants Sheila to be caught and locked up so that when Steffy and the kids come home, she’s not a threat to them. She’ll need to start rebuilding her life, as hard as that will be without Finn.

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At Taylor’s office, she admits it feels good to commiserate with someone about Brooke and Ridge. Deacon admits Sheila was a friend of sorts, despite being a murdering psychopath, and he doesn’t currently have any others. If Taylor ever needs a shoulder, he’ll show up for her. Taylor thanks him. Right now, all she can focus on his her daughter and grandkids, and what Sheila did to take Finn away from them.
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At Brooke’s place, Ridge apologizes to Hope as Brooke soothes that they all need to relax. Talk turns to Sheila being out their biding her time. There’s no telling what she’ll come up with next. Brooke appreciates the extra security Ridge hired to give them peace of mind — and Taylor too. Ridge vows Sheila will never hurt anyone in his family ever again.

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In the room, Mike tells Sheila that Finn is beginning to wake up and will be all over her — she’s keeping him from his family. Sheila plans to reunite him with Steffy and Hayes and is protecting him. He’s going to be so happy when they’re back together that he’ll forget all about this. Mike notes she’s still headed back to prison. Sheila muses, “Maybe that’s where I belong.” Mike complains that he’ll go to prison — he’s an accomplice now. She may have given birth to Finn but it’s not like she raised him. He holds up the death certificate, “Maybe you should cut your losses. You’ve got a lotta life still to live and we could be real good together.” Finn listens as Sheila asks Mike if he’s suggesting she just let her son die. Mike’s suggesting that Finn already has a death certificate… maybe it’s just best to let it be. Panicking, Finn thinks to himself, “I’ve got to get out of here before it’s too late. I’ve got to get to Steffy!”

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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Finn pleads with Mike to help him escape, and Ridge and Brooke put the pieces together about Guthrie for Baker.

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